H&R Block Corporate Office Headquarters

H&R Block's Headquarters and Corporate offices are located in the USA. The address is below:

H&R Block Corporate Office Headquarters HQ in the USA:
One H&R Block Way
Kansas City, MO 64105
Corporate Phone Number: 1-816-854-3000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-816-753-5346
Corporate Email: info@hrblock.com
Stock Symbol: HRB

H&R Block is a famous for their income tax preparation services. H&R Block provides tax, banking, business consulting. H&R Block is the of the premier tax service provider in the US.

H&R Block's Customer Service Phone Number is 1-866-295-7912. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.


  1. I have been lied to twice and both of the were supervisors The last one I have talk to was David. Both said that I have my personnel card on my name and will have it within 3 working days. It is now 2weeks and no card. I would like to talk to some one about the grieve that it cause me please!

  2. I will never go to another h and r block ever again so many hidden fees that they fail to mention along with lying about there being no fee for using allpoint ATM they charge 2.00 on top of a charge they do not tell you about 2.50 everytime you pull out money. I have never been so upset with a company and a well known company to lie. I will make sure I will let others know who not to go to and where which is this company. Very disappointing.

    1. This is nothing more than a racket. I'm wondering if the people in the office are greasing their pockets in addition to making H&R some money. If I here the words "it's the forms" one more time, I might snap. They are not professional tax preparers, and I wonder if anyone even has a degree or license for tax preparation. They do not know anything...I wanted to know how my Second look went from $99 to near $300..."it's the forms", they replied. SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!!

  3. Used H&R Block for business tax. IRS GOING AFTER US!! Been 4 years and NOTHING DONE!! Just told not to worry we don't Owe anything as the IRS knocks at our door and threatens to levy our accounts. Each time we call, we get the runaround. They did (?) Give us an advocate but not a word from him /her either. Called today and again the DAMN runaround!!! HEY H&R BLOCK - JUST PAY THE IRS THE MONEY YOU OWE THEM AND ALL WILL BE GOOD! WE DO NOT OWE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GET IT DONE!

  4. I did my taxes in Jan of 2012 .I had an emerald card issued to me and in June my state taxes where put on the card....Now here is the kicker lol they are telling me my card was over drawn 1.04 and my card has been revoked but they have in there possession MY money ....I have been waiting over a month they keep telling me different stories out of the 50+ people i spoke to including 4 supervisors I am getting no where.On top of that I have called the complains department 3x....So I would recommend NO one gets this so called emerald card EVERRRRR .....P.S I have asked for a check to be sent to me and they will not I have gone to the office of H&R block and they cant help.

  5. I had my taxes done in 2010. Just got a letter from the irs saying I owe 1,778 dallors. Because the lady put the wrong info on my taxes for the unemployment I collected. Wich she looked up on her computer while we set across from her. Now I'm responseable to pay money back because they say there not responceable if the irs over pays me. Even tho it was because of there mistake. Doesn't seem right or fair but what is anymore. Really pissed about this whole thing

  6. I find that many of the preparers at H & R Block offices have little or no understanding of what is reported on a 1098T.

    I have been a tax preparer for over 30 years and I work for a university and have had your preparers call and ask us to reissue the 1098T with an amount in box 1 which would be a violation of the IRS regs since we have chosen to report billed tuition in box 2.

    In reality the information used to calculate the Education credits should come from the actual receipts the taxpayer has and the 1098T for the scholarship amounts.

    Please train your people so that they do not give the taxpayer improper information and they do not call the universities and request information that they can not receive anyhow since student financial information is protected by the Federal Government under FERPA

  7. Just a bunch of low life scum who are not tax preparers at all. They do not know the tax laws at all and do not help you get the best return for your bucks. They lie to you and say they will help with their Green Team and that if you have a complaint it will be resolved within 5 business days. Well it has been 2 weeks now and counting....

  8. i will never again use hr block ever....... it was a total waste of time and money witch i cant even get because they filed my taxes wrong twice now i should have used turbo if i wanted this much crap to deal with if there was a rating system i would give it negative stars for the trouble lies hassle and just bad company

  9. I was charged for piece of mind that I never asked for. My taxes are so simple there is nothing to question.I Have been told I would get a refund and still nothing. I have been using them for 30 years and will never go back again. They need to be checked out for the illegal charging they do.

  10. Got a call from 8664991271. Is this yours

  11. H&R Block’s website claim, “Our values are the bedrock for how we act, wherever we operate in the world. They are embedded in this simple statement: We Do the Right Thing. This means we believe in our people; we take care of our clients; and we deliver for our shareholders.” (http://www.hrblock.com/lp/purpose.html). John Taylor, H&R Block tax preparer in Grants Pass, Oregon failed this important company value and cost my wife and I thousands of dollars, not including penalties and interest the IRS may impose.
    Another H&R Block website (http://www.hrblock.com/offices/index.html) states their guarantee as follow: “The dedication and expertise of our Tax Professionals is yours when you file your return and after. You will have our 100% Accuracy Guarantee and a commitment to supporting you in the unlikely event of an audit. Our Tax Professionals believe service is everything. That's why we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That means you don't pay unless you're satisfied with our work. “ Our 2011 tax returns, prepared by H&R Block’s John Taylor of Grants Pass, Oregon was not “100% accurate” as T. took my PERS pension amount and labeled it as an IRA. Furthermore, his supervisor, Dennis Taylor, (John Taylor's father), did NOT check the accuracy of our tax preparation knowing his son was a rookie for H&R Block. This website also claims, “Each year the Tax Professionals we hire complete more than 10 million hours of training. They are required to take 15 continuing education courses every year. We know how to explain IRS rules in a language you can understand and we have specialists who can handle nearly every kind of tax situation. The Tax Professionals we hire have 8 years of experience on average. In other words, we hire the best Tax Professionals in the business.” This is not the case with John Taylor.

    We are asking H&R Block to be responsible, professional, and practice good business ethics by doing the following:
    1. Amend our 2011 tax returns free of charge
    2. Pay all of the IRS penalties, interests, and other charges
    3. Offer “Peace of Mind” to us at no charge should the IRS decide to audit
    4. Pay at least 30% of the 2011 return owed to the I.R.S. - 30% of $4,880 = $1,464
    5. Pay at least 30% of the 2011 return owed to Oregon Dept. of Revenue – 30% of $1,784 = $534.20
    6. Have a competent H&R Block tax professional review ALL tax returns J.T. prepares until he is deemed competent.

  12. I filed my 2012 taxes online using H & R Block web site. The software calculated the math wrong by 500.00.
    All I could do is file a complaint. The person I spoke with repeatedly stated that if I gave the wrong information they are not responsible. I told her what the IRS letter said. " Tax Computation" meaning the information I gave matched theirs just the calculation was incorrect.
    I can't wait to hear what they say next. I bet they don't stand by there promise of 100% satisfaction.

  13. We have been loyal and lucrative H&R clients x 15 years. However,2013 will be the last time we use H&R Block cue to report that the H&R Block corporate leadership is complicit in the subversive ENDRUN AGAINST the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH by the Obama administration/HHS Secretary Sebelius solicitation of private sector "donated" slush funds to advertise ACA/Obamacare propaganda.

  14. I've also been loyal to H&R Block for many years and this too will be my last. I processed my tax return and uploaded it to the Emerald Card. I've been using the card for months to help pay for wedding expenses. Out of the blue my account had been froze and I'm being told there's a case involving fraud. When I call to inquire which is every 48 hours nobody EVER knows whats going on. Today I was miraculously told they've never seen a case like mine. I'm looking to reach a corporate representative who knows what they're doing.Ive been on the phone for a collective total of 8 hours and constantly told someone will get back with me but never does. The only person who has helped is Lisa Todd at the Washington, Mo H&R Block office. This company is ridiculous and I'd like to thank you for making what should be a happy time for me be so stressful! Disappointed client..

  15. On Friday March 21, 2014 went into an H R Block office to ask some questions and the Tax Pro went off and speaking badly about another employee. Mary from the Prince Frederick Office in Prince Frederick Maryland. The employee she was speaking about is no longer with the company. With the company or not Mary should not be taking about any employee or to someone she has never meet before. This was very discoursing and has changed my mind about using H R BLOCK for my 2013 tax return. A friend was also with me and they to have decided not to use H R BLOCK . We had Liberty Tax Service complete our taxes, wear we did have to hear the remarks made about past employee and the language. No company should let any employee CURSE AND PROFANE LANGUAGE. Mary using words that I would not even say (the F bomb the big one). You just lost two customer. This employee should keep closed lip about employee and clean up her language.

  16. I went March 25, 2014 in Sierra Vista, AZ. I was charged $328 for a simple tax return. I discovered an error 15 minutes after leaving the office and it was fixed, which yielded me $500 less I owed Federal Government and nearly $200 more AZ refund. I called the owner of the local office and all he would offer me was a $25 coupon good for next year's return. I certainly won't use that EVER. Today I found yet another error where I was charged for receiving a tax exempt distribution so that needs to be fixed. I want to register a complaint with H&R HQ about the apparent gouging. I've been paying taxes for 51 of my 69 years, using both Turbo Tax and other professional tax preparers and never, ever had to pay more than $200 for a complicated tax return. This one was quite simple and apparently the rationale used for the shocking "sticker" fee was the number of forms required. This is not my first rodeo and absolutely a farce to gouge people trying to comply with the Government's laws.

  17. my name is donald darling of kingsland,georgia i need any one who has been wronged by H & R block to get a hold of me DONNA HUNT here in kingsland GA office has sold my info to someone and they stole my identity and filed a return on an EXTENSION that was getting more than $ 1000.00 back as a refund she is the only one who knew i did this I AM GOING TO GO AFTER H & R BLOCK EMPLOYEES NOT CORPORATE FOR A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT the corp.is protected their employee are not and when they admit guilt of their crimes then corporation has no protection in a criminal lawsuit SO PLEASE CONTACT ME

  18. donald darling ------18wheelbigbird@gmail.com

  19. I will never again go to Another H & R block. God don't like it when you do wrong to others.


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