Goodyear Corporate Office Headquarters

Goodyear Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
1144 East Market Street
Akron, OH 44316 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-330-796-2121
Fax Number: 1-330-796-2222
Customer Service Number: 1-800-321-2136


  1. My name is Michelle Carter. I have been speaking to a Mary with the corporate headquarters for Goodyear concerning an ongoing situation with the store located in Panama City, fl on 15th street. I do not like the way that the manager David has treated me. I gave him $479.00 for a recent repair. I also purchased two tires from that store with the dates of 08/09 totaling $271.00 including labor. I then turned around and bought two more tires from the Destin,FL store last year totaling the same amount. I paid labor twice and had to drive further than I should have because the previous manager Regina refused to order more triple treads. She wanted me to take a display tire that had been sitting in the store for way too long. Customer service has not been a true priority with this store and not listeneing to the customer either. I feel that this store is just interested in getting the money from the customer and if there is a way to get even more they will find a way. Ever since the manager Ray was moved to another store there has been an ongoing decline with customer service. As far as mechanics go Bob is very good. We have never had anyhting go wrong with any work items he has done on our car. However there are some issues that have still not been resolved and I would like Goodyear to handle them, since you agrred to the terms when I signed the contract and bought the tires from you. Two places noe have said that the tires are in good shape. The 09's have 35,000 miles wear and the 10's have 17,000 miles wear. The tread all measured 8/32 according to Goodyear printout. The car is pulling to the right. It didn't do that before with the 2010's on the front. It drove straight. However since the 2009's rode on the back for almost two years it is time for them to go on the front so that the 2010's can have a break. I believ that this is the problem not a defect in the tire. The alignment is off more than it was in Destin. The toe was only off on the back in Destin and it drove straight. The toe is off on the front end now. It was in red. But I feel that David was just trying to sell me more tires and I went to alot of trouble to get these triple treads. I like them. two tires from the first set went clearly over the 80,000 miles. The other two had to be replaced sooner due to a traffic crash we were in and we were rearended. I am not ready to buy tires as the ones I have have another two to three years left. And at this time Goodyear isn't making the tripletread. They are discontinued and I have read complaints online from other consumers who have had major problems with them. However the tires I purchased are not listed on your list as having a manufactures defect. I would appreciate it if someone would talk to the store do something because we know several people who had left Goodyear because of the last manager Regina. I am very upset about some of the things that David said to me in his office. He has alot to learn about customer service!

  2. Must be the Managers in general for this company. At the store near me, you can walk in on any given day to find the Manager sitting on Craigslist or EBay and txting. Very professional I must say! He is the most rudest guy I have ever spoke to, and to not make eye contact because you would have to look away from your phone or computer is just absolutely rude! Maybe this company should hire some people who CARE about customers, rather than acting as if we are just interrupting your time. My $989 tires will be purchased elsewhere.

    1. Maybe thats Goldyears philosophy for how to serve their customers !! I have never been treated as rudly as I was today!

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  4. Goodyear on Lyons rd in Coconut Creek Fl WORST SERVICE EVER!! I think the two guys there must live under a rock-- lazy good for nothing- no customer service skills and down right mean- will never go to a Goodyear again- pathetic

  5. Not happy at all with "BayshoreTire and Service Center" in Port St Lucie Florida. Although the Manager is a very nice guy, Service on a simple procedure as getting rotors resurfaced and in another situation last year, getting rotors replaced was a debacle. Friendly people, but terrible work. All I can say is after 2 times of bad work service, there will not be a 3rd. Automotive repair training needs to redone.


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