Kaiser Permanente Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Kaiser Permanente Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1 Kaiser Plaza
Oakland, California 94612 USA

Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-510-271-5800
Fax Number: 1-510-271-6493

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  1. kAISER Permanete offered me a job. Would not fly me up for an interview from FL to CA. Said here is 5,000 to relocate you have to do it in one shot. I did not even have a chance to look at apartments. I Got a quoute from their mover it was not enough. They were told. I was waiting to hear back about negotiatons. I kept getting emails we can;t wait for you to start work. I had a date was ready to move. Never heard. I called they said someone was supposed to call you and tell you all you get is 5,000. No one called. I thought they were negotiating with the mover. They knew 5,000 was not enough they were stringing me along. I was going to use my IRS money to fly in and take a look at the area at my expense car rental, hotel room. I had a letter of offering and was getting ready. When were they going to tell me 5,000 was all they intended to offer and one of their own recruiters said it was not enough. ALL THE PAPERWORK DRUG TEST, BACKGROUND CHECK AND I FURNISHED THEM WITH MOST OF THE PAPERWORK INSTEAD OF THEIR BACKGROUND COMPANY. I AM APPAULED AT THE WAY THEY LED ME ON AND THE WAY THEY OPERATED BUSINESS. I WILL CONTACT KP HEADQUARTERS.

  2. Took my father in the Lakeview hospital emergency waited for over an hour everyone was taken in went to ask what was taking so long was told he is next and then two other people went in since the room he would go into was not available when asked is that the only room and any idea how long it would take the answer was no Kaiser workers are not helpful in any way a receptionist Carole was rude and not helpful in any way Kaiser hospital is the last place one should come in an emergancy the staff lies has no concern with the pain or discomfort of their patients kaiser should be a shame of how they treat people and get rid of Carole I hope she experiences what we went through with her family member maybe then she might have some compassion for people. Kaiser permanente is a worthless instatution with a staff that has no compassion .

  3. this number is not working.

  4. Went to kaiser in Baldwin park ca!! Dr. Harprett Kaur Gill was very rude and unprofessional!! She pretty much accused me of goin in for a doctors note to get out of work!! I pay my money for your doctors to accuse me of trying to get out of work!! Please the last time I called out of work was November of last year!! How dare her even go there I have bronchitis and was so uncomfortable at night that I needed something to help me stop coughing so I Could get a goods night sleep soni would function at work and be productive. It's bullshit that your company who makes so much money from me and thousands of other hard working people would allow your doctors to mistreat the people putting money in both your pockets!! And I had to wait for her to finish her snobbiness to give me a written prescription but instead she faxed it down stairs and made me Wait 15 more minutes because she wrote the wrong amount on the prescription!! And I walked out of there without a doctors note!!! Like I said I didnt need it the nurse asked me if I needed it and I said yes but this doctor was soo dead set on being rude and judging me that I left and didn't even ask her for anything!!!

  5. This is regarding the late to work policy you have recently instated. It is unfair. My daughter has worked for Kaiser for 13 years. She lives in Washington and works in Oregon. The commute is nearly an hour one way. She makes it to work on time 99% of the time. If the weather is snowy,icy or accidents, or even at times they raise the bridge between the two states at commute time. She cannot these conditions. She leaves her house up to 30 minutes earlier to insure she will be on time. You are unwilling to take these conditions into consideration regardless. This is unfair. This policy could cost one their job for conditions out of their control.

    1. It cost me mine after 15+ years of faithful employment

  6. I am writing again because I want Kaiser to look at the late policy that is unfair. There should be a little leverage for employees that do not make it a habit to show up late. If it is a reasonable explanation such as an accident on the freeway, bridge lift or bad weather, this should be taken into consideration. Again, this policy is so black & white, it could ultimately cost one their job.

  7. They are about to do business with an organization that is shady; it is located in South Florida... You will hear about it!!!!!!

  8. I have known for almost 30 years that Kaiser was a worthless company due to what they did to my daughter..but what they are doing to a little girl named Emma , see Emma's army on Facebook, is beyond despicable. Emma has CF and was scheduled for an operation today . The hospital that has treated her since she was diagnosed was all set to do the operation when Kaiser pulled the plug and said that they would not pay for it...You can't get any lower than to condemn a child to die and that is exactly what Kaiser is doing...I urge everyone to dump Kaiser and find an alternative but before doing so please call them, message them, tweet or whatever you do to communicate with them and demand that they pay for this little girls operation...Please do this..Many hundreds if not thousands of us have been following her story on Facebook and she is such a sweet and adorable little girl...she could be any one of your daughters and she needs our help.Thank you...David Crocker.

  9. 08/28/2014
    Dear Sir;
    In early July I went into Kaiser for a stress test and it was determined I was having or had a heart attack. I was immediately taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital where I was operated on and a stent was placed in my artery. My diagnosis was Coronary Artery Disease also known as, Ischemic heart disease. The ambulance ride cost over $5000 and the heart surgery cost over $50,000. I mention this to you due to the high cost of medical care in this country and the choices we now have for choosing a medical care provider.
    I am 70 years old, a Vietnam Veteran, been a Kaiser patient for over 10 years and until today I have been satisfied with the service Kaiser has provided me.
    A Veteran friend of mine upon hearing about my heart attack and stent operation contacted me and told me because of my exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam Ischemic heart disease is recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs as a service-connected disability. I contacted a Veterans Service Officer at Mather Air force Base and he advised me I needed to have the doctor at Kaiser who did my surgery fill out a simple one page form from the VA and return it to him and he would forward the form on to the VA in Oakland for review in order for them to grant my disability payment.
    On August 25, 2014 I took the VA form to Kaiser on Morse in Sacramento for my heart surgeon to fill out. Any competent doctor could fill out the form in 10 minutes. I was informed by his nurse the doctor doesn’t fill out forms any more. They must be taken to Member Services downstairs. So I took the form downstairs to Member Services and was given two Kaiser Forms I had to fill out to submit with the VA form in order for Member Services to fill out the VA form. After filling out and submitting all the forms at the reception desk I was told the form would be mailed to me in a few days.
    But today I received a call from Member Services telling me they no longer fill out VA forms but instead they would return the VA form along with Kaisers Medical record of my heart surgery. I am sure the VA wants the form filled out and signed by the surgeon for a good reason. When I called my Veteran friend who had his stent surgery done at UC Davis he told me his Surgeon had no problem filling out his form.
    Your service has cost me another delay, the possibility of being denied because of your policy that Member Services and doctors no longer are willing to fill out a simple VA Medical form. Now I have to wait for Member Services to return my form so I can take it back to my Veteran Service Officer and find out what I have to do next. Thank you very much.
    This is the time of year we have available to change medical providers. Maybe I should change my medical provider to one that can meet my needs and move to UC Davis? Apparently other doctors have 10 minutes in a work day to fill out a simple medical form.

  10. Kaiser Downey and belflower have bad nurses with nasty attitudes. .it is very sad you guys hire theses people.


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