EA Corporate Office Headquarters

EA Corporate Office Headquarters
Electronic Arts Inc.
209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-628-1500
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-543-5435

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  1. Monopoly hotel is a ripoff, I have spent my hard earnings and now I can't get the game to load. Can not connect to server. EA suc--

  2. Jeremy's CallingAugust 28, 2012 at 6:50 PM

    No franchise mode? No fantasy Draft option in a franchise mode type setting? This is absolutly garbage. Career mode is garbage. MADDEN 13 is a joke! How do u take out franchise mode? what common sense do you have? Who ever made the final decision on this issue should be fired its absolutly ridiculous! Worst game ever = MADDEN 13!!!!!! oh and i cant change a players position in career mode you morons. i cant make an outside linebacker a defensice end , or a cornerback a saftey. what kind of bullshit is that. you have dexter mcluster of the KC chiefs listed as an RB, when he is playing wide reciever this year, and you give us no option to be able to fix shit like that? what a fking joke ea sports has become!

  3. le mode franchise nais pas la cest de la grose marde redonner moi mon argent ea completement STUPIDE.madden13 est le pire de tout les années................ allé don tout ch..............ea sports

  4. i have had a case with ea games since the 12th july when one of your game experts ( joke) gave me advice that totally wiped my game from my x box i have sent emails phoned up the uk dept and the usa office and still i wait for a answer
    how can a multi billion $ corp have the right to let us hard working people (who pay there wages by buying the games in the first place) feel like we dont excist i know we are small fry compared to the hardened gamers but we do our best and we should be able to get back what we lose when given " BAD" advice

  5. case no 004603359
    this case has been going on since the 12th july 2012 and still i wait to get back what i lost by getting the wrong advice from one of your games experts what resulted in me losing all progress i had made and cost me personally about £40/£60 small money you may say but when you are living on disability benefits that is a weeks money so can some one please tell me why i have to beg to get something done and when will my case get sorted

  6. F you. I spent $400 on Fifa Ultimate team and didn't get a single inform. F you and your g damn happy hours.

  7. its all about the money the hell with getting wright

  8. FIFA 14 is a huge rip off, EA provide Chat for support but the people giving support are morons and give you links to webpages you have already seen... Complete idiots...

  9. Your customer support is AWFUL!!! You say you will call customers when they email, I haven't received a phone call. Your customer support keeps sending me emails that do not solve my problem. I have tried telling them that they have the incorrect account information and they just keep sending me the same form email over and over and over. I can't access my account and no one at your company will help me! You need to have phone customer support. You lie and say you have online live chat support but there is none. WORST customer support I have ever dealt with in my life!

  10. I would bet no one looks at this from EA, but here goes. Their so-called Terms of Service in Pogo are a total joke. My group that I play with has been stalked and harassed for months by another group that wants to get us off Pogo because we are "rotting old hags" which is actually one of the nicer terms they have used. They interfere with game play, try to send us chat requests then cancel over and over so you cannot play, post filthy messages on people's profile pages, follow us from room to room and basically do almost anything that is against TOS. We have made hundreds of reports about these people and all we ever hear is "they are investigating." I tried calling customer support and got the usual ridiculous advice to mute them. We have muted them to no avail. We try not to get baited and discourage others from responding but they also interfere with actual game play and stalk us and follow us into other rooms. Muting does nothing to change that. As a paying customer I am sick of their lack of attention to such a serious problem. These people need to be gone. They also invent new IDs that they use to bug us with using our names, or using names such as DstrbingthePeace and URFunkingUgly which should be an obvious giveaway that this person is only there to harass people. They get use free subscriptions given to them from another member of this group that works for Coca-Cola or they use their own freebies. The moderators say Pogo take TOS seriously but cannot monitor chat rooms, We do not need them to monitor, A few things would help, Those who give free passes to those who create IDs to harass and stalk people should also have their accounts permanently suspended. In most cases they are sending the passes to themselves anyway. Coca-Cola should be notifed as to which employee of theirs is providing the free 6 month subscriptions (it is someone named Sam, we know that much!) that are being used to harass people and that person should be dealt with by Coca-Cola. In addition, when we report anything that can be taken as a threat the account in question should be disabled until the "investigation" is complete. Pogo can easily use the same type of tracking software companies use to assure employees are not visiting inappropriate sites on work hours or that retailers use to direct specific ads to people based on preferences. Pogo could set up the software to alert them to someone that is being reported repeatedly, just as an example. Pogo needs to find a better way to review abuse reports than they currently have because the fact that whether or not the report gets moved up depends on which person gets it is painfully obvious. I am sick of paying for this kind of abuse and having Pogo support it by telling their snotty little moderators to tell everyone in the forums that Pogo does not want to spend money dealing with TOS violations. That's like handing the idiots that commit these TOS a free pass to continue their nasty deeds. Pogo needs to clean up its act or I will be dropping my subscription. There also needs to be a way we can talk to a real, live person when things get as bad as they have been with nightly abuse by these social deviants.
    Also, when they make threats to people Pogo needs to pursue those as not just TOS but as a crime. That would settle a lot of hash. Come on Pogo, get a clue!

  11. i pay for pogo yearly and if i am 1 day late its down.... i paid in december!!!! now for the past 2 days cant get on as they are doing MAINTAINENCE???? give me a break... not for 2DAYS
    i expect this to be fixed as i PAID FOR IT!!!!! or give me my money back!!!

  12. this is the onley number that relley works i want costomer service but i cant get it because are companey is mean and changed our way of talking your never speak to someone ever agin at the rate and way we run. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE DONT HAVE JOBS BECAUSE GREETEY PEOPLE LIKE YOU !!!!!!!!!

  13. E.A. help is a con-job, not one thing has been fixed in 15 years. They use lies to sell this garbage then your stuck with it. Help live chat will not let me send any problems to them, then cut me off. Phone help hangs up on me when I pick up phone. Then they send e-mails tell me to contact them again (witch does not work) but that does not mater because they will not fix it anyway. Gary

  14. I am thoroughly tired of the Pogo site malfunctions. You take the customers' money and, in return, give them a site that falls far short of expectations. Frankly, as an attorney, I think this situation is ripe for a class action suit. You are selling functionality and delivering a malfunctioning product. You should be ashamed. James C. Patterson, esq. FBN: 211842

    1. I totally agree with you James, pogo games are a disaster. Ever since EA took over there are more technical issues that, even, when reported, are never fixed. And....WE PAY FOR THIS..
      I also think there are "pogo pet players" who never lose games. The games are crooked and rigged. Yes....there should be a class action law suit. There are many players who fell exactly as I do.

      pogo name: casechar

  15. 9/13/2015 -- TODAY'S problem: Trivial Pursuit – States the game is completed for today, which it isn’t. I’ve tried using Firefox, IE, AOL, and Google – they all state the same thing; the other games loaded with no problem; so far.
    Only option is Live Chat – stated “Wait time under 5 minutes.”
    Logged into Live Chat at 12:25pm…1:10…gave up waiting the “under 5 minutes” for assistance…this is continuous and EA/Pogo does NOTHING to rectify this!!
    NOW I click on Vaults of Atlantis and Mahjong Garden keeps coming up!
    Not sure what is going on over there; it’s ONE ISSUE AFTER ANOTHER EVERY DAY!!! We are PAYING for THIS???
    AND, to top it off, NO ONE EVER RESPONDS!!!
    Sounds like EA/Pogo needs a total re-vamp of their employees!

  16. Tech support is a joke! And logging in to enhance your customer service experience? A joke.... Rude... Hang up on people....

  17. Just wanted you to know that at the end of my yearly subscription I doubt very much whether I will be paying 40.00 a year to renew my subscription. I couldn't get get into Sparks at all using google, explorer or firefox. I get a little box which looks like a face in it....I am thoroughly disgusted with Pogo because there is always problems with it. I can never get in touch with a live person because there is no contact number. You go thru the motions of contact info and get no where....Everyone playing is voicing their opinion and is sick of it too....you can contact me back at [email protected] if you choose too..I am not very happy

  18. Kristina Ashby ea account ashby28June 11, 2016 at 10:27 PM

    I have been with ea/origin since the start of sims! I have had it on multiple platforms and own almost every single freaking game from the original to the city and now no more. I recently got locked out of my account and could not remember the password and the email linked to the account is no longer in use since it too is old as time and will support help me get back into my account oh of course not. Since I cant resurrect the email account from the dead so they can verify its my account or send them my blood over the phone than no i cant have my account back. Obviously if I am able to answer your countless questions and list every single game and transaction on my account and even give you every single code to every single game that is on that account than guess what ea it is my freaking account!!!!! I am not going to start over so I guess I will be deleting all games and origin from my computer. You lost a supporting customer and its obvious you dont give a shit about your players.

  19. EA customer support is absolutely awful. I have NEVER experienced anything more frustrating in my life. You have lost a lifelong customer. I will go out of my way to avoid buying or pre-ordering any games or DLC from your company whatsoever. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars buying your products for the past 15 years of my life. If i do buy a game of yours it will be used from a friend so you will not receive any additional money from me here on out. I am also going to tell anyone and everyone what a horrendous company you have turned into. Like letting Spike Lee ruin NBA2K16. A bit racist and degrading don't you think? How did that even get approval after it was finished? You will be able to visit my anti-EA/Origin website soon. It'll be all over social media don't worry you can't miss it.

    Will Compton
    ^Xbox Gamertag

  20. To the Executives at EA Games,
    I have been trying since 2014 to have my account unlocked. I have sent emails and made phone calls to customer service, if you can call it that, the terms of service department and the privacy_policy dept. and not only will they not help they CAN NOT even tell me why its locked.

    Is there anyone in the whole company who can help me?
    Wendy Rhodehouse
    Gamertag Damion1227

  21. Ea is a rip off your best bet is to switch 2 Nintendo. I had 70 dollars of gaming content rip off on my acc.by a ea worker,so I've been told by guess who an ea tec, and a ea Superviser.34 days now trying 2 get my content back.after ea has already told me they see the problem.today they told me 2 call them back in a week...Lol.lol.lol.what a joke time 2 contact a lawyer. Im done with playstation .so thanks ea for ripping me off and telling me you no you did it.on the plus side I've record all phone cals and made videos you can see live on u tube.

  22. the only way to prove your points is to kill someone.... better get on that otherwise they'll just keep ripping you off. . Show up to their office with a gun


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