Fios Corporate Office Headquarters

Fios Corporate Office Headquarters
Verizon Communications Inc.
140 West Street New York, NY 10007 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-395-1000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-212-571-1897
Fios Customer Service Number: 1-888-553-1555

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  1. BEWARE!!!!!!!!
    I have been a fios customer for over 2 years now. just recently i have had enough of the unexperienced customer service representatives that do not know about the products they have to offer. I was told that if i resigned my contract that i would keep the same services that I had before and nothing AT ALL would change except my price would go down alittle and I would get a 300 dollar gift card. I repeatedly said I did not want anything to change about my service(freedom essentials) and was convinced by the representative that it would not. That was a mistake, soon as the new policy(primeHD) began I lost over 100 channels. Then after spending hours trying to talk to people to get it straight, I was told that it was being changed back and would be processed after midnight. After waiting a day and still nothing i called back and the representative I spoke to this time told me that I couldnt get essentials package back and he did not know why the other REP. told me that I would. I told him to put in a ticket for a supervisor to conact me, he said it would take 24-48 hrs. Day three and still no call. Anyone who reads this please be aware of the headaches you may encounter with this service.

    -sincerely , Another angry customer

    1. WOW... after posting the above comment and talking to the headquaters, within 2 hrs a supervisor called me and resolved my problem. maybe it was just the customer service reps i spoke with. thanks headquaters for resolving my problem.. Guess i will be sticking around for awhile after all.

    2. I had fios for a little wile and then I was forced to move out of the place i lived in and I gave fios a 250 dollars for a deposit and they did not have fios at the new address so we weretold that I would recive my 250 dollars back in 7 working days and still no money. Every time i call they put me through all department and then I get told sorry about the problems but i will put in a requist for the deposit. this has been going on for well over a month now. the last lady i talk to refused to give me a surperviser on the phone and they were realy rude to my wife and hung up on her still know money the lady did give me a name and her name is Siobhan ID.# 2144017 I don't now if this is even real but I am realy piss offd I talked to a attorny he siad the longer thay take the moore trouble they get in to.I all ways paded my bill and still get tarible costermer service.I am calling the corporate tomarow tosettle this once and for all. I live in lake elsinore ca, 92530

  2. same deal Got a strange e-mail regarding a broadband account payment that was overdue on account #3082 I have a bundle with Verizon of Internet, telephone and cable My account number is the last 4 of my phone number so I called to find out why I received this e-mail 2 days in a row. Customer service told me it was probably not an e-mail for me and then got into how they could save me money on my bill Rep was going to sign me up for two more years and make my copper wire phone over the Internet and I would get $20 a month savings and a 250 Visa card Very confusing but he said my bill would average 150 a month in comparison to the 180-190 I now pay I said yes but then after reading the email I received began to question the savings There didn't seem to be any. Called and found out they had cancelled my movie stations and added even more premium stations and then told me I could not cancel the order even though it had been placed at 12 pm noon and it was about 11:30 pm that night I now believe they are running a fhising scam on the Internet and I have already filed several complaints with the state of PA

  3. I own an irrigation company in Northern Virginia. Verizon always reimburses my customers/homeowners for any repairs that I do because of any damaged caused by them. It usually takes a couple weeks but they always reimburse the consumer as long as I leave a proper receipt with the customer and copies are faxed to the Verizon Resolution Center. If Verizon did any damage to your sprinkler/Irrigation system in Northern Virginia be sure to give me a call. I'll have you're system back up and running by the next day.

  4. Massive problems with ONE-BILL® plan.
    I was switched to at least twenty different customer service reps.
    It has taken two months and still not right
    I once had a $614. bill in ONE month!
    They could not locate the problem(s).
    Wasted MANY Hours of my personal time.
    Brought back all equipment kept phone, On-line paying process became impossible.
    It's as if their customers are somehow 'Partnered' with Verizon, in the amount of time
    it takes way too many different departments and different people that one gets switched around to.

    I am trying to go to the Media with this scenario it was so convoluted and absurd on their part.

  5. I have been trying to get FIOS but keep getting the run around. I called customer service on several occasions but to no avail. My neighbor has FIOS and I have not been given a reason why I do not qualify. I have attempted to write the Chief Executive Officer Of Verizon regarding this fact but I have been unable even to get his information.
    I don't know why it is so difficult for me to get a straight answer, if anybody could help me It would be greatly appreciate. Right now I have Comcast cable and cannot stand the service.

  6. I have been having the SAME issue since sugust 2012.. everyone in my building has it and i have no idea why i cant get it.. i have spoken to several different sales ppl who have come to my door wanting to know why i am one of the few who does not have fios..they claim they will get to the bottom of it but i never hear back from tghem and they do not return my calls. I have also spoken with the engineer of my building who shed a little light on the subject but alas, has not returned any of my calls.
    On Jan 4th 2013 i spoke with mRs smith.. Jan 9th i spoke with Jacob, Jan 10th i spoke with Mr Schumacher..on march 23rd i spoke with Mrs Henry who assured me she would call me on monday to let me know that her supervisor is still working on things and guess what? she never called either nor did any of the other supervisors. I just left a message at corporate, lets see howlong it takes them to get back to me. I have Time warner right now and customer service is GREAT but i have to switch my cable boxes every 3 mos and the menu guide is always missing data.. if customer service for FIOS is this horrible, do i even want their services???

  7. I have been getting the run around from Verizon on why and how my personal information was given out by an employee who wrote a repair ticket in my name number and address and the ticket went to dispatch whom say they came to my house an they replaced a box . Never made that call no one came to my house . I want answers and no one will talk to me .

  8. I just moved on June 13th my service was transferred from one location to another in the same town, no changes in service were made. When the service technician finished the set up at the new location and mentioned a tel # I did not recognize - I mentioned that he had the wrong number and he called tech service. We were moving and very busy, a few days later I tried the phone, no dial tone, I called our number and the message said it was no longer in service. After a weeks vacation I called service for no dial tone, a few tests resulted in a another service visit. When I inquired about the number the tech said that it was not in service - I asked why the tech had a different number, he contacted cust service and was told this was our number - I explained that was not right - it was a transfer of service, we never gave up our phone number! Cust service said there wasn't anything they could do the number was ported over - I explained that it wasn't in service when you called and couldn't understand why in a transfer of service in the same town we would be given a new number, asked to speak to a supervisor - Pat Williams, said there wasn't anything that he could do the number was gone. How could Verizon make such an error and then take no responsibility to recover the number that has belonged to my family for twenty years!!! How could they chose to honor a number recently ported (although not in service!!!!!) in a matter of two weeks and tell a customer of twenty years - sorry nothing we can do! This whole thing is absurd! We never gave up our number, Verizon screwed up and should take the responsibility to fix the issue! Very frustrated and shocked!

  9. Patricia Kenney for Kathleen McColganJanuary 24, 2015 at 6:47 AM

    Verizon what happened to your customer Service. They say Comcast has the worst but you are quickly catching up. Why is I couldn't cancel or even suspend services for my Mom who is in the hospital dying. (I started trying on !/17 she passed on 1/23) VERY HEARTLESS. I spoke to a several customer services rep and got nowhere. One told me if she was going on vacation she could suspend her service. I guess it is all about making money even if it is from a dying. SHAMELESS. Former Customer.

  10. Verizon agents are scamming people!!!!!!!!!!
    Read below!!!!!!!!
    I called Verizon yesterday 2/14/15 and spoke with (Ms. Contreras from Verizon) to find a way to lower my monthly bill. The agent told me that she could offer me a new 3 yr. contract that would give me all of the premium channels I currently have along with basic cable package for $135.10 a month for a price guarantee of 2 years. I agreed to accept the new terms and conditions of the contract that the Verizon agent Ms. Contreras sold me. I hung up the phone with them. I then proceeded to leave the house for a few hours to run some errands and then returned to find out that the premium channels that were part of the deal were not activated. I then called Verizon back and spoke with agent "Ara" Verizon badge number 2123154 about the issue I was experiencing with the cable and she said to me that the premium channel package is not included in the contracted. She then said to me that if I wanted to receive the premium channels I would have to pay extra for them as an extra cost. Ara said she could not do anything about correcting this issue or even get me back to my original contract. I then said that the Ms. Contreras told me that if I was unsatisfied with the new contract within a few days that they would be able to return me back to my original contract. Ara then said to me that she was incorrect to tell me that and once you agree to the new contract you can not ever go back. I said to "Ara" that this is wrong practice that their company is doing to me and that the original agent "Ms. Contreras" sold me a new package contract that I agreed to for 3 years is now without the premium channels. I feel that Ms. Contreras sold me a contract that was non existed to get me to agree to a 3 yr. contract to lock me up from moving onto Comcast of another cable providing. I feel that Verizon is scamming me and I want justice for this unlawful practice they are doing. I have filed a complaint to the FCC to get my old contract back which expires in December 2015 and now move on from this untrusted company. I am very upset with this and can only imagine what they could be doing to the other customers and the elderly. I need help to resolve this. I have complaints into FCC and BBB right now!


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