CitiFinancial Corporate Office Headquarters

CitiFinancial Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Now One Main Financial as of 2012
300 St. Paul Place
Baltimore, MD 21202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-410-332-3000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-877-550-6246
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  1. This company is horible to work with. If you need something work it out with your bank because they have no custoemr service skills at all.

    1. I agree !!!!!

    2. AGREE ! this company still will not send notification of a CLOSED ACCT ... status on report showing open ... WRONG !

  2. I agree, Very disrespectful!!!!!!!!

  3. A stupid Company very disrespectful and they calll at least two hundred times a day they have no respect and are rip offs. They care only about money and themselves but they will bug you when they need money. I have been boycotting about this company and think you should do the same. They give no time and are very careless and they don't know how to handle money they ripped us off 7,000 dollars.

  4. So if your looking for a company this is not the one to work with.

  5. They lead you on and make you think they are helping you with your monthly payments but are only leading you to debt. They told us that we would be refinanced on October 28th that's almost almost four moths ago. They bounce us from person to person and each person says that you need to talk to this person or this person. We asked many times to speak with someone higher up in the company apparently this company does not have leader ship and that's obvious that we have to deal with them everyday. They're liars, cheaters, and con artists.

  6. this is company is shit to work for to , the people in there never come to work they call in with sickness all the time and they all know that they can not be fired for this to so they do it all the time , the wok they do is so easy a child can do it , the managers in there a shit and do now work just take time off for illnesses that they do not have I have never heard of this shit in my life

  7. Has anyone had problems with thwm taking your min. Away. I was on the phone with them and told them I only used 30 min. On my phone and they r arguing with me saying I used 72 min.
    ON ONE CALL and 56 min on the other call....anyone else gettin screwed on there minutes? Im pissed.
    Switching to a different company today!

  8. I have been a customer of one main financial since Citi financial. Two months ago I started having issues with logging online and paying my bill. I have called in multiple times and had a ticket placed. This issue is still hasn't been resolved. I talked to my local branch and was told I had to call to work on this issue. The customer service reps on the phone rushed me off the phone with no resolution. I was even told I had no account in the system by my name or account number. This has been the worst experience ever. I will make sure once my loans are handled me or any of my family members never conduct business with this company. I'm not usually the person to complain but this level of customer service I've been provided is beyond poor. I will make sure to push this as far as I can take it.

  9. As I read down through these letters from other people I can not see many responses that are favorable. I have had a loan with citifinacial for more that 15 years. I owe today the same as I did when I took out the loan. Due to the high interest rates, I am still paying off the interest before I can even start paying the principle. I am over 65 years of age and I will never pay off this loan. They have a mortgage on my house. Some days, I feel like walking away and telling them "It's yours, but I have invested thousands of dollars not only in making payments but in improving the property. The 2 acreas I 'own' has been landscaped, trees planted, flower garden, and leveling of uneven lawn. I have worked hard to make this property worth alot more than when I bought for $10,000. It is now valued at over $50,000. Like others I have been a customer for a very long time. I have survived managers who have done jail time for embezzelment, etc. I won't say that all Citi-financials are like this only the ones in Vermont. I wonder some time if the reason my balance does not decrease, interest is paid, is because there is more of this going on. I purchased the land for $10,000 dollaras, then I paid $10,000 for the home that was put on the land. You would thin it would be paid for but it isn't. As there is not a Citifinancial in the State of Vermont, I can not sit down and discuss this. Phone calls just don't help because most of the time the messages are recorded. Again I will not see this property paid for in my lifetime due to the book keeping practices of Citifinancial employees. However Citifinancial advertises all over the place so they must be making money. .

  10. I took out a loan 8 years ago for 15k and now its at 13k. It went down 2k in 8 years. Paying 176.00 a month, I have paid them 16, 896.00. I contacted a lawyer and the only way for me to get out of this is file bankruptcy. Screw them. Shithead crooks. Toledo ohio


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