KeyBank Corporate Office Headquarters

KeyBank Corporate Office Headquarters
127 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44114 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-216-689-6300
Fax Number: 1-216-689-0519
Customer Service Number: 1-800-539-2968

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  1. I want to commend one of your loan officers in Maple Valley, WA. He is Michael Mulligan. My husband and I were looking for a construction loan on our second owner/builder project. He tried to get us one through Key bank but we do not meet the criteria. We secured a loan through Washington Federal Bank. Still, Mike spent quite a bit of time advising me. He was so clear and concise; very easy to understand. Besides being very knowledgeable, he is very compassionate and understands our special needs. I truly wish he could be our loan officer. If we end up financing again we will definitely go to Mike. We plan to open an account with Key Bank just because of Mike Mulligan. You have a rare gem with Mike.

  2. I want to mention: We also appreciate and like who we are working with at Washington Federal and the fact that they took a chance on us again. I did not want to appear to be criticizing them. We simple like Mike as well so we will use Key for some extra savings and Wa. Fed as our business needs.

    1. I would highly suggest you do not utilize Key Bank. I have had nothing but headaches. Very incompetent employees.

  3. Can anyone help me find out who their registered agent for Oregon is!? I cannot find this information anywhere and the customer services has not been helpful.

  4. I am also having problems with Key Bank. They are hiring some very incompetent people and the customer is paying the price. I have switched banks, and I gave them two opportunities to get it right and the skewed up both. So, I will not be trusting them again.

  5. I am disgusted with key bank and how they are treating my problem. In a nutshell I have a key checking account have been a customer for sometime. I wrote a key bank check for my auto lease on September 1. I wrote the check to Mitsubishi Motors for $338 and at the bottom was my account number. Around the 8th I got worried that the check got lost so I called Mitsubishi and paid the bill by phone. I should have stop payment of the check but thought it would come back to me or the bank. To my dismay on Tuesday I looked at my checking account on line like I do almost every day only to find out the check I wrote to Mitsubishi Motors was cashed. I quickly grew angry went to the check on line and discovered that Wells Fargo Bank endorsed the check I wrote to Mitsubishi Motors. I couldn't understand why Wells Fargo Bank received my check and really can't understand how or why they would cash the check as I don't have an account with Wells Fargo Bank. Long story short Key bank is making me jump through hoops to include filling a police report and sending Mitsubishi Motors a form to fill out (notarized) asking them if they seen the check of cashed it. Naturally they didn't have any part of the problem, Wells Fargo is clearly the problem here. The fraud division at Key will not pursue this problem until we hear from Mitsubishi. I also call Wells Fargo asking them where these fund went as I don't have an account there. Besides they had no right to cash the check as it was made out to a third party. I am preparing to file small claims suit against Wells Fargo and go to Channel 5 consumer advocate. I understand from good source that Key bank dismantled their entire security department some officer had as much as 41 years on the job. This reduction in force impacted the fraud department currently they only have two fraud investigators one for the east side one for the west side. They are over burdened with work and try to discourage customers from making a fraud complaint unless it is more than 10,000 dollars. When calling Wells Fargo they refused to help me telling me I needed to go to my bank. Now to top this all off I understand that key bank is preparing to fire all the employees who work at the main vault on Teideman Road and turn the operation over to Brinks. Key is having serous money problems so customers should think about pulling their accounts out and go with another bank like Huntington. like the last post don't expect much help from Key they don't have the people who can help you when you have a problem.

  6. I understand giving your employee's something special but to close the bank 2 hours early on the last day of the fiscal year is wrong. I checked other states and didn't see this at all. As an independent bookkeeper and trying to help people finish deposits, payments ect within the fiscal year end was very frustrating to me. I pulled up to one of your branches to make a deposit for me personally, and a client. I was shocked to see the note on the door. Within 3 minutes there were 5 other cars shocked to see you were closed. As I got in my car a client called and said she had gone to two branches of your bank, both were closed and both ATM's were not working????? Not very helpful to your customers.

    Very disappointed,
    Brenda Mourer

  7. Key bank is the worst. Our son died of brain cancer and had student loans I consigned. Sallie Mae forgave loans key bank is unwilling to settle loans. They are impossible to get correct phone numbers. They ask for personal financial info when they already decided not to settle loans for smaller amt. Every time I try to talk with them they lie and have me crying.

  8. Approximately 2 years age I discovered fraudlent charges on my checking account that were done with my hacked debit card . I called Key and told them these charges were not mine and they told me that I had authorized the charges for a $65.00 a month website and donations to a Jewish school fund in NY City. I told them it wasn't me. The fraud department made me fill out paperwork and jump through hoop, cancelled my debit card and said it would take 7 to 10 days to get a new one.

    The new card arrives, I activate it and the next month upon balancing my account I discovered more charges from the same website and school fund had been allowed to go through my account on the OLD (cancelled) debit card. Here we go again, same routine as before "you authorized the charges",
    I said "that debit card was cancelled by your fraud department", then more paperwork and they cancelled my new debit card. After another 7 to 10 day wait the new card arrived and I received a notice from Key Corp. that all was well.

    Below is what happens when your bank decides to OFF SHORE and OUTSOURCE their call center, and putting American workers out of their jobs

    Now, here we are on April 14, 2015, we were attempting to purchase PC security from a well respected provider and were declined because Key Fraud Dept blocked our account due to possible online fraud. Did they call us, e-mail us or text us with the numbers related to our account? NO, in fact we didn't know until our card was DECLINED at a local store, I'm now angry. I called 1800key2you only to wait on hold for 25 minutes only to discover they had outsourced/off shored their call center to the Philippines where they couldn't even pronounce my very common last name.

    After the merry go round of transfers and agents my account was unblocked. It took over an hour to accomplish this before we could continue with our shopping errands. On April 15, 2015 I attempted to call the fraud department that was responsible for the bloc only to discover that my call was routed back to the Philippines and a 30 minute hold time, they were absolutely no help at all and wouldn't transfer me back to a United States number. I e-mailed and their response on April 16, 2015 was to call the call center again which I did. I insisted they transfer me to the U.S. fraud department and low and behold they answered, after a 40 minute wait, that number by the way is 1-800-539-5202.

    I explained my issue to the agent and requested an e-mail, phone call or text if they block my account again for any reason at any time day or night so that we can resolve any issues ASAP and before we suffer the embarrassment of having our debit cards DECLINED again. We'll see what happens.

    In the mean time they should publish their United States Based Call Center phone number (TeleSales).
    We had difficulty dealing with the call center before it was outsourced and now the difficulties have become so abysmal, not to mention all those displaced American workers that I now am considering changing banks and transferring ALL my accounts after 30 years with Keybank and Key Corp. As if they really care.


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