Aarons Corporate Office Headquarters

Aarons Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
309 East Paces Ferry Rd., N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30305
Corporate Phone Number:1-404-231-0011
Fax Number: 1-404-240-6583
Customer Service Number: 1-800-950-7368

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  1. Why is it when you call the Main Headquarters that they won't let you speak to the main person that owns this company?? It is Bullsh*t maybe Nascar needs to be informed of the CRAP that customers have to go through!! Being told something is "BRAND NEW" out of the box and finding out it is NOT!! I am sure that Nascar would NOT want to be associated with a company that is known to lie to its customers!!

  2. hell i work for them, i'm on FMLA right now and was told i could get my vacation and sick days paid, haven't seen 1 red cent since i've been off and probably not gonna.

  3. Their screwing me out of money I've paid and now taking my stuff.

  4. they are messing with me also because I called headquarters and tried to tell them whats going on with a store and manager . I have paid nearly everything off and only like 1 payment on living room suit, 2 payments on my computer, and 3 on washer dryer know they want to come pick it up because I can not pay anything till the 15th due to having to move to where my job is. also refused to move my stuff I had to move it my self. im 64 years old and wwnt back to work to where I could finsh this . where are our rights I signed a contract with them to pay on the 4th wensday and no where on that contact dose,s it say anything about late fees I have paid them over 500 dollars in 2 years on late fees and still they want to pick it up . I say NO WAY. I will pay it the 15th or they will be sued

  5. I was at the doctors office today when i recieved a phone call from a neighbor stating that the aarons "collection muscle" was banging on my door. I could hear the banging on the phone and my neighbor lives down stairs. This is a completely obscene and very rude collection method. I used to work in collections and we would NEVER EVER treat our customers like this. I am pretty sure there is some privacy policy/disclosure that protects me and my family as consumers. This banging on my door was very unprofessional and also was a noise violation.

  6. Fuck them they told me to return my stuff or my wife was going to get fired they knew she was my wife at the time when I open the account 1yr ago now they coming at me with this bullshit Fuck yall Aaron's suck a Dick

  7. They full of shit i will be filling a compliant with Better Business and consumer Compliant Agency sold me a used compture told me it was new, called someone called me said we get back in touch 3 months have passed by and no one contact me. i am paying twice for a system that a lie.

  8. Aarons have a rude sales manager in tifton,ga she dont like black people,i will never shop there again long as she there.

  9. Very rude and disrepectful in Hot Springs, Arkansas

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  11. To: CEO Ronald Allen Gilbert Danielson Mitchell Paul I am writing to you to inform you of your franchise practices. I am a customer from the Pomona, CA store. I become a customer last year in April. I purchased a living room set and TV. Since I became a customer I have NEVER received a statement with my balance. I have called your customer service to inform them of this issue and they told me to call the store. However, when I call the store I get different balances every time! I was informed for the first six months my whole payment would be applied then half goes to the store and the other half goes towards my principal balance.I would like to pay off my principle balance so I may never deal with your company again. I would never refer anyone to your business for the fact that they don’t provide statements but if I had missed a payment I sure it would have been reported against my credit. I would like a FULL PRINT OUT of my beginning balance and all payments and how they were applied to principle balance and current balance.

  12. Dealing wit Todd Nolan from the Columbus Indiana store... he's a dick!!! I have had several accounts with them and all of them have been paid in full months ahead of contract terms.... I went thru some hard times and got behind but still working with them to get payments made.. late but paid... Jerk had the audacity to tell me "we're about done doing business with you"! whenever this account is paid in full I will never be an Aaron's customer again... nor will I send anyone to them for anything!!!! American rental at least treats customers with respect!

  13. Well, my mother is going thru sme financial issues right now n has been paying late for the last cpl of months BUT has made the payments EVERY month, was just informed by Kenneth Choate, in the Monroe la store, and I quote " Aarons does not care about their customers as ppl, They only care about getting their money and we will no longer be able to work with you after this time.." Wooooow, even tho she only has 3 more payments.. After all the years she's dealt with them and all the money she's spent with them this is how they treat loyal customers.. smh.. never again will we go to Aarons, where they ONLY care about gettin their money (WHICH, they get EVERY month, btw).. Such losers ugh

  14. Vey rude and disrespectful customer service employes ect n very unprofessional collecting service in new britain ct

  15. Why is it that Aaron's staff lie about items being brand new? And they are actually used items? I am renting/buying a Queen size bedroom suite. It was return to store due to scratches and signs of abuse. I received a second bedroom suite. It is a Full size bedroom suite. Aaron's staff members continue to lie stating that it is a brand new Queen size suite. The measurements are not the same as the bedroom suite. I have been told that Aaron's will order me a new King size suite. And it will increase the monthly payment. These items aren't new. They are items that have been repossed!! I am very upset because I am paying the price for new items and continuing to receive used items!! I will be contacting Aaron's Corporate Officials. Next, I will tell my story to the Local News station. And then, to the Better Business Bureau.

    1. Hello I am wondering if you were able to get your issues resolved? I have had some serious issues with Aarons and was wondering if I am just chasing my tail in circles? Thank you��

  16. If they say your payment is due on the 15th of each Month then they should be open on Sunday so you can pay your payment. And they should not charge you a late fee. This place should start staying open on Sunday if they want their payment on time. This is just a way to get a late fee and make more money.

  17. July 3 2014
    Very rude and unprofessional so called store managers in Philadelphia, I refuse to allow anyone to talk to me the way this man did..... Just lost a good paying customer

  18. aarons are really rude they care about money and not there coustumers

  19. you telling me, I work for Aaron's in Porter Texas for a week until the manager fired me cause I wouldn't kiss his white ass. But I really don't care cause the management sucks, and their merchandises sucks too, and nasty. with bugs and bed bugs and stain's all over their products, I personally wouldn't bye shit from this place

  20. Well im in nwi my husband got outsourced but found another job we are almost done paying and we fell a little behind but assured them we would catch back up,well this eve at 9 pm i hadtwo big guys one black one hispanic show up now my lawyer comunicated we would get back on track anyway they showed up me and my daughter werebyourselves. my husband. truck drives they. bammed on pic window the doors the tried to. remove. The window ac and then the decided. to use box cutters and slice open the the screens. on the door and three windows calling us out. of. our. name

  21. November 29, 2014

    Aaron's, Inc.
    309 E Paces Ferry Rd
    Atlanta, GA 30305

    ATTN: Customer Service

    Re: Lynda M. Carter
    Contract No.: 4999
    Store Location: Herkimer, NY


    In December, 2013, I purchased a box spring and mattress from my local Aaron’s store. At the time of purchase, I advised that I was a previous customer with a contract that is paid in full.

    I further told the manager, Javier, that I need to pay this new contract as I did my last contract. I receive my paycheck every other Thursday and those are the days that I can make a payment. I made sure they understood that it may not be on the due date; however, I would make two payments a month every time I received my paycheck. My payments on my previous purchase were made the exact same way and it was without incident – I purchased, I paid, I was a satisfied customer. (The employee I dealt with on my first contract was, Paul Haun, he is no longer employed by Aaron’s).

    This new experience was anything but satisfying. I was harassed every month almost daily by Aaron’s employees, (mostly Leo and Jeff), regarding my payment being due. If the employee would have looked in my file, the payment history on the computer or even a calendar they would be able to tell when I would be able to and would make my payment. But instead they harassed me and called my references on my application and harassed them. Now keep in mind, it was not like I was a month or even a payment behind, it was hours or days.

    I made, as far as I am concerned, my final payment today, Saturday, November 29, 2014. My total payments due to Aaron’s were $1,214.28. As of this date the total payments I have made to Aaron’s are in an amount of $1,270.80. I spoke with Jeff, at my local Aaron’s store today, and asked him to waive any amount that may be owed. As can been seen, I have already paid $56.52 over the contract total payments due. Jeff advised that he could not do this for me. I have been nothing but harassed by this company and even in the end of this whole contract this employee cannot give any type of customer service and/or satisfaction in order to even attempt to keep or even make a customer happy.

    Furthermore, my daughter, Erica Carter, had a contract with them after she moved in her own place at the same time as my second contract. My daughter was harassed by Aaron’s in the same way and finally she was harassed to the point of returning the furniture to Aaron’ (Herkimer location). This was all due to the fact she could not deal with the harassment anymore regarding her own payments. Erica and I work at the same place and receive our paychecks at the same time.

    We were both good customers who paid our contracts and would have been returning customers but this experience has taken care of that.

    I would kindly ask that any amount due and owing on my above-referenced contract be removed. I am hoping that Aaron’s Corporation has customer satisfaction in mind, unlike their Herkimer, New York location.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Very truly yours,

    Lynda M. Carter

    Cc: Ronald W. Allen, CEO
    Gilbert L. Danielson, CFO
    Mitchell S. Paull, COO


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