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Hy Vee Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Hy-Vee, Inc.
5820 Westown Pkwy.
West Des Moines, IA 50266-8223 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-515-267-2800
Fax Number: 1-515-267-2817
Customer Service Number: 1-800-289-8343


  1. Hello to all the Hy-Vee Stores ! I am really fairly upset here now. I have a family out there and Both of them have this Cancer! yes Both of them.Now this Howard Holdfer has contact Hy-Vee to do this Benefit for these couple. Then to day Greogia Pierce now she has this Cancer call to say to me Oh I guess Hy-vee is only going to supplythis salad and garlic bread the Hy-Vee in Pleasant Hill Iowa Which uder all of this stress she call me crying and saying they have to buy the Spaghetti dinner for there Own Benefit and the bowls and all. I just don't understand all of this !! Here these folks Both have Cancer and can't hardly make it then have to pay for all of this. Come on you people WE Need Help Helpping Out This Family Well Husband and Wife here. Dwight has had this Cancer for three years and now his Wife has got this Cancer over 6 months ago and no one to help do a Benefit or anyone suppling all the stuff for one. NOw these folks can use all the Help that your companies can help out and which they thought it all was going to be done for this Benefit. So now what can a person do they have NO MONEY for all of this and this all takes place this coming weekend February 18th 2012 and we oly are going to have this salad and garlic bread. Now how can a person get anything from this Benefit on just a salad and Garlic bread. Everyone thinking they were having this Spaghetti Dinner. So like I said just maybe all of the Hy-Vee stores can come together and help this family out here a bit. They could use it a lot and mighty fast here Thank you Very Much please get back to me As Soon A Possibility.

  2. Hyvee is a great company that prides themselves on helping the community. In my time working for them I have seen them make huge positive impact on the local community.

  3. Dawn S. Staszko CustomerMay 30, 2012 at 3:54 PM

    I go the the HyVee at 108th & Fort Street in Omaha,NE
    I would like to comment on how much Jarred Barrick has helped myself, our family & our beloved pets, Stanley & Sadie. Stanley is a 6lb. mill dog with no teeth & a serious health problem, Pancreatitis. When he get very sick he bleeds profusely. We have almost lost him many times. He is now on a very precise diet. Which includes srained chicken baby food. I was told by Jarred Barrick, that whenever I need the baby food to let him know & he would order it by the case for me. He has helped me know, that with he & I working together, Stanley always has the food he needs to help keep him healthy. Jarred never makes me feel like I am a bother to him. In fact he treats me like I am his only cutomer each time I make my request. It is a pleasure doing business with Jarred. OH, and Sadie doesn't need to eat the babyfood, she just really really likes it!! Thank you, Jarred our family so appreciates you!!! Dawn

  4. Can't seem to get the people working at Hy-Vee, an employee owned store, to get them to mark on their pizza's that they make in their deli, whether they are thin crust or original crust. I have complained 3 times at 6801 W 91st St in Overland Park KS and twice at the store at 11552 W 95th St in
    Overland Park KS. Even though it is shown on the box and all they have to do is put an x in the box, they can't seem to accomplish this task.

  5. The HyVee at 95th and Quavira in Overland Park Kansas Has some realy rude managers. when i wen't in to the Store I could Hear One of the Managers screem at one of the Custumers. I was Not happy and walked out and i will not return.

  6. I just came from the Barry Road HyVee. Never again. I passed 2 managers who let me know in no uncertain terms that I was a burden. I tried to check out and once again found checkers having fun about their social lives. A girl named Andrea H asked me to come to her line. She was the first and only smile I received in this store. I live in Liberty and usually shop at their store. It's like going to a "place where everybody knows your name" as the CHEERS song states. Why put your smiley commercials on the air which I find offensive and irritating in the first place if you won't provide the service. Aldi's and WalMart are better at service than I saw today. When in Liberty's store, I know they are happy to have me there. From stock boys to managers, they are working to make a difference in my shopping experience.

  7. My 16 year old daughter worked 8 months for HyVee at 11552 W. 95th St. O.P, Ks.66214. Assistant store director Brandon Yuller and assistant manger Terry Kosidowski not only verbally degrated her every chance they got but they also poked, shook, grabbed and bumbed her for numerous different reason. Other employees reported the abuse on a regular basis for at least five years before I did to store director Russ Johnson. Suzan Brown in human resourse actually scream at the top of her lungs at me for so long I had to hang up the phone. What a horrible group of upper managers to allow that kind of treatment to anyone but especially the teenagers. If corporate would have fired Russ, Brandon, Suzan and Terry years ago, my daughter wouldn've been a victim of violence on her job!

    1. Hyvee? Have you done anything about this? This is awful! I have 15 year old son, if this happen to him, I would personally beat the managements ass myself. For the love of god, this is dispicable!

  8. Dear Hy-Vee Corporate Headquarters, On Friday Oct.12th,2012 I was in your store at 6001 Village Dr. Lincoln, Ne. attempting to make a purchase of $11.68. The cashier from health foods area got a "contact manager" message as she was running my check through. He came up looked at the message and code and asked me to wait. He returned a short time later with a print-out notice sent to all of the Hy-Vees in Lincoln that my credit union had put a Stop Payment on the check. That then caused a service charge to be issued in the amount of $30.00. The check number of the check that I had written was #7262 for $31.75 was at Hy-Vee store #1385 at 5010 "O" Street Lincoln, Ne. What happened was that when the accounting department sent the EFT(electronic fund transfer they sent the request for check #6262 instead which was a number that was in a group of checks that I had reported as lost or stolen. Once again the accounting department sent the request for the wrong check number. As a result, I wasted an hour or so of my time contacting my credit union to find out what the problem was only to find out it was Hy-Vee's screw-up that was causing the problem. Also I received in the mail on Saturday Oct. 13th, 2012 a threatening notice saying " I have (10) days from the date Oct.12th to pay up the $61.75 or they would attempt to "bank collect" the money and leave me with the $30.00 service charge to pay on my own. Well Store Manager Brent Grummert sent me a $15.00 gift card and an apology. REALLY!! BEING INCONVENIENCED FOR OVER AN HOUR DUE TO THE INCOMPETENT SCREW-UP FROM AN ACCOUNTING CLERK WHO IS TO STUPID TO NOT BE ABLE TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A 6 AND A 7. NOW AFTER CALLING THE STORE ON 'O' ST.; I FIND OUT THAT I HAVE TO WASTE EVEN MORE OF MY TIME GOING IN TO THAT STORE TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THEIR SCREW-UP BY ONCE AGAIN HAVING TO CONTACT MY CREDIT UNION TO TALK DIRECTLY TO THE 'O' STREET STORE'S PERSONNEL TO GET THIS ERROR ON HY-VEE'S PART ALL STRAIGHTENED OUT. NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM BEYOND FURIOUS AND HAVE DECIDED TO TAKE THE MATTER TO THE LOCAL PRESS. WHERE I WILL TALK ABOUT THE HUMILIATION I'VE UNDERGONE AND HOW NO ONE SHOULD EVER SHOP AT ANY OF YOUR STORES AGAIN. I COME FROM A LARGE FAMILY AND HAVE A LOT OF RELATIVES IN OMAHA AND I'VE PASSED ON THIS INFORMATION TO TELL THEIR FRIENDS AS I WILL TELL MINE, TO STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH HY-VEE.

  9. My family and I spend on average $500 per month at Hy-Vee. We anticipate spending an additional $140 per week at the new gas station. We are regulars at the store our faces are familiar to staff and customers. I'm writing because my wife and I heard some very disturbing news this morning. Hy-Vee has a political agenda and is forcing it on their customers. While eating breakfast we requested to watch local Kansas City news stations. We were told that the HyVee corporate office mandates the airing of Fox News Exclusively. Is this true? If I do not get a response by 10/30/12 I will take my $980 per month some where else. And I intend to launch a campaign to inform my HOA and everyone else I know including radio and television. PS Our meal was ruined. We were both sick to our stomachs>

  10. My name is Angela Crawley. I live in Fremont, Ne. And I just wanted to say the Fremont Hy Vee goes above and beyond to satisfy their customers. The night manager by the name of Todd is an awesome employee and every business should have somebody like Todd working for them.

  11. I had the most unhappy experience I every had with hyvee
    The store manager in perry Iowa was the most Rudy manager I ever seen or dealed with I will never go back in that store you cant find anyone in the store it looks like a pigpen in the store
    I'm going start shopping at Walmart and fareway for now on

    1. Well the general manager in Atlantic, Ia is the same way. Very rude and makes rude comments about customers about their weight, how they dress, and what they look like.

  12. I love the Hy-Vee store in Springfield Missouri they are great but would never have your perscriptions filled there,

  13. I had an unhappy experience at your store in Springfield, Missouri. I took some prescription to be filled and when I went to pick them up the Pharmacy Manager said that they could not fill one of the prescriptions. Come to find out it was a Pharmacy mistake. The Manager of the Pharmacy was very rude and his name was Jon. I will never have my prescriptions filled there again and have passed along to friends and family not to have prescriptions filled there.

  14. Hyvee Leadership; Your web-site needs a special section for comments, contacts and compliments.

    My apologies as I am a bit remiss for writing this but thanks for taking a minute to read this compliment regarding your outstanding managers and staff at HyVee store at 1900 S Marion Road in Sioux Falls SD.

    My disabled veteran 84 year young father was discovered in critical condition, all health & safety plans had failed. Explaining our predicament to your Manager Letitcha Schroeder (Manager Perishables, she and her staff did not hesitate to extend themselves "head and shoulders" above their peer stores. Their selfless service to make a local delivery meant the difference between my 84 year young Dad being hospitalized or travelling to a better quality of life. Talks with his medical providers agree the collective steps that day made the difference.

    We are a military family, deployed and I took emergency leave to assess then relocate him. He was dangerously weak and there was one window of opportunity to safely move him. Like so many families on a limited budget, there was only one member available to transport Dad, and he required 24 hour care. The plane would leave O'dark early but Dad needed nutrition and I couldn't safely leave his side. The staff took our order, delivered and refused any tip. I write this note to say THANK YOU for helping to save our Dad. The food and items delivered made the difference as when he landed and was hospitalized for a baseline, his condition spiraled so we got there just in time. This small act from your HyVee team made the difference to give him that next chance at a better life. Small acts to you perhaps but being in that hotel room, unable to leave and get those items Dad so desperately needed was stressful. Thankyou for recognizing the best Americans for the face if all HyVee Stores; especially those working in 1900 S Marion Road, Sioux Falls, SD. They reflect well on Hyvee and our great country.

    P.S. My Dad says thank you and looks/feel great now in FLorida and smiling again in his bermuda shirt!

    Warm Regards
    Chris Morrison & Family
    Alexandria VA

  15. 119th & Ridgeview, Olathe, KS store has an awesome ORGANIC section organized by Nicole, the manager. Debby who also works in that dept., and Nicole, are both friendly, helpful and totally knowledgeable about their products and health in general.

    HOWEVER...the PRODUCE SECTION of this store totally sucks. The majority of the employees are NOT friendly, helpful or knowledgeable. And the worst part is that the organic vegetables are never thrown away, no matter how terrible they look. Green leaf veggies are constantly yellow, dead limp and soggy. Colorful veggies like peppers, zucchini, radishes, etc. are soft, wrinkle-y and turning black. Potatoes have long eyes and are soft. Really disgusting. I have complained for 4 years and just yesterday (4/14/13), i once again could not buy any veggies because of their terrible condition. The employee Wally saw no need to throw them away. The assitant manager, Victoria also thought that i had no reason to complain. Manny, the manager, did express concern, kudos to him for calming me down, and always being helpful.

    I spend alot of money on fresh veggies but have to drive 20 minutes to Whole Foods where they are always beautiful, while Hy Vee is walking distance from my house. Therefore i buy all my other groceries there too. And even though Nicole has a great section of everything else organic, it is a waste of my time to even stop at the store when 80% of my groceries are vegetables and fruit.

    Linda, store manager is a great lady...and Tokisha,cashier (spelling of her name may not be correct), is the friendliest and best cashier. But in general, most employees that i have dealt with do not look happy to be working at this store...are not friendly. I try to avoid shopping there in general, which is a real shame.

    This is the first time i have been on this site, but it did not surprise me to read so many other complaints about Hy Vee stores.

  16. Dear Sirs,

    I have been a loyal customer of Bedel-HyVee Pharmacy for over 22 years and records will show that. For 20 years we received excellent and professional care at that pharmacy. The employees have always treated our family with respect and full-filled our prescriptions accurately. I can’t say that we have received that same treatment in the past two years.

    There were times my entire order hadn’t been full-filled because the prescriptions needed reauthorized by the Dr. I wasn’t notified of this until I had gotten to the Pharmacy and was told that they faxed the request in and they will get back with me, I would have to call them the next day to see if it had been refilled, not once did anyone every call back and tell me the Meds were ready for pick-up. I had asked them every time to call me if they can’t refill all them as I wanted to make one trip, they failed to do this, causing me to make two trips to the pharmacy.

    It got to the point where I would call the pharmacy and read the prescriptions one by one and have them manually check to make sure they all could be filled and if one had to be called in to the Dr. or faxed, I would know a head of time. I would then call back in about 4-5 hours to make sure they all were there before I picked them up.
    The pharmacists would seem irritated that I would take up their valuable time to make them look up each and every prescription, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to make multiple trips.

    Also I am on two different antibiotics and I tell them each time that we need to alternate. It is on their files to do this as they told me. I didn’t always have the numbers of the antibiotics as I threw the old bottles away, but I told them EVERYTIME, remember we alternate the antibiotics. I take so many pills that I relied on my pharmacist to make sure my meds were correct. I made the mistake of not second checking what I was taking each month and discovered at my doctors appointment that they had been refilling my (Doxicyclone) every month since Jan.
    When the nurse and I called the pharmacy from the doctors office, they confirmed that was what was happening, and also at that time I found out that I hadn’t been taking my (Zyrtec) or the generic brand for over a year.

    When I talked to the pharmacist at Bedel/Hy Vee I explained to them what had happened and asked what we could do to make sure that this didn’t happen again. I also told them I understand it is my responsibility to make sure I knew what I was taking, but in the future I needed their help if possible. The gentleman was a little short with me, so I called Hy-vee here in Storm lake and asked who the head of the Pharmacy was so I could express my concerns and try to work out a system to make sure I was taking the right meds. They told me it was Mr. Ed McKenna. I called Mr. McKenna and told him my plight, and he was very kind and gracious and said he would see what he could do and get back with me.

    In the meantime, my Doctor ordered a new antibiotic as I had infection in my body. I have immune-deficiency disorder and do not produce enough white blood cells, so I am on Prednisone and antibodies everyday and have been for the past 6 years. When I went in to the Bedel/Hy-Vee pharmacy to get the new meds, a lady, who I later found out was named Jill, because she told me, came out from behind the counter and started raising her voice and told me if I ever called Ed McKenna again, I could take my business elsewhere. She said SHE was the manager of this store and did not take orders from Mr. McKenna, I was on the phone with my daughter when I entered the store, and was holding the phone in my hand while this woman yelled at me in front of other customers.

  17. I tried to explain to her that I was advised by Hy-Vee to talk to Mr. McKenna and I wasn’t aware of the chain of command at Hy-vee and I should of called her with my concern.

    Jill stated, “This isn’t the first time we have had problems with your prescriptions” and I agreed with her. I told her that it is my body we are putting this poison in, and I wanted to know what I was taking and it upset me when I discovered I was taking the wrong meds since Jan. I kept apologizing to Jill for upsetting her, but I too was upset and she said again. “If you don’t feel we are doing a good enough job, I could take my business elsewhere.

    My daughter was still on the phone and heard every word that was shared. She was furious on the treatment that I had received from the pharmacist at Bedel/Hy-Vee. Reluctantly I am taking not only my business, but the business of my entire family with me. We are foster parents and many of our boys are on meds for various reasons. I am sure that you won’t miss my business, but eventually you will lose more if her behavior isn’t curbed.

    I called Mr. McKenna back and thanked him for his attempt to help and explained to him that I reluctantly am taking my business elsewhere. He was very apologetic and thanked me for my past service. He is a true professional and gentleman. He understands that people with terminal illnesses are sometimes a little agitated and irrational when it comes to their meds, And especially if the wrong ones are dispensed.

    Again, I do accept my part in taking the wrong meds. I should of checked each med as I picked the orders up, but the Old Bedels did such a great job before they were taken over by Hy-vee, I didn’t feel the need necessary. I admit that I can be stressful and agitated at times when I have been very ill and had to deal with getting my meds right and on the right time, I am my on advocate when it comes to my health and will express my concerns and disappointment with service or the lack of it at times, but I am the customer and should be treated with some respect, especially in the store in front of other customers.

    I am sending you a list of my family members who have changed over to Walgreens. Deb Sundine had the same experience at Bedel’s a year or two back and changed that day also.

    We will continue to buy or groceries as we have for the past 35 years. We have always received excellent service at Hy-Vee and was shocked about how the Pharmacist at Bedel/HyVee had treated people. I guess I could of easily transferred all my business to the main store and let Mr. McKenna fill my prescriptions, by my daughter was so outraged about the incident she heard on the phone, that she made me promise to change pharmacies. My daughter stated that the pharmacist was an employee of Hy-Vee and that it is employee owned and she should get a dime from my business.

  18. Hi I went in your indianola Iowa store for a red velvet cake for a birthday party on Friday and when we went to cut the cake and serve it it was the wrong kind it was a chocolate cake so I took it back the manager agreed with me that it was not the cake I ordered he gave me my money back and he wrote down for a new cake to get made for the next day he was very nice and helpful well Saturday I got a call from the bakery Terry j was talking to me he was very rude arguing with me on what kind of cake I had got that day telling me I got the right cake and that he made the cake him self and all he had to do was just adds water to the mix and he does not want to change the recipe and that if I wanted another cake I would have to wait till Monday to get it because they ran out of red velvet cake mix and when I told him the manager I had return the cake too agreed with me he went on to saying that the manager has no idea what he is talking about and that he has been doing this for 30 some odd years I went on to tell him I will not need the cake on Monday and will not be coming back to order anymore cakes from there

    1. most hy vee cakes are pre-made and frozen along with just about everything else in the deli/bakery.

  19. HYVEE'S in the Quad Cities area - "CLEAN UP THESE FILTHY STORES" parking lots & landscaping trash blowing everywhere, islands are cig butt havens, Sidewalks & entry ways are "DISCUSTING" with spills, dirt, grease & gum - NASTY & GROSS - check out Jewell, Schnucks & walmart - CLEAN !

  20. Someone in corporate should have a talk with the store director at the Dodge st. store in Dubuque Iowa. The way she looks down on men and has favoritism for women. She also need to know how to talk to her employees in a more civilized manor she doesn't want to be a store director all she wants is a corporate job please talk to some of the employees and see how the minimum wage employee feels....

  21. I waited in line for five minutes to return my pop cans. Finally I did my shopping and returned. Some of the same people were still waiting so I put my 12 clean cans and my six clean bottles on the counter and left.
    I would say you are either not putting enough people behind the counter or you are giving them too many things to do.
    I have always shopped at Hy Vee but I am rethinking that.

  22. I am so angry with the store at 51st and Central in Omaha, NE! I am disabled and have to order online. I had trouble with almost all orders but this time was the worse! The delivery person was two hours late with the delivery. My order included hamburger, raw chicken and other raw meats that sat for two hours in a warm van. When the person finally got to my place the sacks REEKED of cigarette stink! The smell is on the produce and filling my kitchen! This is inexcusable! My husband died of lung cancer. I do not allow anyone in my home that smokes! Now I have a kitchen that stinks of smoke! I placed the order yesterday specifying that it was to be delivered at 11 a.m. The person showed up at 12:20 with no reason why they were late. You don't leave raw meat unrefrigerated for that long, in a van with a heater running!! If I get sick eating anything from this order either I, or my survivors, will be hitting HyVee with a law suit! This is total irresponsibility!

  23. Dear Hy-Vee Corporate...I think it is high time you check out how the your store in New Ulm MN is being run. Specifically their kitchen. The manager is an arrogant ass and seems to be allowed to do as he pleases. Many employees have left because of him and many customers and employees seem to be very unhappy with his attitude, food and customer service. Cannot believe that you as his employer except his behavior over and over again.

  24. As an employee of a hyvee owned warehouse in Des Moines, Iowa, I was wondering if it's normal practice to have employees work on Christmas night? This has never been the case before. Years prior employees worked on a Saturday or Sunday so to have Christmas eve off, then also had Christmas off. When did it become appropriate for us to be told we are working on Christmas when all other hyvee entities will be closed, including delivery drivers? Many of has, as do other people, have plans to spend the holiday with family. Are we supposed to cancel plans with our families at the last minute to work for a corporation that isn't even open for business that day? If we refuse we get written up. Where is the friendly smile in this area? Where are the family values that hyvee supposedly stands behind? Seriously wondering if hyvee really cares for its employees or not, or if it's just a case of a single individual wanting to have a power trip. Either way, it makes me want to reconsider my employment with this company.

    1. Hy-Vee cares about money. Employee are numbers and are as replaceable as the boxes it ships

  25. Hyvee chartion distribution-

    I used to like my job, now the top management has turned it into the worse job I have ever had. I have not had a weekend day off in 10 years, and might get a weekend in 5 years if I'm lucky! You treat everybody like a child. You have your quota for us so high its nearly impossible. We have overtime daily because of poor management I will not
    recommend anybody to work there. You need to come down and straighten them out.

  26. I shop at many of the Hyvees in Cedar Rapids and have been happy with most of my experiences. I shop mainly at the store on Wilson Avenue and have gotten to know a few of the workers there because they are very friendly. ISome of the personnel stuff that goes on at that store however concerns me. Apparently they got a new manager 1-2 years ago and since he has been there 7-8 department heads have left because he treats them like crap. He yells at them in front of other co-workers. It doesn't do any good to go to the Human Resource lady because she is just an all-store gossip station. The word confidential means nothing to her. I ask the workers why they put up with it and their answer is, "I need the job." Nobody should be treated like that and I would think the corporate office would look into why they have lost that many departmenet heads since the new manager took over..

  27. Working at the Chartion DC, if you are upset with a co-worker it is acceptable to smack them across the face and not lose your job, just a 3 day suspension. I feel safe.

    Don't worry corporate, I'll register my complaints here until I see or hear about you coming down here and fixing this mess down here. EVERYBODY is miserable.

  28. January 18, 2014

    Hy Vee, Inc.
    5820 Westown Parkway
    West Des Moines, IA 50266-8223

    To whom it may concern:
    As a last resort I am writing the home office of Hy Vee with several grievances that have been ignored repeatedly by my local Hy Vee store.
    I have been a loyal customer to the pharmacy located at 3100 West Broadway in Columbia, Missouri for many years. I have numerous issues I have called and inquired about and either been blatantly disregarded or placed on hold and spoken to several individuals whom have informed they don’t know the answer or they do not understand why I was transferred to them for they are not in that department and cannot assist me. I even went as far as to request the manager of the pharmacy and was placed on hold for over 8 minutes before the line was conveniently disconnected.
    In essence, I am writing in hopes I can find some resolution before I am forced to move my prescriptions to another pharmacy willing to facilitate me in my pharmaceutical needs. I have family members and friends whom have also run into the same concerns that have already switched pharmacies or will be doing so soon. One reoccurring name brought up when discussing our frustrations has been Toni(? sp). My personal interactions with her have been quite humiliating. She discusses prescriptions loudly in the presence of other customers. This is embarrassing to the patient and it is noticeably uncomfortable for those waiting in line. She is accusatory and condescending. Her actions alone make one not want to return.
    The following are incidents I have run across when trying to fill prescriptions:
     Refills on bottle are inaccurate (i.e. stating no refills when there are as well as, there being refills when there are not).
     Fluctuating prices with no explanation other than “That is our price, you can check elsewhere if you like.” Demonstrating customer service is not a priority.
     Being told you may not refill a prescription even though it is not controlled, you are taking the recommended dose, and you have several refills. After this particular incident I called my doctor who informed me that she wrote the prescription it was the pharmacy’s job to fill it. It was not there place to tell me I could not have a medication she prescribed.
     I recently went to the pharmacy after seeing my doctor. As I walked to the counter I was given a disgusted look by the aforementioned personnel, I handed my prescriptions to another employee. From several feet away Toni brashly announced “She wants to pick up a controlled early! It is not due for 3 days!” As my face turned bright red, I looked around and noticed two other customers in line looking shocked. The employee told her quietly that I was not trying to pick up the medication I was dropping off new prescriptions.
     I receive phone calls that my prescriptions are ready for pick up. I arrive and wait for 20 minutes to be told I need to come back in 30-40 minutes they are not done yet. This begs the question why did I receive a call informing me to come pick them up?
     I have never gotten my prescriptions in less than an hour when there appears to be no one else in the pharmacy waiting.
    I am apprehensive about writing this letter for I feel this justified complaint is falling upon deaf ears and more uneasy I will be treated even worse when I return to refill. At this point, I feel I may be better off by taking my business elsewhere as others have done.
    I am concerned about signing my name due to how I am treated as it is. I do however; feel someone should be aware of the unprofessional conduct of this particular pharmacy in the Hy Vee chain.

    1. Does this even reach the eyes of the individual's responsible for repairing the damage in varying stores? I feel this may just be a way of appeasing posters while not really fixing the issues at hand.

    2. I hope so, I'm sure they are too busy trying to become more corporate, compete with Walmart etc, they forget the small people.

    3. Enough of us "small people" should start going to Gerbes! They are at least pleasant there! Becoming corporate is hard if you lose all your customers... Just a thought! Pity they will not learn until enough of us stop shopping there.

  29. Chartion DC.

    I'm glad the state of Iowa gave you millions to add on to your freezer department but, did that mean you had to cut jobs in other departments? Ie cigarettes, repac?

  30. Its a shame employees do not even shop there, I wouldn't even with an employee discount, I know company moral is at an all time low and they can't figure out why but, people are scared for they're jobs if they say anything. I know my bosses cannot handle constructive criticism and will just call me insubordinate.

  31. The HyVee in Atlantic, Ia needs alot of help. They have weekly sales But if you dont get there at the start of the sale then you wont get anything. This store does believe in keeping shelves stocked. So basically they should call it a two hour sale.
    And The girl thats on the radio to do the store ad sounds like she is 10-12 yrs old. We need a more grown up person for this job.

  32. I agree. But I think they need more improvments every where. The produce has gone down hill. The shelves are hardly ever stocked at anytime. And your right, the girl whi does radio ad giggles to much like high school kid. This town has alot of elderly people. We need to have someone that us older folks can understand. Someone a bit more mature.

  33. Dear Corporate, do you find anything reasonable about allowing part timers in the distribution centers to make up to fifteen dollars hour? I find it reasonable as well. They work their assets off day in and day out so let's make it possible for them to earn more money. But wait a second. To earn more money they have to make their daily percentage go up. Yes that does make sense, but what pisses me off is you change times to make it almost impossible to earn that fifteen dollars an hour let alone the incentive money they receive for pulling over 100%. This is bullshit. Nobody is going to say anything to your face because managers like Karla do their best to keep you away from us dirty warehouse workers. So corporate why don't you try interviewing your current part time employees and see how they think your operation should be ran. YOU big wigs have no idea what it is like on the floor. You don't know what it's like working in temps as low as -25 degrees for ten hours and having your management take out the heaters that I'm assuming OSHA advises you to have for your workers. You sit behind your desk in your big office and you see numbers, not people. People who work their asses off so you can sit where you do and all you do is make their job harder every day. There are grown men pushing retirement that are expected to lift, throw, stack, and drive over 3000 pounds of potatoes in less than thirteen minutes. Does that sound reasonable to you? Probably becAuse all you see are numbers. Well that man's numbers are about up and you're just adding to the pain he feels every day. So you come down to the warehouse in your suit and tie and pretend like you give a flying fuck about the people who work there. You won't know shit until you pull orders for ten hours a day six days a week. You won't know because you don't care. Get to know your company and its people. Gain respect because anything you had before is gone. Hyvee use to be a good place to work but ever since we've gotten new management it has gone to a bunch of greedy people who only care about themselves. These elites are known as corporate and upper management. Have a good day.









  35. Looks like I am not alone with the NOT helpful smile in every isle. I go to the Hyvee #5 in Sioux Falls South Dakota, and one of the worst I've been. I have been a loyal customer for years, but over those years, mainly in the last year or so, the rudeness of the managers and staff have been frequent. Unsanitary conditions (review the health grades), expired food, especially in the dairy section, have been told to them, and still nothing has been done. We have had other persons who go to and find their shopping options elsewhere, and we have followed suit.
    Not sure why nothing has been done, but with these continued lack of customer service and unclean store, they will bury themselves.
    Pay attention to your stores!

  36. Well thanks to Marla Diesel in Jefferson City, Missouri. I will not be returning to the store. Not only did she call me a liar once but twice. In this weeks ad you show a half gallon of HyVee milk and underneath the photo it says 3 cents off per GALLON. In the store I had a produce gentleman help me cause I wanted to make sure that I got the right size milk and he told me and handed me a gallon of milk. When I got to the check out I got my grandchild a pack of gum each that is on fuel saver as well. Marla Diesel was very rude and was yelling at me telling me that the size of the milk was the wrong size. Then when I got to my vehicle I went to get the girls their gum out of the bag and they wasn't in the bag. So I went back in the store and went to the register that I checked out at and the cashier paged Marla and again she was really rude and called me a liar again, I told her that she was more than welcome to come to my vehicle and check my bags. It took her ten minutes to come outside and check the bags. The girls and I stood their and watched her take the gum out of her pocket and stick them in the bag and then take them out and turn around and say see "I told you that you were lying about the gum." I will NOT EVER BE STEPPING ANOTHER FOOT INTO YOUR STORE. You guys should also consider having your employees take a customer service training course each year.

  37. Well your Jefferson City, Missouri store needs to be the one that takes a customer service training course each year because Marla Diesel isn't the only employee that is rude to customers . Carlie Willingoff is also just a rude to customers.

  38. Your EASTER ad article from Mike Hoppman store director Springfield, MO was very good. But how about all the employees that have to work because your stores are all open?


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