Claires Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Claires Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Claire's Stores, Inc.
2400 West Central Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-765-1100
Customer Service Number: 1-800-252-4737
Claires Europe & UK: 0044 121 682 8000
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  1. I had breakfast at 8:30 a.m. July 30th at Carls Jr in Leon Valley (part of San Antonio, TX). I accidently left my purse. I went back around 6:00 p.m. to see if it was turned in, and the 2 guys at the registar said they had not seen any lost purses. I went back later that day to look around more and was told that they do not have a lost and found. I called the manager, and she said that she came in at noon on Saturday, and no purses were turned in. She said all lost items are put in the safe. So I went back again to see if they would check the safe, and the manager said there were no lost purses turned in. They did have security cameras, I asked the manager to check the 15 minutes we were there. She told me to check back Sunday. Sunday, I filed a police report and an officer was going to check the tape on Monday. I went back to Carls at 11:15 a.m. on Sunday and spoke to two Assistant Managers (Cassey & Adrian). They were both very helpful and knew right away that my purse had been turned in Saturday morning and was in the safe. These two Assistant Managers are very alert and caring people. Their manager should learn how to deal with customers from these two. I am so glad Carls has Assistant Managers in their store. And thank you to the person who turned in my purse.
    Happy Mom

  2. This is for Claire's.. Not Carls. WTF LOL

  3. I have tried to email Customer Support at least four times. They have not responded. Below is the message sent to them. At this time, I have decided to file a complaint against Clare's.

    Attention Customer Support:
    I have attempted to speak with one of your representatives regarding a package that was returned on August 13. Before returning the jewelry, I called your company and received specific mailing instructions. Afterwards, I called to make sure that the package was received. The representatives that I spoke with never gave me a clear confirmation. Today, October 4, I went to the post office and spoke with them. They researched the archives and confirmed that the packaged was received on August 15. The refund amount is 106.00. This evening, Thursday, October 4, I spoke with a female representative between the hours of 6:50 and 7:00 pm. CST. She was rude and unwilling to allow me to speak with a supervisor when requested. At this time I am very upset over the long period of time which your company has taken to refund the money owed to me. The card that was used, has been STOLEN and I was trying to speak with someone who would know how to handle this type of situation. The representative told me that there were no other alternatives. If this is the type of person who will be representing your company, I prefer to not to conduct future business with Clares. At this time, I would greatly appreciate a supervisor or some one in management contacting me to discuss this matter.
    Disappointed Consumer

  4. Never again will I shop at claire's. They sold be a defective item in the original plastic wrap. Stupid me, I didn't bother to look before wrapping up for my niece's christmas gift. I tried to return it and they accused me of breaking it and that they would never sell anything defective. They told me it was my fault for not checking the item before buying it. Then I asked for head office's number and they told me to look it up myself. What kind of customer service is that? I was pissed off so I sent an email to customer service, no resonse. I tried to call but I keep on getting the answering machine. I have just had enough so I am going to write a letter to the CEO and VP of Operations. It's not so much of getting my money back anymore, it's about the morals, I feel like I'm getting ripped off and blamed for their mistake and crappy quality items. Never will I shop there again. Wish me luck!

  5. Never again will I shop at Claire's. I bought two gift cards for Christmas and going on three weeks now, I am still trying to get my money back because the cards had nothing on them. Go elsewhere for your merchandise. What a rip off. I've called customer service three times now and nothing has been done to resolve this. Very, very poor customer service.

  6. Gabriele at Claire's Brookwood needs to be fired for:
    Posing as store manager, then declining...then saying she is again
    Selling me a defective product
    Lying about sales

    1. All Claire's employees are technically store managers except the sales associates I used to work at Claires and if the actual Store Manager is not in the store working at that time then the Third Key Managers (what I was) take over as Store Manager so she wasn't lying about being the store manager unless the store manager was also working at the same time she was when she said it


  7. Hello,

    I am writing you in regards to an incident that took place in your Oakwood mall location. On last weekend I was visiting the store and there was a little situation that happened in the store and I just feel that you should know how your manager handled this.

    There was a family in the store and the mother used a curse word (shit) and the manager didn’t agree with what she said. First, she is grown and that’s not that bad of a word and it’s used on regular TV. Instead of the manager talking to the lady, she walks pass her and mumbles it. The lady didn’t even hear her cause she was on the phone. The ladies friend told her what the lady said. The customer did get upset because she felt like I did, why wouldn’t she come to me. Well it doesn’t end there, she then tells the mall security about it and is talking about the lady in front of the other customers, really unprofessional. I think first that you should consider who is in your store managing because she doesn’t even appear as a manager (Green Wig and Hat) and definitely doesn’t act as one.

    After the lady checks out and spends her money, this manager then tells the mall security to tell the customer, she is not welcome in the store anymore. How is this even possible to do? This is ridiculous and I plan to spread the word on how unprofessional this location and management is, how they talk about the customers, and how you let someone spend their money and then tell them do not come back. Also, not to mention, I think is was discrimination.

    I would love to see how you respond to this email of concern.


  8. On May 11th we were at Claires store #06772 in Sierra Vista Az. My daughter was falsely accused of shoplifting. I asked the cashier to see the security tapes. She informed me that the store did not have security cameras. My daughter had no merchandise on her other than what she had purchased. The cashier Ciara accused my daughter of giving her fake money it was an older $20.00 bill that did not have all the colors and water marks n it. when they marked it with a pin it turned out to be real. I took the merchandise back and got a refund. I called the corporate number 1-800-252-4737 I got nothing but a run around on the phone. I left my number and name several times. As I was receiving my refund one of the cashiers was getting off duty she walked over to the registers opened up her bag looked qt me with a smirk on her face and stat in a snooty voice here check my bag make sure I am not stealing anything. still waiting for a phone call to file a complaint. The rude behavior and the false accusations of my daughter stealing.

  9. Just to let you know, all employees are supposed to check each others bags when they leave whether on break or for the day to be sure they are not stealing. Company policy. She had to do it. Not with attitude, I admit. But, policy.

  10. I was so excited to go to my local Claires in East Wenatchee, WA to buy jewelry for my 5 year old niece's new jewelry box. It was about 6 PM. The girl working was nice directing us to the area we needed to be. When it came time to check out (she was the only one in the store working) she rang us up to the tune of $43. I asked for a gift receipt since this was a gift and she got visibly upset and told us she would have to do it all over again! I thought about it and said I did need one since (since this was out of state.) She was ticked off that I had asked... wouldn't hardly speak to us. I told her that I thought this would be a normal thing as Christmas is next week and they should be prepared to ring items up with a gift receipt. THEN as if her attitude wasn't bad enough, her register was running slow - not working - she tried to ring me up 3 different times. She did start talking at that point apologizing at least... and ended up going to a different register to complete my transaction. I called there this morning hoping to talk to a manager about her attitude but she said she was the manager! I don't know her name... but she had tattoo's all over her arms etc. She gave such terrible customer service when I asked for the gift receipt. If this is a franchise then I thought I'd let corporate know that an attitude adjustment is needed! If she is not the owner then please let the owner know. Come on.. I paid $43 for kids costume jewelry that should have cost $10 tops... I won't be shopping at Claires anymore.

  11. I purchased, after much encouragement by a salesperson, Claire's "CELL FASHION" deluxe button stickers that are intended to be decorative buttons that are placed on the "home" key of iPhones/iPads/iPods and other brand cell phones. This button also helps the user locate the home key. The product that the salesperson recommended for me was the "mood" set of three (similar to the surface of a mood ring) with some type of metal like design around the edge. I placed the heart shaped one on my iPad. Within 2 days of doing so, I set my iPad down on the table as usual and the tip of the heart caused my iPad screen to shatter. I immediately removed the other buttons from my and my daughter's iPhones. I have contacted customer service today and was prompted to leave a message. Wish me luck. And pass the word on to your friends to not use these products.

  12. Why bother trying to get a hold of someone at the Claire's headquarters! You call and press 0 for operator and NO OPERATOR. Then why have that message. Company directory doesn't even list their names........ Frustrating and terrible customer service.

  13. I went to the Arizona Mills Mall Claire's Boutique on March 17, 2014 at approximately 6;30 p.m.. I purchased two items the total charge of which was $8.39 including tax. I gave the lady my money and she gave me change for a $10. Problem was I gave her a $20. No mistake on my part because that was the only cash that I was carrying on my person at that time. She, the cashier with the dyed red hair and bad attitude, told me that there was nothing that she could do but I could leave my name and number and if the drawer came up over at the end of the night they would be sure to contact me. I chose to ask to speak to a manager. The manager gave me attitude also and said she could count the drawer but it would take a while. I told her that I could wait. She became visibly angry but did complete the task. The drawer was only over by $5 and some change so she said she could not give me any money back. I think the cashier was making up for money that had been borrowed out of the drawer earlier and as I am older than their normal clients, I made a good mark. I told the manager that I wanted to return the items that I had purchased and I wanted a refund. I told her that I would make sure to tell all my friends about their business practices. She said she felt threatened and then asked for my name. I told her it was not a threat to her in any way, it was a promise. I will tell the world about that experience. I did not give her my name and I did get my $8.39 back. They did keep my $10 that they took in the original transaction but there is not much I can do about that except sing to the world, "Do not shop at Claire's"! Claire's has the most rude, most dishonest employees and is a very disreputable business that should be more closely watched by their corporate management!

  14. It was stupid of me not to ask before I do a video on racial profiling for my school's project. However, things got out of hand and I was accused of being stealing. The cashier was doing her job, I understand but there was a customer who made a rude comment and said to her daughter, " Don't take those before you buy them, you'll be arrested for being a thief." That made me really upset so when the cashier called the security, I asked to talk to them separate. I told them that I got the homework assignment in my car and that I wasn't a thief because I'm also in a case of my own where my brother had a bank fraud and I knew how serious trouble it was be to be stealing. I was so nervous and forgot to tell them that I was allergic to fake earrings, therefore, why would I steal? I told them I had my own money and if they want, I would pay for the earrings that I got accused for stealing. Nope, I was written up as " 5th degree theft." I tried working things out with the manager, coming in with my assignment the next day and she made a rude comment saying that it could have been a fake document where I wrote it out myself. I called the corporate and explain my situation and told them that my instructor who assigned me the assignment could fax them, they told me that they can't drop charges. I even asked for the footage of how I could have stole, they said that I can't have them. This is ridiculous. I didn't mind paying " the fee" but I'm not guilty and I wouldn't want a report on my background check. I'm also moving to another state for college. Stealing is a big crime but why try ruining someone's life for a simple misunderstanding?

  15. My 17 year old daughter has been shopping at Claire's for years and felt she would enjoy working there. She dropped off her completed application at the Claire's at 407 N. Harlem in Oak Park, Illinois. After several brief questions, the manager instructed my daughter to return at 5:30 pm the following day for an interview. This would be her first job interview so of course she was elated. We discussed everything from typical interview questions, proper attire,punctuality, and how to appear more confident. I was probably more excited than she was. The morning of the interview, my daughter chose a white business shirt and black knee-length skirt with her hair neatly swept into a ponytail. We arrived in the parking lot at 5 pm and after a pep talk, she entered the store by 5:15 pm. Shortly after 5:30 pm, my daughter sent a text stating that the manager stepped out but is expected soon. By 6:00 pm, my daughter's text was that she wanted to leave the store. I told her to hang in there and think of this as a test. During this ordeal, I had been browsing in the Pier Import store which was just a few doors down from Claire's. I noticed a woman inside Pier Import and was convinced it was the manager from Claire's, which explains why I encouraged my daughter to be patient. During most of this time, we were being subjected to a tsunami-like rainfall. I made a trip into the store to assess my daughter's state and was reassured by the sales associate that the manager was aware of the scheduled interview and had been slowed down by the rain. I quietly recalled that the manager mentioned that she was conducting an interview about 30 minutes before my daughter's. Hmmm...
    By 6:15 pm, I could see my daughter in my car mirror exiting the store. She had been offered an interview two days later. I instructed her to remain in the car and I entered the store for an incredulous explanation. I remained far more professional than the store manager ever was. I'm sure my beautiful, intelligent and very sensitive daughter was disheartened but I'm confident she will continue to excel. I let out a guffaw when I saw the company's mission and vision to inspire girls and young women; to share their important milestones, like a first job. This "manager" showed a total lack of integrity and must be willing to lower the bar for her sales associates that were privy to her antics. And yes, I cancelled that upcoming interview as my daughter is clearly over-qualified.

  16. I was a store manager for claires store #5272 Ny,Ny,5815 Edgewater nj, and 3485 willowbrook nj. for over 3.5yrs. During these yrs i found myself working off the clock do to not having enough hours to do what needed to be done, example we were given allowed hours for the store but they never made sense. Shipment, Markdowns, Plano grams, CNN's sale up dates, and of course we needed to customer service. all this with one employee coverage Mon-thurs. As the store manager i was told that i had to make it work. this turned into me working off the clock just to catch up, when i didnt have enough employees i would use my Personal,Sick,Vacation time to bring in employees, so i would enter 16hrs,29hrs,8hrs etc week after week, all the while i actually was at the store working,loosing my earned time just because i needed the man power, My DM Kristin Finney was aware, she would always say thank you i understand you do because you love your store and employees. we would have conversations off and on every month about this. me complaining that i dont have enough hours to run the store, and me having to use my personal time. great job jose you can be a rockstar in this company she would always say. as of 10\12\2014 i used and worked off the clock 582.5hrs... I was such a fool. i was allowed to work off the clock and use all my personal time but actually working. This is an unspoken evil in this company, alot of store managers have been working off the clock for years and it needs to stop. Claires needs to be investigated. Dave,Maryann, Kristin Finney are allowing employees to work off the clock and turning there cheeks away. we are over worked underpaid, and i cant believe a fell for this for this long. any store managers working off the clock in this company should contact there local labor dept as i did. they need to be held responsible.

  17. To whom this may concern, I would like to tweak your coming soon sign. Instead of "Here we grow again" which everyone uses. I think it would be a good idea and beneficial to zaxbys, to use the terminology "Here we hatch again" it just makes sense.

  18. If anyone is planning on going to Claire's at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Al .. DON"T! I took my 4 year old to get her ears pierced last weekend. The woman yelled at my daughter for taking to long to decide which pair of earrings she wanted. I didnt time it, but it was just a couple minutes. She obviously didn't know what she was doing either. She never cleaned my daughters ears prior to piercing them and they were extremely crooked.
    I had to remove the earrings when we got home. I wish I could upload a picture here! I asked to please see the manager and the woman claimed to be the manager. After I paid, she made a racial slur under her breath, I guess thinking I wouldn't hear her. (The claiming to be, manager, was african american) I've never been so hurt and disppointed in my life! Claires, I ask that you please train your employees better in customer relations and seek better management!
    Brittney M.

  19. You have an EXTREMELY RACIST employee at your Schaumburg Ill. location named Michael Galovick who is constantly spreading HATE speech on the internet. He just stated today how disgusting all Blacks are. If he feels that way which is his right he doesn't need to be representing Claire's in any form! A Black reality TV actress named Sheree Whitfield has a picture on the internet and that's when he again stated his dislike for Blacks.

  20. It's short and simple Claire's provides terrible customer service and lousy quality products. The employees acting as managers are not qualified. We definitely experienced this at the Claire's in Triangle Town Center Mall, Raleigh, NC. The cashier that was taking care of us said she was the manager on duty. She was rude and definitely inexperienced. She was so far from management material it was pathetic. We had a complaint and she handled it by calling security and telling them she felt threatened. We are grandparents and had 3 little granddaughters with us. I'm thinking they are trained to call security rather than offer good customer service. We have 5 granddaughters and will never shop at Claire's again.

  21. Rachel Lisk ex key holder at 5472August 8, 2016 at 4:30 PM

    So I worked at Claire's store number 5472 Eagan MN first off I worked there for 5 weeks without a pay check, because it was hard to get ahold of anyone I would call and they would always tell me payroll would call and guess what payroll would never call. Final I got someone and got paid the next day!!! Once I got my check I worked for about two more weeks And quit due to me moving and in mn companies have 24hours to give you your last pay but I couldn't get my key back til that weekend so I understood why they would hold it back til then but that wasn't the case I still haven't got my last pay after a week and four days. I'm very angry and disappointed with a company I loved my whole life

  22. I visited the Claire's store in Tucker GA ; Northlake Mall . This was a very special visit for me and my 6 yo daughter . She got her ears pierced !!
    7/8/2016 Tiara was our associate . This lady was very professional ; friendly and so great with my daughter . She should be salesperson of the year . Her friendly smile and beautiful personality was very much appreciated. Great experience . Claire's #6581


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