BJS Corporate Office Headquarters

Bj's Wholesale Club Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
25 Research Dr.
Westborough, MA 01581
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-651-7400
Fax Number: 1-508-651-6114
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-257-2582


  1. One last time before I pass this account on to the lawyers. Would someone at BJ's please have the courtesy to respond to our 10 e-mail attempts at collecting a debt? We have been very patient in our attempt to get paid for services that have already been provided and approved. I am not looking for an explanation of your most unprofessional, downright rude behavior, I just want to be paid for the services we were contracted to perform.

    Your former Commercial Landscape Service Provider
    Richmond, Virginia

  2. Bjs is terrible they "bounce"" you around till you give up BUT NOT me I will continue until I speak to Lauren Sen !!!

  3. Doesn't corporate HQ have an email contact address?

    1. I have been looking for one too. It's like they don't want you to reach them. I have spent over 1/2 hr. today, calling 4 different numbers to talk to someone that "didn't have a clue", no supervisor for me to talk to, but they will have someone contact me in 3 -5 business days. We'll see if that happens. I am about over them.

  4. The manager of the BJ store at Wappingers Fall, NY almost physically threatened me with violence, since my cart was 2 inch out of their "red line" where they check their receipts. I don't have to show them any receipt anyway, since I paid for the goods. But I was ready to show it but he would not check it unless i pull the trolley back to the place where he wanted it.

    Seriously I don't need this cheap BJ. They can go to hell. I regret going to that store. The complaint to their corporate HQ went nowhere. I don't expect much from its HQ, which is probably managed by bunch of clueless managers educated in third rate colleges.

  5. I received a flier with coupons, but this stupid thing had no address for a BJ's close to our neighborhood. How dumb do you have to be to omit an address on a flier that probably cost a lot of money!!!!!

  6. This place is a joke do not buy from thses people they will rip you off they are rude and most unprofessional never delt with such rude managers

  7. I went through their travel dept. was supposed to get $20.00 rebate. Never got it. and ya'll are right, they shuffle you around. after numerous phone calls, I have gotten no where. am ready to let this membership go. I have costco and sams in the same neighborhood.

  8. TV-Vizio- 47" HDTV caught fire--have replacement policy--BJ's diagnosed the problem by phone all it needs is a part--
    has melted plastic on the back panel but that's okay they are replaceing the part--NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy anything from BJ's---We are screwed--out over $600 not counting the cost of the replacement policy. They even told me that it is impossible for a TV to catch fire!!! We are only 10 miles from SAMS and that is where we will be going. BJ's is a scam when it come to their extended coverage.

  9. I have an issue with contaminated gas from BJ"s. Has anyone experienced this recently and were you sucessful with getting BJ's to assist with repairs to your car?

  10. boynton bch fla store sucks!!! no help, rude employees especially optical..,
    once membership ends back 2 costco

  11. Rude, rude , rude employees, they don't know what they are selling even the managers. Zero customer service they just don't care. I am going to cut my membership card, I don't want to pay to people who don't treat me as a human being. No professionalism, no knowledge, no human behavior. I am disgusted!!! BJs in Massachusetts are terrible!

  12. Fishkill NY Store has some very nice employees. Amy in the Backery is not one of them. Unbelievable rude to me as well as the people that work around her. FIRE this woman.

  13. I'm surprised at the comments I am reading about BJ's on this page. I've been shopping at BJ's in Wappingers Falls for almost 3 years and have never had a problem. They've been courteous and professional and when I have had a problem with merchandise they have taken it back. I don't go to Sam's Club because they are the ones I find totally rude and unprofessional not to mention their food is the worst. I love BJ's meat department, especially the chicken I buy. I wouldn't eat any chicken from Sam's Club. It is absolutely slimy. I once bought chop meat there which was supposed to be 85% fat free. It was nothing but grease and my hamburgers shrunk to nothing.

  14. Team Member of 132. After years of working in this store new management is trying to push people out of the store that have been given them nothing but good service. As a result their customer service is still going to continue to go down.

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  16. anybody know who their chief counsel is? wife was slandered in their yorktown heights store last week and am still waiting to hear from their regional manager.

  17. BJ's does not put the expiration date on their membership card, so you have no way of knowing when it has expired until you load all your stuff on the belt and get in line to pay. Then they tell you that it has expired. I wasn't able to renew at that moment because payday wasn't until the next Friday. The rude checker said well then they will charge me a 15% surcharge - which on my $100 purchase was $15.00! I complained to the store manager that they will give strangers a free one-day pass, but won't extend the same thing to long time members. I will NEVER spend another dime in that store. There are just too many other places to spend my money.

  18. Just caled Bj's "customer care" a complete joke. .all I got was a liar using a fake name "Daneisha" certainly was not and would have received better service if it had been, all she did was defend having poor deli managers & stock clerks who keep old produce and meat on the shelves. .guess its worth all those tax write offs to hire brainless slobs. .hope its worth losing a large bulk of your consumers. .soon you'll be like Papa Johns having to make "comeback" commercials and pleas for "hey give us another chance". We're done paying for crappy service!

  19. The Brookfield. ct store is no better. especially the deli.. they arejust plain rude!!!.

  20. I purchased a TV from this store. When I got home I discovered it was a used TV because a Neltflix account was set up on it already. The picture was ok. A week later the price dropped $20, but rather than take it back, I kept it since it was already mounted on a wall mount. A few months later the Ethernet port failed and I could not longer access my Netflix account. I next tried to use it as a Computer Monitor and that does not work either. Perhaps this is why it was returned earlier. I went in to the store to ask for a copy of my receipt because I lost it and wanted a copy for the extended warranty paperwork. After waiting 45 minutes and still they could not produce it, I was told just to bring it in and they would replace it. I had to go out of town on an emergency and when I returned I brought it to the store and was told I had to go through a warranty replacement. I hoped this would not be too difficult. While waiting for the paperwork, I did some food shopping. I could not leave without my card. I did get a copy of the sale receipt (finally) and the warranty plan, however, when I approached the cashier, he immediately removed my TV, even though I told him is was mine--not even in a box, and failed to return it when I left. I did not realize until I got home that I didn't have it. I made numerous phone calls, and got treated quite rudely but the store manager and put off and delayed time and again. I wanted it back for a trip I was taking the next days, since the picture still worked for BlueRay and broadcast TV. Finally they told me I left with it, which is a lie. They say they saw it on video but would not allow me to see it. I asked for a photo of an image showing it and was told the quality was so poor you could not make it out. WTF? They acted like I stole the TV, when I didn't. I had a receipt for it on me.

    I called to get the name of the general manager and regional manager and they refused to give me this information. I was given the address and telephone number of the store--which I already knew, and a corporate number that requires a known extension to reach anyone. It is effectively impossible to complain about how I was treated.

    I was screwed over five times on this one transaction. I was sold a used TV. The price dropped a week after I bought it, they could not provide me with a copy of the receipt when I stopped in for it, instead I was promised a free replacement, when I brought the TV it, they eventually produced a copy of the receipt and told me it was too late for a replacement, and finally they stole my TV right off my cart when I brought it in as requested.

    What I expected.
    1. A new TV
    2. Price protection without having to bring the whole TV back in.
    3. A replacement when it was offered to me after waiting 45 minutes.
    4. A copy of the receipt.
    5. To be able to leave with, if not a new TV, as least my old one.

    What I got.
    1. A receipt for a TV they kept
    2. High Blood Pressure and danger of a stroke.
    3. One whole day and two trips to the store wasted.
    4. A rude manager.
    5. Being lied to by several store employees.

    What you may get--if you buy a TV, is it is probably refurbished and not new.

    On a separate subject. The parking lot shakes when cars drive on it. It feels like it could collapse at any moment.

  21. I work at club 199 in florida. And I agree with all the arguments you guys are throwing out. The managers are a complete joke. They have the store running out of control. And lack management skills. But as an employee I will try and give the best customer service I can give you. No questions asked


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