Florida Power and Light Corporate Office HQ

Florida Power & Light Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 
700 Universe Boulevard
Juno Beach, FL 33408
Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-694-4000
Fax Number: 1-561-694-4999
Customer Service Number: 1-800-226-3545
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  1. I live in Vero Beach, Fl. in the county and have City utilities. Myself and many others sure want to be on F.P.L. I could be wrong but I think politics are holding us back plus all the money the city is making. It is very unfair I am in the county and have city utilities and just want you to know many of us feel this same way. Thanks for being there and we hope it goes through soon. Who do I write or what can I do to help?

  2. I have a GREAT question... Why is it that every time we call with a problem an employee hangs up on us?? Once was when our bill was real high and just wanted to ask why we weren't on a budget yet the woman, who said SHE was a manager when we asked for one, hung up on us. Now, we're moving and we need to have our service moved two house up from us and they said we needed another 300 dollar deposit?! We wanted to ask a manager why, since we're on a budget, we had to pay 300 dollars. Guess what, they hung up on us AGAIN! So, I've decided that we're going to the news and every media outlet until we either talk to the CEO about how his/her employees are treating people! So, if you're seeing this we would really appreciate it if you the phone number you have listed under Ronda at 2300 South Nova Road, South Daytona Florida... Thank you.

  3. I have paid FPL for many years, kept writing for my reimbursement of over $150 credit, and calling, and am still waiting. What thanks for all those payments!!!

  4. Good afternoon. It is September 19,2017. I live in boynton beach, and I have been told for 3-4 days straight that my power will be restored. I have spoken with supervisors and representatives, and the only information that they have is that they have submitted another ticket, and the computer tells them that electricity will be restored by end of day. They are not able to contact with the field headquarter or supervisors out of field to even assets what and if anyone has gone out and what is the problem. They are nice and apologize,but a date and time of repair without assessment of damage is like a physician telling a person what is wrong without ever getting a history , physical or labs on a person. I am an engineer and a physician and I really need a person from cooperate or field manager to contact me. Thank you.


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