Circle K Corporate Office Headquarters

Circle K Corporate Office Headquarters HQ USA America 
P.O. Box 52085
Phoenix, AZ 85072
Corporate Phone Number: 1-602-728-8000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-877-257-3784

Circle K Japan Sunkus Co., Ltd. Head Office 
Harumi Center Bldg. 4F 2-5-24 Harumi Japan
Corporate Phone Number: 81-3-62209000


  1. Don't like that you took out all the cinnamon coffee in your locations

  2. We've implemented cinnamon coffee. I make it as much as the hazelnut and premium blend

  3. Disapointed you took out the bags of carmel macheato and put in the those little individual cups. No where near the same flavor. You lost a daily customer as I found another location that is further from my office. Its a shame because I could even walk over at lunch time for a second cup.

  4. Tried to fill my truck up paying cas was told no unless I left cash ont hte counter-would not allow me to leave drivers liscence-went to Marathon 3 blocks away and fillied up -no problem.

  5. I have had an arkansas id since i was 18 and have been going into circle k in louisiana since then and today when i went in to get a carton of cigs they told me corp. doesnt allow ppl with out of state id's to buy cigs or beer. thats a great way to sell merchandise. all i can say is circle k needs to realize that most of your money comes from out of state. if yall do accept out of state id's then yall need to fire "Bonnie-Circle K bossier city la,71111 4629 East Texas Street. i hope yall do your job and solve this issue.

  6. verry disapointed that we have no circle k stores in elkhart indiana..i worked for you 2 yrs in phx az but had to move back here as my sister was not well. would love to help in any way possible to get circle k stores here in elkhart..i hate seven 11 and speedway pop as their cups are crap and customer service is the pits..i need a job and refuse to work at any stores here..this is not a joke.. my address is 2250 cassopolis st lot 88 my email is phone is 5743332001.. can we get a store here please..
    thank you, sandra manges

  7. Went to circle k in pinto md on 7-31 for an ice tea and apack of cupcakes, the one cashier was checking out his register, while the manager was putting the order of smokeless tobacco away,stood there for three minutes, they both seen me standing there but continue to do what they were doing instead of waiting on me. After three minutes of standing there, I put my items back and went on to the next closest convenience store. Sorry to say I will NOT be back.

  8. How do I find out if you've received my application and what the status is? Thanks-

  9. as your corporation ignores customers complaints, im not a broke homeless fool, ill go ahead and spend the 25 dollars to file a formal complain with the bbb and see if that gets you off you butt.
    as I am a consumer,and a successful business man, ive gone to one of your illustrious stores at 107th and union hills,only to get complaining staff about their jobs,customers,and no p.r. skills what so ever. im sure you don't really care about someone bitchin about the garbage service this store gives, but myself and my 3 crews of city workers will not frequent your stores anymore,as per me, the boss. that's 45 people out of my office alone, and we gas up every day,but now not at circle k.i figure that's a few thousand a week out of your pocket, because you let individuals like the manager there at the 107th and union hills location continue with their bullshit attitude towards work,and or their customers, or both at times.
    till you rectify this matter, the city of phoenix workers under my lead will NOT frequent your business again. and if this falls on false ears, I will spend my lienient time marketing the idea for fair business practices towards the customers against your business,and see if that gets you to do something about the way your company lets individuals treat our hard working americans like shit.
    please feel free to keep ignoring my efforts to help better your business, as I am educated,and in no way into the type of folks finding themselves in a position of work for your franchise, only to abuse it, complain about it,and then treat us with the utmost disrespect ive ever seen.
    as I also do volunteer work for the disabled vets of America, ill post flyers for all of what im doing, until im satisfied with the outcome of your decision.
    its your money walkin down the road, and that's the bottom line isn't it? as a vet and business owner, I thought that if it doesn't make dollars, it doesn't make sense.
    correct me if im wrong.
    acting supervisor of dot in phoenix, thanks.

    1. As a successful business man, this would be taken more seriously if your letter contained no profanity and proper punctuation and grammar. It is very unprofessional.

  10. hi my name is travis, im a circle k employee, not all the locations are as bad as u say they are, the one i work at we get people in and out of there at their convinence, any doubts visit the circle k in harrison ohio and you will not be dissapointed.

  11. Is it possible for you to add a designated smoking area "AWAY" from the entrance of your stores? I have severe allergies and at various times, I will not enter the store because one of your employees is smoking near the front door. I understand people have the right to smoke, but I have the right to breath. All I am asking is that employees be considerate and do it away from the front door.

  12. I frequently go to the store on 1995 W Chandler Blvd in Chandler. The staff is pleasant and friendly, but am disturbed that the manager does drug deals out of her PT Cruiser. I believe her name Jennifer. Chandler police have been notified. I choose to do business elsewhere.

  13. I'm having difficulty with the Job Application Process. I fiiled out an application back on 10-11-2013 however it would not let me put in for the store I was applying for. I was able to fill an appt out but it is not found in the system by the store that is hiring. And your appt system wont let me feel out another one until the 45 days is up. I just want to go in and revise my appt and send it to the correct store so as I can be considered for employment. I need and want a job and from what I understand this particular store needs and wants an employee. I need to know what I can do to get this completed efficiently.

  14. Seriously Corporate Office..Can you not see all the complaints above and soon to be below me??
    Your Employees in the north east Phoenix locations are Obviously not happy and their demeanor Shows it!!
    One Person on register with a line 10 people deep while 3 other employees are outside Smoking cigarettes.
    Its sad when a customer has to go outside and ask one of them to please come in and ring people up and the overall attitude is "Whatever"!! Union hills and 32nd street is a Joke Yesterday there was nearly a throw down Between Employees to Claim unsold Breakfast sandwiches and gobble them at the cash wrap right in front of customers!! does this mean I can come in at 10:00am and claim an unsold sandwich for myself??
    Please tell me why I should continue to solicit any Circle K Store?? I thought Mcdonalds was bad but they seem down right religious compared to the travesty that supposedly passes for customer service at any north valley Store. Good luck but I will never go into one of your stores again.

  15. I was told that I was not allowed in the circle k on 7th ave & Roosevelt by a new manager who doesn't even know who I am. I've never seen her before. You can seriously loose a lot of business giving those managers the authority to tell people that they can't come in the store and I'm an upstanding citizen.

  16. Your company sold me Pepsi max 2 liter that was 9 MONTHS past it's sell by date! I am now sick as a dog, didn't even realize it was past due till I drank some and noticed it tasted horrible! Thank you so much for destroying my Thanksgiving!

  17. I live in okmulgee Oklahoma, the circle k store on West fourth street is a joke, the people there are always standing around talking instead of waiting on the customers, they will turn around and see you and just keep on talking, the managers is always out outside smoking, two workers were caught outside buying prescription medication, i could go on and on, i live near the store I see what goes on and you want to make more business and money then get all new day people over there who cares about the customers and the store.

  18. Stacey in coshocton, OhioMarch 22, 2014 at 1:30 PM

    You have a employee in your circle k store in coshocton,Ohio that is very rude.Everytime I go up to the counter to pay for gas,food etc.she sneezes and turns the fan on behind her register and then coughs and acts like she is going to puke and gags.I have had enough of it.I don't know if I am the only one she does it too but I find it very offensive.There is other ways to deal with a customer that may have too strong of perfume etc.and that is not the way.I am finding that I am tired of going in there when she is working or going in there at all.Your store is also in a very bad neighborhood so it scares me to go in there at night and that also is when she working.I have even heard her tell the manager to wait on me as a customer cause of her puking and gagging.I have worked retail alot in my time and that is not the way to handle customers that are frequenting your store.I am totally upset and find her behavior to be un called for.Its very offensive to me.You need to do something and now or i will SUE.

  19. People go to QT because the quality of people who work at QT so far surpasses the quality of people who work at Circle K that they can't even be compared. At QT the clerks work 2 or 3 registers at once, they put the change back in your hand and not on top of the bills, they have common sense and the list goes on . . . all qualities none of which are apparent with the majority of employees you will find at the Circle K!!

  20. It would really help if those writing comments would learn to capitalize and
    use punctuation. I'm sorry, it is "you" not "u", and "are" not R, and it is "I" not "i". This is not a kindergarten class, although it is hard to tell by reading your messages. Holy crap, anyone from another country reading this stuff must
    think we are all as dumb as a stump. Have some respect, and if you are going to send a message, make it something that someone can read.


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