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IKEA America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 
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Ikea Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-834-0180
Customer Service Number USA: 1-800-434-4532

IKEA Systems International Head Office
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The Netherlands
International Phone Number: +31-15-215-0750
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  1. Ikea is i agree one of the best place to shop but i have bought my entire bedroom and kitchen from ikea schaumburg the kitchen official who halped me have ordered so many extra pieces and messed up on the color and sizes of some of the doors i didnt even ask for second of all i set up the delivery and the delivery compant just threw everything and told us to sign some papers and we did we didnt know that once if i sign the papers im done.We were missing so many things and and so many pieces from the boxes.We called and explained the problem and they said deal with it in the store and we come to customer service waited in a long waited line and finally our number is called and we explain the problem once again the person who helped us was very kind enough to listen to us and tried to find some solutions to it she made several calls and worked out with us so well looked like she have delt with this kind of issues a lot it took her some time to finish everything but she kept us well informed what shes been doing and finally the manager arrived and finished up everything.I was literally was surpriced how she made the exchanges,looked into all those receipts,returned hundreds of extra things with such patience,things worked out and she gave us what we wanted.Best customer service i have ever seen at ikea she made me come back to ikea again now whenever we are missing parts we are not worried we always hope shes there when we come to ikea and we'll get what we want it.She have helped us so many times now we kind of know each other by name.Thank you so much Gaytri for all your help.We really appreciate your paitence and help,the way you have handled everything was so up to the mark.Ikea please have more smart people like gaytri.Thank you again.

    1. Before you write such lengthy endorsements perhaps you should install a spell checker... Your comments look like they were written by a 10 yr old...

    2. If you were more interested in spellchecking then you wasted your time reading the review. Don't you think the gist of the message was more important than anything else?

    3. No, it was too hard to read. Learn how to write or don't use these forums.

    4. Agreed, it was so hard to read I got to the second sentence (or what I believe to be the second sentence) and had to stop reading. If you want to be heard, then write your comment so it can be understood.

    5. The person was a pleased customer, resulting from the excellent customer service which was rendered. That's the message. Maybe the grammar wasn't perfect, but the message came through just fine.

    6. It's sad that others need to put people down to feel better about themselves.


    7. I have been trying to get a refund of $478 since August 11… I am completely exhausted and furious at your company and your customer service. I was told on August 11 to refuse the items that I canceled upon delivery… and that as soon as they were accounted for in the warehouse I would be given my refund.. I did that when the delivery was made August 19… I called back and was told as soon as the items were accounted for in the warehouse I would be getting my refund within 5 to 10 days.. That never happened... I called back… and waited a total of an hour and a half and talk to three different people… I was told that the delivery company was directly called while I was on hold, the items were accounted for in the warehouse and I would be getting a refund within 5 to 10 business days from that date. That never happened either… So I called back and spend another hour and a half on the phone… And was told that my refund was finally processed on August 28… And I would be getting it the week of September 1… I never got it. I called back yesterday and spent another hour and a half on the phone and was told that the refund was submitted. By the way, the person I talked to yesterday had no record of any of these transactions or phone conversations that occurred between August 11 and September 1. I spoke with someone named Tiffany who said that the refund was confirmed and she put it through herself… The reference number is 259–22109879. As of today the refund still has not posted. I spoke with my bank and they said as soon as a refund is submitted it would appear right away… Tiffany assured me that this was a done deal yesterday… a charge that went through today… that I approved and assumed would be fine because the refund was supposed to be in the account yesterday, made my account go negative … I am being charged $35 from my bank. I would like IKEA to to compensate me for this… I was assured yesterday and many other times that my refund had been processed. I have been waiting over a month for a simple refund for furniture i never even touched. I would also like to be compensated for the four hours that I spent on the phone… I think one hour is fair for all of this and I think that is very generous but I think I should be compensated for the other three att the hourly rate that I normally make which is $70 an hour. If I do not get my refund by today and I am not compensated somehow for the hours I've spent on the phone, the frustration, and the $35 overdraft fee… I will file a report with the Better Business Bureau and file a small claims court case for the $478 plus damages. I have spent over $2000 at IKEA in the last month alone… I am extremely upset, and disillusioned, and angry at a company that is huge and really should have better customer service… I can't believe how poor your customer service is. This is a disgrace.

  2. I just had a similar experience. Unfortunate that management fails to address these service issues. May be time for new leadership if they can't train their managers and employees appropriately. I had over 60 minutes of on hold time last night trying to resolve the delivery. Delivery company states they have no record of the shipment and Ikea Costa Mesa, when they do answer the phone, is clueless. Get put on hold and no one returns to the line. I Ended up at Ikea for my daughter relocating to the area and needing furniture. Initially I was impressed and was thinking of using them for the 14 rental units that I need to update the kitchen areas. Now I think I will run from them as fast as I can and tell as many people as I can.. If someone really cares in management to help my daughter resolve this today AND address the poor leadership at the Costa Mesa store, you can reach me at mkaske76@gmail.com

  3. I just had a similar experience. Unfortunate that management fails to address these service issues. May be time for new leadership if they can't train their managers and employees appropriately. I had over 60 minutes of on hold time last night trying to resolve the delivery. Delivery company states they have no record of the shipment and Ikea Costa Mesa, when they do answer the phone, is clueless. Get put on hold and no one returns to the line. I Ended up at Ikea for my daughter relocating to the area and needing furniture. Initially I was impressed and was thinking of using them for the 14 rental units that I need to update the kitchen areas. Now I think I will run from them as fast as I can and tell as many people as I can.. If someone really cares in management to help my daughter resolve this today AND address the poor leadership at the Costa Mesa store, you can reach me at

  4. I waited 6 hours for Ikea to pull my order and it is all on the security cameras for proof!!!!!!!
    This was the most horrendous experience shopping at the Stoughton, MA, USA store on August 11, 2012, in fact the worst in my life. I arrived at the store with a specific list of items. Proceeded to the kitchen department and placed my order in a very timely manor. The sales associate was very knowledgeable. I then proceeded to the checkout and again, my purchase was payed for in a very timely manner at exactly 1:40 pm as noted on the receipt.
    I waited until 4:20 ( 2hrs and 40 min.) and approached the service desk and the associate said the order was being worked on and will be about an hour. I went off premises to eat and came back at 5:40 and asked the associate who took my receipt to track down the order. He came back and again said he doesn't know when it will be ready but at least another hour. My order came out at 7:40. The associates either flat out LIED to me or did not have an handle on their system. Is this the service I deserve by spending over $1600.00 on this trip to IKEA??I was not the only one that waited 6 hours for their orders. It is all on security camera!!!

    1. Why on earth would you wait 6 hours. I know you probably wanted your product- but if that wait time is offensive to you, as it would be to anyone- don't reward the store with the sale. Get a refund and walk away.
      Same thing people do in doctors offices. If everyone would just walk out after 15 or 20 minutes of waiting the offender would learn not to keep people waiting. I understand they kept telling you an hour and you were trying to be patient but seriously. after the 2nd time- you should have been outta there.

  5. Would love to see Ikea come to Indianapolis. What can we do to make this happen????

    1. You think you would, but IKEA doesn't care about their customers, messes up orders and doesn't fix their mistakes. I noticed the neither of the IKEA stores near me have AA ratings on BBB. I should have looked there before buying.

    2. Typical propaganda....or spin if you will. Don't reward a corporation with new stores..tremendous profits..to employ people at minimum wage...and provide lousy service. Thank God for the job... but hold them accountable..

  6. When is Ikea opening a store in San Antonio, Texas? We have such a large metro area here that it seems like a no-brainer for Ikea-corporate. The nearest store is north of Austin, and it takes at least 1 hour and 40 minutes to get there!

    1. IKEA needs to go back to Sweden or where ever they are from!

  7. Why is it so hard to reach customer service? This has been an extremely time-consuming and ridiculous experience. Seriously, I ordered furniture for my sons Boston apartment online a week before he left to move there. I have called your customer service for online orders several times, emailed sales_service@ushelp.ikea.com 4 times, and when I actually managed to reach a person (twice over the last several days), they promised to call with answers the next day; I've yet to recieve a call or reply email. I am getting exhausted dealing with your 'service' numbers. Can we get our furniture??? You really send furniture for a Boston location on a truck from Maryland? How effiecient is that?

  8. IKEA has AIR BRUSHED women out of their Saudi catalog. If you think that there is something wrong with getting rid of the images of western women as a form of political correctness to please those in the middle east then let the co know. Western women cannot be airbrushed out of the picture to please others.

  9. There have been such a long list of errors and hassles in trying to buy wardrobes of which I still do not have. Ikea in store had 2 different people writing up the service order for delivery and set up which caused the set up request to be overlooked. The delivery company shows up 1 1/2 hours after the latest time which was 9:30PM which is entirely too late to be delivering large boxes to the inside of my home. Because the store did not have the product in stock, I ordered the doors for the wardrobe online. Now I can't get anyone to help me with the online order, I am out 2 delivery fees and still don't have my in store product. I understand things can be assumed and miscommunicated but there is no reasonable and efficient way to get anyone empowered in customer service to resolve this. There is no reasonable way to even get in touch with someone in customer service. Current wait time for online is 20 minutes. That tells me there is a lack of manpower for the volume of issues consumers have with this store.

    The last 3 large purchases I have made at IKEA have been filled with hassles. I am finished shopping at this store forever. I don't wish to spend my hard earned money with a company that can't recognize its errors and offers nothing more than an impersonal email apology to a complaint. I am not looking for a handout, just some customer service and resolutions.


  10. Six years from January 2013 my husband installed our kitchen cabinets and counter tops, all purchased from IKEA, San Diego, CA. Today, December 17, 2012 the Customer Service (CS) Ann from San Diego Warranty Claims Department called to tell me she would not honor the warranty for my counter tops or the yellow tint the cabinets are turning (they were bright white) they told me it was NORMAL WEAR and TEAR! and I used harsh chemicals on the side of my counter top directly in front of my kitchen sink; that's why they will not replace nor honor the warranty (10 year warranty) I explained the lifting is in the seams has nothing to do with water or steam, and I told her no way could I use harsh chemicals on anything as I am 100% Disabled and I have asthma and I can't even have bleach or anything similar in my home due to my health issues. I clean with soap and water and I am an Impeccable housekeeper. Not only is our family small it's husband who serves our country in the military and myself. Ann, seemed to be rehearsed and kept repeating the same speech. She argued it is stated in the warranty with me; I asked her to have her Manager call me.

    Rachel, the Manager called me back with the same speech given by Ann, I feel this company should be aware I spoke to two separate offices in the kitchen department and both of them told me more than likely since we do not have the same counter tops you have they will tell you they are not covered under the warranty.

    I asked them to send me a copy of the warranty and everything I am claiming is covered, but they want to call it "NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR" this is another way for large corporations to use the poor people like ourselves who used their life savings to purchase the new kitchen from IKEA as we could not afford any other kitchen from anywhere.

    I feel I have been treated with disrespect and a well rehearsed script they give to the ones claiming on their 10 year limited warranty. "We will replace it with a new item, if you bring it back to us together witht the original invoice/cash receipt" right after this quoted sentence it states. "This limited warrant does not cover ordinary wear and tear." "If the product has been discontinued from the range, we will provide a comparable replacement."

    I am so disappointed in the Customer Service I am receiving. Buyer beware!

  11. When Will There Be An Ikea In NV? Nevada Is A Popular State, Yet It Doesn't Have ONE Ikea In The Whole State. Will There Be One Anytime Soon?

  12. I have tried to get in touch with IKEA over this for 6 months now! They called me and said they would have a manager call me back but refused to give me a number. NEVER DID. I have spend over 50 k at IKEA, and this is the way I am treated? You guys have no loyalty to your loyal customer base. I am going to continue to write to corporate office with a copy of all the emails I have gotten back and just told me to bring in my receipt and after I explain myself they don't write me back.
    I bought an expensive couch cover. Washed it 3 months after it was used, thing ripped at the seams even though I washed it per instructions. They refused to even exchange the thing, cause I didnt have the receipt. Who the hell keeps a receipt over 6 months?
    I am very dissapointed the next email will be to headquarters and to the better business bureau.

    1. If you paid with a credit card they can retrieve your purchase information from their database.

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  14. IKEA facility in Italy will be marketing cardboard furniture pieces made entirely out of the company's own flat pack furniture packaging, (chair, bed and table). Since real estate staging enities already use cardboard furniture to stage showings, why not bring these products to the US for the apartment and home dweller to purchase. I certaintly think that these product will fit in the ever changing living enviroments that want new, usable and functionable decorating ideals as what the overseas markets are enjoying. Why does America be the last to know and own? Theres a future for cardboard furniture here!

  15. My name is Felicia Walden, I shop at the Round Rock Ikea. I'm sure there is a list of my purchased items. I paid a " Convenience Fee" for ikea staff to get the items in store ,I purchased delivery and assembly. Turns out the wrong color table was delivered. Getting a hold of anyone is nearly impossible. Finally an after sales agent arranged delivery and assembly of the correct table scheduled for today from2-7PM. 7:18 PM black stornas table finally delivered but of course there's another catch to it. It didn't occur to them that they needed to make sure they had their tools present before driving an hour to my house so you know I paid well over 250 for this service. The guy rescheduled for Sunday 2-9pm. Already took 2 days off early from work and how many weeks without a dining table to eat on. Calculate how much I spent on items, in store service, delivery, assembly+$700+ for taking off from work early. This is absolutely ridiculous. Supervisors must be notified about this. All these people represent Ikea. Call me crazy but do you not see my frustration. I'm not asking for sympathy but really put yourself in my shoes along with other customers. I'm remodeling my house and paid for a kitchen assessment but now I have lost trust in Ikea and to think to spend a large amount has me terrified. Might as well have not delivered the table till Sunday to save you some gas and time.  

  16. Dear Ikea

    Since you decided to do away with classic Swedish food brands like Abba herring, Marabou chocolate, Lofbergs Lila etc I have been very disappointed, not to say disgusted. Your IKEA brand is not the same quality and taste. My wife and I used to look forward to go shopping at IKEA and in addition to furniture and other things would load up on food. Your food was an important reason to travel for 60 miles. Now we don't come as often and if we can find a substitute for you other products nearby you lose our patronage.

    I find it insincere and greedy not to profile good Swedish food products. I can assure you that my feelings are shared by 1000s of Swedes and other Scandinavians in the USA!


    Thomas Hakansson

  17. If you are considering purchasing a complete kitchen from IKEA, think twice!!! We are going into our seventh week without a kitchen and this is due to IKEA's sub-contractors who are nothing short of incompetent and IKEA has done nothing to resolve our problem. We went to some local places after the fact and found we could have gotten everything at about the seem cost. It's taken four weeks to get a counter-top installed and if I would have known this....I could have gotten it locally in half the time.

    Mad in Tucson.....

    1. I wish I had read your post BEFORE I bought at IKEA.

  18. You are absolutely right, Mad in Tucson: My kitchen has been going on for 28 days and is not finished. They told me here in Orlando, that it would take three days to install it, and when the subcontrator knew this he simply said that "they were not continous days", and now I know what he meant. To add insult to injury, two doors were missing and they don't know how to solve the problem because the model was discontinued. There is no way to communicate with anyone by phone or email. If you look at the several web pages Ikea has, there in no indication on who is who and where they are or how to communicate with them. If I could advise anyone is to stay away from Ikea because they are like snake charmers to sell, but like inquisitors to talk to you. Beware! Luis in Orlando

  19. Purchased a large Ikea kitchen package ($18,000.00), the product is well engineered and a very good price. Oh and a hard working service team tries to make up for all the other problems. Problems? Yes. Oh yes indeed. Plan on taking about three months to get a large kitchen done with Ikea. Why?

    1- The sales process is almost a joke. Credit authorization is something out of the 1960's.
    2- There is no working back order process. You start over each time. Want knobs? Start again.
    3- The delivery team unloads a pile of boxes and wants you to sign. Don't...
    4- You will have stuff you didn't order and you will be missing things you did order.
    5- The kitchen project management service is a total farce.
    6- The project manager measured incorrectly. Then you get release saying it is all yours!
    7- The 20/20 based CAD system is a sad joke if you have ever used a real CAD system.
    8- The employees struggle with internal process which haven't changed since the Vikings.
    9- Scheduled dates are never held or the slip even acknowledged.
    10- Sub-contractors are of very dubious quality and nothing is Ikea managed in reality.
    11- Even the sub-contractors joke about the awful Ikea process.
    12- Granite un display in the stores is in fact not always available.
    13- Complaints to management are met defensively -- the customer is never right.
    14- The cute Swedish names become annoying after about three days at best.
    15- Returns are annoying and slow -- the employees are hamstrung by this process as well.
    15- Working remote from a store is unbelievably annoying. Think less than Sears not Amazon.
    16- After three trips to the store the stupid serpentine routing on the sales floor gets old.
    17- After five trips to the store, you want to knock done walls.
    18- If Lowes had an Ikea quality flat pack engineered product -- Ikea kitchen would bankrupt.
    19- Calls to support sometimes require several tries. Calls to your IT department work better.

    Look other than the product which is really well engineered, and a few absolutely heroic low level people in customer service? Everything else about Ikea is broken. The entire system assumes you show up at the store, load a truck with your product, and drive home to put it together yourself.

    If you try to do anything else? All the Ikea systems and process suck. If you select the right product? Say a large piece? You have to go through the serpentine store crawl, find the numbers, then go to the check out line, pay for the product, get a receipt, and then bring it to the pickup department or whatever they call it... Have a seat and expect to wait for at least 30 or 40 minutes.

    Contrast this with say Sears? You pay for the large product on the retail floor and by the time you get to pickup it is waiting for you. They will even help you load it. Not so Ikea, if you want good product at a good price, and you are willing to put up with the horrific customer experience then go for it.

    But expect a major league hassle if you do anything at all different. College student who needs bookshelves? Great store. Installing a large kitchen? Ikea is pretty awful. Have a contractor pick it all up and do everything for you.

    Look I've done an Ikea bedroom, office, bookshelves, an entertainment center. The annoying parts of the Ikea customer experience were still there, but they were livable. Tear your kitchen out with Ikea and you will probably tear your hair out too.

    The engineering department is keeping them in business. It sure isn't the stores...

  20. Just bought a desk at IKEA. After assembling the entire thing, we realized that it was not painted with the lacquer finish coated. You can see the wood grain thru the paint on the desk top. Took an hour to assemble and I've been on the phone with Ikea for an hour and 15 minutes. What a horrible experience!!!!!!!

    Michael Sarnacki

  21. I drove 91/2 hours to go to IKEA. I had to rent a van as I intended to purchase large pantry-type cabinets and stay overnight. The experience at the store is very nice. I found the section that had the white Besta cabinets I wanted. I called home to verify the size of the wall I was using and ended up getting three instead of four due to size constraints. The wall is 84" wide the cabinets are 23" wide or were supposed to be. When I got home, we were still recovering from a flood that required the replacement of all of the flooring in the house. So, I didn't get to start installation on the cabinets until two weeks ago. Surprise. No hardware in the boxes. IKEA was coorperative and mailed the needed hardware. Fast forward to yesterday. Started with the installation again. Surprise. They sent one wrong size cabinet and right size doors and anchors. Seriously? When I was at IKEA the lady in cabinets got on her computer and assembled a list of all the "boxes" and their numbers that I would need. I was then instructed to take that list to a person that pulled the order and loaded it on a flat bed trolley. I asked several times if he was certain he was pulling the correct items. They are just brown boxes with numbers, no way to tell. I commented that I lived a days drive away and it would be impossible to get back so make sure I get the correct items. Not. Now IKEA's idea of a fix for this nightmare is for me to rent another vehicle, drive 1200 miles round trip, stay overnight in a hotel to exchange an item they sent in error. They acknowledge it was their error, but it's my problem. She even suggested maybe I could just use them somewhere else in my house!! Unbelievable. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I am sure this is my first and LAST experience with IKEA.

    1. I should have added that all THREE cabinets were 47&1/2 inches wide rather than 23". You can't tell from the size of the box.

  22. To everyone who posted a complaint:
    I too had a horrendous experience with IKEA and will not bore you with the details. However, after weeks of calling the "after sales" dept. with no reply, I called Customer service and asked for the address of Corporate Headquarters. I intended to write a letter of complaint, however, there was also a phone number. I called that number and after various prompts, I was given an email address. I wrote a long email documenting all my calls and complaints and received an email the next day. The Customer Service person helped me solve the whole issue. It still took numerous phone calls, mistakes, miscommunications, etc. But it got done! It might be too late, but if you need action, write an email to cr.manager@ikea.com and Good Luck!

  23. IKEA come to Calvert County Maryland, we need your store and jobs. Thanks

  24. Ikea, please bring your beautiful store to Ontario, CA 91761. We have 170,000 people in just our city, plus 100s of thousands more in area. I don't want to have to drive to Covina to visit your store. Better yet, open at Ontario Mills Mall!
    A fan.

  25. I own a property management firm. I would like to develop a "See Our All IKEA Models" marketing campaign and may initially furnish at least 12 apartments and expect to facilitate all IKEA models in at least 200 apartments over the next twelve months. If you are employed by IKEA, would you please forward this message to a company representative that can discuss this opportunity in more detail. I have been unable to reach a real person. Dennis Noneman. 419-531-6446 or dnoneman@noneman.com

  26. According to the mass-media in Ukraine, IKEA Corporation is supporting Ukrainian Army by providing diesel fuel for the tanks, furniture and electric light devices for the headquarter offices of the Army that conducts the atrocities against Russian-speaking population of the East and South. Thus, the CNN reported the air attack on pro-Russian separatists in Luhansk kills 8, stuns residents: http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/03/world/europe/ukraine-luhansk-building-attack/ Peaceful citizens are being killed by the army supported by IKEA?!!! I could not imagine that retailer corporation such as IKEA is so politically oriented that supports anti-Constitutional "goverment" of the usurpers in Kiev who have unleashed the genocide of the Russian population in Donetsk and Lugansk region of what was formerly the Ukraine. Due to the above, I will never purchase any item from the IKEA and will tell all my friends that IKEA has blood of innocent victims on their hands. What a shameful approach to conduct business in Ukraine!!!

  27. Ikea has without a doubt the worst customer service for online orders possible. Hold times are outrageous and nothing gets resolved. Get your act together, you are a large enough company where you can afford to better your service.

  28. I'm a fan of Ikea with a kitchen and numerous storage and media units and organizers but like others I've just had the world's worst experience with delivery and customer service that has left me angry and frustrated. I admit, I'm lazy, we went to our "nearest store" 60 miles away and paid the extra for selection and delivery for our newest storage configuration. The Ikea clerk arranged a delivery time for a day when it had to be delivered to us before 4:00 p.m. or we would need another date. No problem, he assured us and indicated he would request an am delivery. We asked if goods could be left, no, he said although we had deliveries at a previous address where they were left. So of course the delivery company notified us the delivery was scheduled for the p.m. and could be later than 4. After numerous calls, and long wait times the day before, once again, assured this time by the delivery company, we wouldn't need to reschedule, and to call back the next morning, delivery day, to check. That morning the ambiguous answer was "We'll check and get back to you" We asked if they could leave it. Sorry, you would have to have submitted that request two days before so we could send paperwork. At 3:40 the driver called and said he wouldn't be there until five. He told me to call Ikea to reschedule. And there the saga begins because in the bureaucratic world of Ikea call center employees are rewarded for enforcing policies and practices not in taking ownership or solving problems. Bottom line, they can't reschedule the delivery. From the garbled account and after two operators, one took all the info and recognizing a hot potato did the old transfer bit to another who recited the policy straight from the handbook which amounted to I would have to forfeit the money paid for the delivery, go back to the store --60 miles, pleez!--and reschedule the delivery. Or She could cancel the order, charge the delivery fee, but if I reordered from Ikea on line I would probably have to wait 2 weeks for delivery. I chose the cancel the order. She gave me a cancellation number. To be on the safe side, I've also disputed the whole charge on my credit card and will argue about the delivery charge. Meanwhile, I've reordered on line and am being penalized by paying a higher delivery charge for the same items presumably being delivered by the same company. And of course the two weeks wait time. I will also follow up with a complaint to the email address posted by 11/13.

  29. What a "NIGHTMARE"!!!!!! I was in the market for a new Bedroom Set, and in search of that, I narrowed my search to "IKEA" Only to Realize it was the WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!! Upon my first arrival, or should I say many DUE TO the Incompetent Crew AT the Sunrise, Florida Location... I visted the location on a Saturday, and the bed I chose was not in "stock".... After consulting with a store associate, I was told to call on Monday or Tuesday to check if the bed had arrived... To my surprise the BED was in. After speaking with a young man on the phone the bed was being held and I was on my way to purchase. I arrived at the store 25 to 30 minutes later. I made my PURCHASE and PAID for the BED to be delivered on "Wednesday"...
    The next "DAY TUESDAY", I recieved several calls to CONFIRM my DELIVERY. Upon confirming TWICE, brought excitement!!! Little did I know that DIASTER would STRIKE on WEDNESDAY, "EXPECTED DAY OF DELIVERY"!!!!! :((
    So, 8:30 a.m. the "CALL" from the delivery STATEED that WE have no ITEMS to delivery to you.!!!!
    What are you saying MS??? I've already PAID and confirmed TWICE!!!!
    I was then told to CALL IKEA back, because they have nothing to do with it at this point.
    I called the IKEA SUNRISE, FLORIDA LOCATION, and NEVER GOT a response from anyone. I had to MAKE a SECOND TRIP to the STORE, to rectify the SITUATION!!!
    So while I'm waiting in line I notice it's the same GUY who placed my order!!! Now that it's my turn, I politely explained my situation, and hopeful that it's all a mistake, my order will be delivered on time. His response to me was give me a sec, let me see what's going on... When he returned, with my paper work, he states that my order was never processed by the guys in the warehouse and that he apologizes. My reponse to him was that Im not sure if I trust you guys now. He replies ms, if you want to continue with the order I myself will make sure that you receive your oder on FRIDAY!!! He even tells me I PROMISE YOU!!! I then ask for a REFUND on the DELIVERY CHARGE, wish I did get back.
    WELL on THURSDAY, I GET THE "CALL AGAIN" MS, I want to confirm your order, and to let you know that it's on BACK ORDER and the next SHIPMENT will be a WEEK from today. I ask is this a JOKE!!! How can that be, when I PAID for the BED and my account was CHARGED for the PURCHASE, as well as the DELIVERY FEE!!! AND SEVERAL CONFIRMATIONS for the DELIVERY, THAT NEVER HAPPEN!!!
    I tell the GIRL, NEVER again will I DEAL with SUCH incompentent people.
    I told her Do you Seriously THINK I WANT TO WAIT TO BE DISAPPOINTED AGAIN!!!

    I even SPOKE WITH A HORRIBLE SO CALLED " MANAGER NAME ADAM" who offered no empathy nor was patient with me!!!! ADAM TOLD me I WAS not listening to him after asking me a QUESTION that I had no ANSWER to, which somehow "UPSETTED HIM" telling me then to call back when I was READY to TALK to him in a NORMAL VOICE!!!!
    Completly took me by SURPRISE, I was BAFFLED!!!!

  30. I'm a fan of Ikea's purchase $100 in home furnishings and eat for free. That's what my family did this weekend and what a mistake!! Nothing wrong with the home furnishings, it was the food!! All three of us got food poisoning!! it didn't start to kick in til 3 days after. We normally don't go out to eat. We stay in with Grandma and uncle. They were okay. So we know for sure it was the food! The location is 1 beard street brooklyn, ny. For the past two days and nights, it has been nothing but headaches, body aches, diarhea, stomach cramps, and fever! Just my wife vomitted though... Does this sound like all the symptoms to food poisoning or what??? BEWARE!

  31. ikea honestly might be one of the best stores in the entire world. I bought my entire bedroom from ikea and could have spent 1500 bucks but only spent less than 500. My heart belongs to ikea. I was born to love ikea. If ikea was human, we would be together. Forever. Me and ikea. Ohh. Some people find beauty in personality. Some people find beauty in looks. I find beauty in furniture. Let this post be known my love and affection I shine towards ikea. I want ikea to be with me forever. forever.

  32. I used to love Ikea. After what I am going through right now, not so much.
    I purchased 18 glass lanterns online for my daughter's upcoming wedding.. They arrived yesterday......BROKEN!
    I know this could possibly be blamed on the carrier but not entirely.....you cannot expect glass to be well protected by a single sheet of bubble wrap and then just put into a regular cardboard box and expect it to get to it's location in one piece. The box was not marked FRAGILE or anything else to indicate it might break easily.
    Even worse....I have been trying ever since to get this matter corrected. I have tried to get Customer Service and I have pressed this number and that number and I cannot get a LIVE PERSON to talk to about it. I even selected "place an order" to get a real person. He was nice but transferred me somewhere else where I held on for 50 MINUTES and NO ONE EVER ANSWERED!!!!
    I live 3 hours' drive from the nearest location. I have phoned there and they told me I have to call the 1-800 Customer Service number where I have already tried.
    I now have $300 worth of broken glass I cannot use!!!

  33. Oh and now that I think of it....regarding those broken glass lanterns....I will contact my credit card company and see if I can stop the payment of them. Maybe that will get some attention from someone and get the issue resolved.


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