Panera Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Panera Bread Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 
6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO 63117
Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-633-7100
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-314-633-7100

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  1. Why do you idiots make your waitresses pay 10 percent of their tips to the bar when a drink is ordered. These people work hard for probably slightly more than $2.00 an hour. When I give a tip to a waitress it is for that person and not intended to be split with anyone. I'm sure your bar tenders are making probably $10.00 an hour or better. Why don't some of you corporate idiots go try waiting tables for a while. That is the sickest thing a corporation like yours can do to its lowest paid employees. I won't be going back there again.

  2. Panera truck drivers in the Austin Tx. area are drug users and should be screened. I am putting Panera in notice. If one of your truck drives kills an innocent person because they are habitual drug users it is your own fault.

  3. My wife and I eat at Panera's often and every Sunday after Church. Today there was a fellow sitting at TWO adjoined tables with questionaire forms spread out and a computer tablet, he was wearing a large political button with a picture of Barry Obama that said "Hope". He tried to get my attention as I was waiting for our food to be prepared. I ignored him because of his Badge, but I observed him interviewing 2 women at another table with forms. I complained to the manager that he was soliciting folks and brought the manager over to observe. He denied that he was soliciting, and the ladies at the table said they had an appointment with him. When the ladies left and we had finished our lunch, I noticed He was back at the TWO tables he had been at before interviewing 2 more ladies. What I had noticed was obvious, nobody was eating anything????? Is Paneras in the tank for Barack Obama?? I hope not?????? If that's the situation, and I've been going to Paneras when it was the St. Loius Bread Co. I won't be going there any more!!! Please clarify your policy on Obvious Voter Soliciting at your stores?? I'm Bill Moynihan My E-mail is

  4. Really....???? Your employees can't say "Merry Christmas"? Please tell me no so that I can continue to be a loyal customer.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas.

    AL in Atlanta

  5. This poor waitress just discovered the goodness and kind heart of a minister who asks her congregation to give tidings each week at a percentage of their pay. Put the shoe on the other foot and see the goodness fade away. GIVE THIS WAITRESS HER JOB BACK !! I have worked in the food service industry before and I know how difficult it is.

  6. AppleBees U Suck what happen U use to be so pleasant and the food was so very Good but now its terrible Bad Food Bad service

  7. The applebees in hampton va what has happen the place has went to hell Clean it up and fast

  8. The staff at the applebees in hampto va who hired you You are so unprofessioal U need some Skills

  9. This is in regards to the Panara Bread in Burlington Massachusetts. When will Panera's install handicap doors??? My Mom, who is 90 years old and along with other handicap individuals, need automatic doors. Are you going wait for an accident then respond!!!!!!!

  10. since when did pipple faced greasy haired 15 year olds get to become manager of a Panera when they can't even spell manager. what's even worse is there is no reason for a sandwich with hardly any mean on it to be served to the public if you are that broke and can't afford to put meat on a sandwich then close your doors we will be not be coming back because nobody caresgoing back to Panera they may have a few good things but their manager was not a manager and their food was too cheap to serve.

  11. The winchester applebees as went down hill the food and services. Please help them. I don't go there anymore.

    1. Winchester kentucky. Sorry

  12. please read I have a wife that been at Applebee's for about 8 years we been together for ten with 3beautiful kids bu
    t I'm reaching out because she has a manger that want leave her alone she
    want go to the police because she
    want to keep her job and it's embarrassing but the manger be giving her and othDr woman card that have sex things on them and he be giving my wife flowers he does all of this while they are all on the clock I asked him to stop but he want so I don't know what to do please help the Applebee is the Applebee on eastside of Indianapolis IN and the manger go by the name NATO this is not a joke please help

  13. I work at Applebees in Mississippi for almost a year now. I came into work today and found out some terrible news. I found out there is no more gratuity on party's of 7 or more. I am a bit confused why gratuity was taken away? I'm asking corporate nicely to answer this question for me please. This is not the only issue that has me concerned. It does relate though. Now, servers get paid about $2 an hour maybe $3 depending on location and I know host get paid $3. NOT $7.25! So basically servers live off the tips they get. Supposedly, if you don't reach the pay limit of $7.25 you are supposed to get minimum wage on the check. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN! Servers have to give tip share to the host and to the bartender by the end of the shift. Sometimes servers have to take money from their own pocket to pay the store because sales and tips do not add up. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! If any customers are reading this please tip your server. If the service is bad then that is understandable, but if the server is on their toes and doing everything they can to make sure your visit it suit for a king or queen, please tip them. Okay, so corporate, if you are reading this and I hope you do, if this is happening to the servers, bartenders, and host why not just give them minimum wage? Getting a job at Applebees was a good thing. It has helped me not be as shy and has really boosted my people skills. I do hope as corporate you take my comment as a serious matter because I am sure I am not the only person that has complained on this topic before.

    Thank you for your time and See You Tomorrow!

    Applebee's in Brandon, Flowood, Ridgeland, Hattiesburg, and Madison Mississippi!

  14. I reported one of the managers shane thompkins for inviting his bf to work and offer him free dinners and drinks because they smoke marijuana and drink together to sarah the area manager and chris his general manager but they are a team and they cover for each other if Applebee's check on shane thompkins they will find out that he got fired from his last job because of the same thing
    Applebee's in Murrells inlet is loosing business because of this manager he is on Craigslist too for dating married men james osborn that he live with

  15. Panera corporate should send someone to there grand island store
    to teach the management how to do there job. first there are to many
    very young managers that have very little know how, all girls. if a problem
    comes up the first thing they do I call the GM because the don't know what
    to do. I know if I was a supervisor at least I would show up on time for duty.
    no ten or twenty min. late. they should also be taught things like if someone
    is on his or he cell phone talking or texting the should be wrote up, or stand
    around with others and talking the time away about personal things, that happens all he time. these supervisors make changes every day. The GM dose no hold
    a staff meeting to let her staff know how she wants thing done. she tells one
    person how she wants something done and the sift supervisor comes and asks
    why they get all mad at you, and say something like why didn't they tell us.
    there's just so much wrong in that place, that it should be looked in to.
    I know that nothing will be done. that's how Panera works

  16. Wow so I got a job at the Applebee's in my town which I thought was a good place to work until I got a job there and then came to this site. My mind is beyond blown seriously. I got a job and it lasted three days due to another employee and her need to bully. We are grown adults then she went to the manager at the sametime as me and when I was talking cut me off and said "you need to get your fu@*@*g new hire". I mean really I don't know this lovely Malibu which mind you is not her real name but is on her name tag. She has the other employees under her thumb. They told me oh blow her off " that's just Malibu " no that's not OK Malibu or not. Other people are not your punching bag girl and I am not taking a loss while you keep your job. I did nothing wrong you did your rude and mean. Don't you think it's stressful enough to start a new job with new people I didn't need what ever game you were trying to play. I needed that job I have kids now I have no car cause I couldn't pay for it since I'm looking for a new job. Bullies always remain the same......sad.


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