Hertz Corporate Office Headquarters

Hertz Corporate Office Headquarters 
225 Brae Boulevard
Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-307-2000
Fax Number: 1-201-307-2644
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-654-3131
Hertz Roadside Assistance: 1-800-654-5060
Membership/Gold Plus: 1-888-999-4900
TDD: 1-800-654-2280
Plate Pass: 1-877-411-4300

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    1. Hello Anonymous,

      I had the same feeling when I used them over the Labor Day weekend. I had made a RSVP online thru Expedia a month in an advance and they assured me that they will have a minivan that I requested for.I called after I made the RSVP to make sure everything was good and they said it is confirmed and I had nothing to worry.And then called again 2 days before my trip and everything was fine but when I showed up the day of my trip, Hertz Rep told me that they don't have the vehicle that I RSVP and give me an attitude and said that "Hertz doesn't have to honor my request since I was an hr late for my reservation". What difference does it makes that I am an hr late?! You don't even have the car I needed? I demanded him to find the minivan that I request ASAP! I was very upset and unsatisfied with their service.I had to wait another hour until they found the minivan that I needed which means I was late arriving at my destination because it was 8hrs away and it screwed up all my plans.The location I went to was 250 N. Main St. and it was located inside the Marriot Hotel in downtown Memphis TN. I was very frustrated and unhappy on the way the Rep handle this. In the future, I will Not use Hertz anymore and will Not recommend it to any of my friends of Family.Furthermore,I will call the Corp office and inform them to stop making False Advertisement!


    3. I agree! Hertz is the worst! I reserved a minivan for June 30, 2014, in person, approximately 2 months in advance at a local Holiday Inn in Buena Park, California. On the 30th, I arrived at 7:30 a.m., when they opened, and was told they did not have a minivan but had a much more expensive Mercedes SUV available--and that they would have to drive me to another city to pick it up! Despite my in-person reservation, the manager said they had run out of minivans. Luckily my niece was able to rent a minivan that same morning from Enterprise, despite short notice, so our vacation was not ruined. I intend to use Enterprise from now on since they proved to be reliable, and provided great service.

    4. By all means, spare yourselves the time and energy. Never rent from Hertz. Reading the core values and mission statement, they paint a pretty good picture about ensuring customer satisfaction, when in fact, as long as you are taking our money, you couldn't care less about your customers. Your representatives are either con artists, or illiterate of the conditions of your policies. I stay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I rented a car from this company January 1st. My car had been stolen and I was referred to them by my car insurance company. As I am signing papers for the rental, my spouse and I were notified y the agent Joe that we must initial for the loss damage waiver because it was mandated by my insurance that I do so to prevent higher premium rates in case of an accident. Also, he stated not to worry about coming out of pocket for anything other than the gas if the vehicle was not returned with a full tank, because all expenses were covered by my insurance. So I initialed for the loss damage waiver at 23 dollars a day, Joe handed me the keys and we went about our business. After i returned the car on the 23rd, I was shocked to discover that I had to come out of pocket by $587.43. This was the charge for the loss damage waiver. Thomas, the manager there informed us that this was not covered by the insurance, and that we should contact them to see if they can cover some of the charges because he would not remove the charge. We did so, only to discover three days after we left the shop (after he insured us he would not go through with the charges) we were charged the above amount anyway. I called and talked to Thomas again and he stated that he could not reverse the charge. After calling and calling customer service, going on a herculean mission to get in contact with the district manager, and supposedly having my case reviewed by IA, I have yet to hear from IA, the district manager or from anyone that can assist me on an error that occurred company-side. I should have asked for a different company to rent from. I am sure the car interior would not have been covered in dog hair, crumbs, old credit card receipts and milk stains, and I would not have been put through this awful situation.

  2. Hertz, has gone down hill the customer service is absolutely terrible. I rented a car on line in Birmingham I got off the plan they didn't have the right car I had paid for the car on line , insurance and all. I had to leave a 200,dollar deposit, that was ok. But upon returning the car lm running for a plan and they charged me an extra 267.00 for a car that had already been paid for. In trying to contact the manager of the Hertz was next to impossible I had to call the cooperate office and made to hold for a half hour. It's a shame for such poor service from hertz

  3. I am extremely disappointed in the service I received from Hertz this pass weekend and will be filing a complaint with the BBB. The customer service was horrible. After calling the location office and corporate customer service 4 times to see what was the 3 hour hold-up on the customer pick-up, they didn't show up at all.

  4. Hertz' lost and found policy concerns me. I had rented a car on Thursday, September 13. The car was returned on Friday, September 14th to the same location and same spot. Immediately after, I realized I had left my GPS (Garmin Nuvi 2555 LMT)SRL# 2EW308181. I called the store and spoke with a nice young man, who assured me the car was locked up and would immediately contact the garage in the morning. After I did not hear from the young man that following morning, I contacted the store and he stated that the garage did not respond to his inquiry. He then went in person, and looked in the lost and found with no success. He sent out a company wide email with no success. I then contacted the store manager, who seemed evasive and not willing to "look into" the matter by speaking personally with his employees. After a lengthy conversation he agreed to. He said he would return my call the next day. He did not. Although the GPS is of minimal value $200, the principle of the matter is not. Their current lost and found policy, is a license to "take" what they find. It needs to be revised with a total vehicle inspection upon return and a signed employee affidavit. That would be an acceptable rule of action and or "clean" conduct.

  5. I wish there was an option for no stars. I will never rent from Hertz again. I rented a vehicle from Hertz for a weekend. Being that I did my reservation with hotwire.com, I had to have an additional $200 for a deposit. I was told that once the car was returned, the deposit would be returned after midnight, which would be Monday morning. It is now Friday and I still do not have the return of my deposit. The customer service rep who called themselves assisting me was rude and extremely disrespectful. Instead of her finding a way to help me, she was argumentative with everything that I said and the icing on the cake was when she transferred me to the survey line when she longer wanted to deal with my issue. I am determined to go on every website imagineable and speak about my experience. I called back to speak to a supervisor and all they could do was put in for a call back, but the representative did inform me that no one ever sent a release form to my credit card company. Unbelievable!

  6. My car in for a huge costly repair and rented from Hertz as the office a only a few block from home. I was offered the insurance, which I turned down, but he came back stating it was only $9.99..... My state of mind was in a spin because of the cost I am facing to reapir my car and I didn't think to ask if that was a daily rate so I said okay. Of course now I find out it was a daily rate. I think it was his responsibilty, not mine, to make that clear. I am submitting a letter to their headquarters.

  7. September 24, 2012 Before 9:00 AM Frankfort Germany We rented a Seven Oassenger Mercedies Van and drove it to Italy and back with over 4,000 Km on the Vehicle. The cost for this rental was supposed to be 700 Euro at return time Receipt shows. However I revceived a Credit Card Charge of 1,074.57. I have a dispute pending with your company through my Credit Card company (Master Card) and I have stopped payment to Hertz. If you will investigate this issue I will respond with the proper amount that I owe Hertz

  8. Hertz undoubtedly has the worst Customer Service Organization I have ever encountered. They do not respond to requests in a timely way and provide incorrect information.

  9. My boss had a fender bender in Florence, Italy. He gave the Hertz office there his credit card, they ran the card and he thought it was finished. Nope, has been getting bills for close to 900 euros, we have been trying to get this rectified in the US since no one speaks English in their Italian offices, the VM are all in Italian. I have called the corporate office three times now and have been put through to a Mr John Fahey. He has never called back. Hertz is our corporate perferred car. That stinks

  10. I have been dealing with Hertz for the last 15 years but have been renting cars only 4 or 5 times a year for the last 4 years. My experience with them has been wonderful. The rental fee is always lower then anywhere else around. I usually get the make and model that I want and an upgrade most of the time. The customer service people that I talk to are very helpful. I am always treated with respect, and respect is always returned.

  11. Hertz is nothing but people trying to screw customers out of money with terrible service . I would not recommend or ever use them again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hertz is the most untrustworthy lying, deceitful coampany that I have ever done business with. Their lack of ethics makes it hard to believe that they are still in business. But not for long. Reputations like theirs today is only dooming them to failure. I will with pleasure offer all the free advertise that I can possibly give for them and I've got plenty. Here is to an organization that is going to go away in the very distant future due to their lack of honesty, intergrity and most of all customer service. Adios hertz and take all your lying employees with you.

  13. I have never seen a bigger bunch of rude people in all my life. Unprofessional and rude. End of story.

  14. Gerni M. Yambao, Anchorage, AlaskaAugust 16, 2013 at 1:48 PM

    Hertz rif me off for $150.00 last time ( June 21 to 29, 2013) we rented a car in LA ( near the LAX). I booked the car for a midsize and the car rental agent at the counter told me ( I believe his name is Hector) and he told me ( in front of my daughter) that he would give me a bigger car at no extra cost....I repeated what he said to me " at no extra cost I will take the car". He even told me if I did not like the car I can return it with no problem. I took his offer and drove the car for one week ( without looking at the contract....which I made a mistake, but I was thinking since the rental agent told me same cost, I just signed the contract). When I returned the car after one week of driving, I paid with my credit card. I noticed the extra $150.00. I went tot he counter and asked for the manager and told him the story and asked what was this $150.00 extra cost. I told him that his car rental agent told us "no extra cost". The manager did not do anything except that he told me he could not do anything because I drove the car for week and I have to pay this $150.00 extra. I told him I did not have problem paying this $150.0 , but the problem was "word of honor" from his rental agent. The agent lied to us (in front of my 22 years old daughter) and the manager did not do anything...no apologize....nothing at all. Now I learned from that experience "NEVER RENT A CAR FROM HERTZ".

  15. don't worry there move to lee county florida will destroy them it's nothing but a drug infested shit hole

  16. do not use hertz on triviso italy airport cars are with out aircondition

  17. do not use hertz on triviso italy airport cars are with out aircondition i am charles.cassar work in social media malta charles.cassar@go.com.mt

  18. DO NOT USE HERTZ. I was over charged $1,700.00 which they agreed they did. After a gave them time to process the refund, I was told that I did not pay anything. I quickly sent over paper work from the bank which proved that I did pay, and even I allowed them to speak with the bank directly regarding my account. It has been months now and the manager who was once helpful stopped answering my phone calls. This is a terrible place to rent from and further action will now have to be taken.

  19. I rented a midsize car from Priceline for May 21-May 25, 2014 and Hertz was the vendor. When I got to the counter I was told I had a Yaris but I could upgrade for extra money. Not knowing what a Yaris was I declined paying for an upgrade since a Midsize car would be fine. When I got to the car I was in a shock as the Yaris is very small car, subcompact and certainly not midsize. When I checked out I complained to the gentleman who checked us out and his reply was “this is a midsize car because it is a 4 door”. We were going to a grandchild’s graduation and were already late so rather than waste any more time arguing with him I went ahead and left with the car. I wanted a midsize car, paid Priceline for a midsize car and received a very small car from your company with no explanation except I could pay extra for a bigger car. I have used Priceline for years and Hertz has been the vendor many times and never have I run into any problems. I needed a car that held 5 passengers and the Yaris was certainly not that car. Hertz replied they would refund $12.30. Are you kidding? What a bait and switch. I will never use Priceline or Hertz.

  20. Hertz is so unprofessional when it comes to service. As a charter pilot that has to rent at various FBO'S and then having to bill the client for the charges it is almost impossible to get a receipt from Hertz. I have spent countless hours trying to get receipts for the credit card charges and it never takes less than 2 days to get one if then. Hertz is quick to process the charge on my credit card but horrible about the receipt. Be sure to read the paperwork for mileage etc. before you drive off. My last rental from Atlanta to Greenville, SC showed less mileage when I left than when I turned the car in and talk about clueless service people!! No one on either end can seem to get it resolved.

  21. 9/12/2014.......HELLO HERTZ..... Anyone... Anyone! Ok it is Day 3 and STILL NO RESULTS! I have been trying since the 9-9-2014 to get a live person to help with contacting a LIVE person at the LaGuardian Aiport Hertz counter! I even had a Live Hertz person tell me that tthey could not get hold of anyone there. We accidentally left a Black Leather Portfolio/Briefcase ON TOP OF THE COUNTER.... and no one seems to know anything nor has anyone contacted us to let us know the status. I have gone on Hertz Lost & Found site & filled out a report...... to no avail not sure why they even have this site! SOMEONE..... ANYONE at Hertz PLEASE HELP!!!!! You can contact me at 630-530-3955... We will answer..

  22. I am writing, in concerns of an issue I have with Priceline.com and Hertz rental car.

    I have made numerous phone calls and emails, to resolve this issue, but Priceline has concluded that it does not need to do
    anything, and Hertz has, as of 9/29/2014, not responded.

    The problem is that I have been double charged for my rental car. As per my bank statement, on 08/06/2014, I was charged
    $143.14, by Priceline for the rental car. On 08/19/2014, I was charged $156.93, by Hertz. I opened my initial complaint, on
    09/02/2014, when I was checking my bank statements. I was told it would take 10 days, for a response.

    It had been well beyond the initial 10 days, from my 1st inquiry. I had tried the email provided, to send attachments to,
    but the email address, listed further below, was invalid. I had went over it, letter by letter, with the phone rep, Brandon.

    When the email was rejected, I faxed it in, and resent my complaint via priceline.com's customer service form. I then resent
    the images, in reply, to the customer service emails.

    As follows:

    "Hello, This is Eddie Starr and trip number is
    *214-098-630-03*. Attached is the PDF file, per request. Page 1 is the
    Credit Union page, and page 2 is the excerpt, showing my priceline.com
    expenses. My issue is that I was double charged for my rental car.

    Reviewing the information provided by Hertz, there is no
    name, just some code: 0824/AZPHO11. Printed 08/14/14 13:15 372643670. I
    recall the clerk at the counter saying something about the economy car I
    originally had rented wasn't available, due to the Phoenix heat causing
    some sort of trouble."

    At that, with a local business, I would have left, and probably went home. However, I wasn't in the Spokane, WA, area. I was
    in Phoneix, AZ, for a business meet. My return flight wasn't until Monday, and the rep told me he would "take care of me,"
    and upgraded me. As it turns out, this was not like a flight, where they "upgrade you complimentary." I now believe this
    rep was lying, and engaging in a bait and switch, as I'm guessing if he rents a higher car, he gets a higher commission. As
    far as I'm concerned, this is a form of duress, and very disrespectful of a disabled war veteran, Operation Enduring Freedom.

    Since neither company will refund me, and I feel they have engaged in questionable business practices, I'm sending complaints to my Attorney General, FTC, Congress, etc.

  23. My experience was terrible also. I made a reservation on-line 5 days before I needed it. It was for my husbands 65th birthday, I wanted a convertible. I called to confirm the reservation also, spoke with "Heather". I phoned at least 3 more times including the day before the birthday. My husbands birthday is Sept. 11th, it's a hard enough day with that day as your birthday so I wanted to drive along the coast and just enjoy the beauty of Calif. I got a call at 8 am on Sept 11th that the car did not get delivered. I was so upset, I said after all the calls I made to confirm the car and how important this was to me? I had planned this birthday surprise and now you are telling me I don't have a car?. I was told they would call me in 15 minutes, I received no call, after 30 minutes I called them. Still no car and could I drive 45 minutes to Riverside to get one. I said No that's why I made a reservation. They asked me to call back in 30 minutes. I didn't, I was sobbing my eyes out. This was planned, I was surprising my husband and they ruined his birthday and my plans. I will never, ever use them again. I never did get that call.

  24. chicago january 12 hertz has the worst rental car they take money out of your account with out telling you they take days before releasing money back to you when they tell you it will be that day and there empolyee are rude and dont return call location chicago ,cicero and 65th street very bad

  25. My Daughter rented a car in Dec after having a wreck, the other persons insurance covered the rental car, My daughter, was told by Hertz that SF could cover everything and there would be no charge but they needed to have a credit card as policy, she does not have a credit card so they used her boyfriends card. She returned the car Monday, the rental was covered by State Farm but low and behold there was $402 put on the credit card, $182.60 was covered by SF for rental left off the main bill, but $219.78 was charged to the card for insurance, door to door, key loss etc...... Unknown or explained to my daughter this charge was not covered by SF and Hertz should have explained to her that this was not part of SF's coverage. I called Hertz customer service this morning to ask for reimbursement and the representative got smart with me and was arguing with me then I called the Hertz/Owensboro office and spoke with a very nice lady that could do nothing to help. She is passing the information on to Dustin the store manager and we will see what happens. No company should take advantage of a young adult who has never rented a car. Hertz should have informed Astacia that this is not covered my SF and she would have told them no. WAITING TO HERE FROM HERTZ/OWENSBORO will keep you posted https://www.facebook.com/hertz
    I just spoke with Dustin the manager at Hertz on Frederica, In Owensboro and he is NOT willing to work with us at all on the $219.78 bill. Very nice until I asked him to be reimbursed the money VERY HATEFUL followed.

  26. I reserved a mini van and prepaid for it online. When I arrived at the location I had no mini van. I worked for Hertz before and we never conducted business in this manner.

  27. Hertz has THE worst customer service!! Im going to call my insurance and demand using a different company

  28. Has anyone with the company read the reviews?

  29. Am currently having a bad experience with Hertz and have not heard back from them in over a week. I have been calling everyday with no response.

  30. Case# 5701944 Rental#240841311‏
    Case# 5701944 Rental#240841311

    alan dart
    High priority
    To: ukfnolcustomercontacts@hertz.com
    Case# 5701944

    on my trip to England i rented from hertz as per usual, getting into the hertz we were upgraded at no cost (we booked at standard 4 door, we received a Audi a6 5 door) after going around the car and inspecting it i get into the car and try to start it but couldn't figure out how too, after locating somebody to show me the tec of the car I pulled up to the gate and was greeted by the same man who showed me the tec. i pointed out the wheels (not tires) being badly chewed up and i couldn't see that marked on the paperwork, he pointed out the notation on the paperwork and said they had inflated the tires and they were holding pressure so everything should be fine. Traveling from Manchester to my designated destination of South Shields (Newcastle area) a light comes on the dash (just outside of Leeds), tire pressure. There is no manual in the car to indicate what these lights are i ended up googling it, after a few days we had another different light come on (we didn't travel much these first few days) after googling this we found that it was the oil light, i contacted hertz to which they told me to drive the car to Newcastle for them to service. Newcastle was approx 35 miles from where i was and i wasn't prepared to drive a car which had a oil warning light lighting up the dash. Another phone call to hertz and they arranged to have a recovery vehicle come out to which they did. The oil was low along with every other liquid in the car, tire pressures were off, all of these were documented on the paperwork which i was given and had given the guy who accepted the back in Manchester and signed off that the car was in good order and the petrol was topped to the required limit. The agreed upon amount for the rental was 462.00 pounds, my bill which came back was 656.33 pounds. Contacting herz from the USA i was told there were extra charges because of the care wheels were damaged and there was the cover for the luggage rack missing, i refer you to my explanation at the beginning of this email for the wheels, however the cover? how am i to inspect and document a cover which was not there to inspect in the beginning. My theory on this car is it had just came in and it was pushed back out the door to me without proper inspection or maintenance (liquids checked). whilst i appreciate the upgrade i really dont appreciate the added cost to the rental. I would like this rectified asap and the charge dropped to the amount agreed upon. Look forward to your swift response. im on my eighth call to hertz, spoke to corporate but was told they cant do anything as its another country. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY.

    Alan Dart.

  31. I am not surprised to see the issue in England. Went thru something similar--I think it must be standard procedure to tack on charges real and imaginary in the UK. Having read these negative reviews, let me say, if you want to rent from a good Hertz location, at this time--2015--the Hertz location at Cheyenne, WY airport is great. Very good, customer oriented manager. Makes a huge difference.

  32. On august 8th 2015 I reserved a full size car from hertz for September 16th 2015. I was to pick it up a the regional airport. But when I got there a sign said the had consolidated all the services to on place in the city of Reading, Pa. Upon arriving at this place that looked like a dump ( previous Adult video store location) that's a really run down in a crummy area of town. When asked why the closed the airport location, the woman?? said she was the only one working here and she could not clone herself.(thank God). My mother said; this was a shit place to have this store. The lady said please do not swear here, so my dad and mother left. I continued going thru the process when she asked for a second phone number, when I preceded to tell her I don't know my cell phone number. She then said I don't like your
    attitude and I refuse to give you a car. Called corporate and no return phone call. Even AAA tried calling district manager and herd nothing back. Well never go to Hertz again almost ruined my 9 year old vacation. Used my compact car to go want a full size with room for all the luggage. So I pray she gets shafted like she did me but only worst. I really would like to see Herta go down the tubes.


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