KeyBank Corporate Office Headquarters

KeyBank Corporate Office Headquarters
127 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44114 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-216-689-6300
Fax Number: 1-216-689-0519
Customer Service Number: 1-800-539-2968


  1. I want to commend one of your loan officers in Maple Valley, WA. He is Michael Mulligan. My husband and I were looking for a construction loan on our second owner/builder project. He tried to get us one through Key bank but we do not meet the criteria. We secured a loan through Washington Federal Bank. Still, Mike spent quite a bit of time advising me. He was so clear and concise; very easy to understand. Besides being very knowledgeable, he is very compassionate and understands our special needs. I truly wish he could be our loan officer. If we end up financing again we will definitely go to Mike. We plan to open an account with Key Bank just because of Mike Mulligan. You have a rare gem with Mike.

  2. I want to mention: We also appreciate and like who we are working with at Washington Federal and the fact that they took a chance on us again. I did not want to appear to be criticizing them. We simple like Mike as well so we will use Key for some extra savings and Wa. Fed as our business needs.

    1. I would highly suggest you do not utilize Key Bank. I have had nothing but headaches. Very incompetent employees.

  3. Can anyone help me find out who their registered agent for Oregon is!? I cannot find this information anywhere and the customer services has not been helpful.

  4. I am also having problems with Key Bank. They are hiring some very incompetent people and the customer is paying the price. I have switched banks, and I gave them two opportunities to get it right and the skewed up both. So, I will not be trusting them again.


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