Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94163
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-249-3302
Corporate Fax Number: n/a
Corporate Email: info@wellsfargo.com
Corporate Stock Symbol: WFC

Wells Fargo is a bank with branches in all 50 US States. Wells Fargo operates ATM machines, credit card processing, consumer credit cards, mortgage lending, commercial lending and general banking services. Wells Fargo and Company is one of the premier banking and mortgage institutions in the United States.

Wells Fargo's Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-869-3557. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  1. Concerning Wells Fargo bank 4th Street and Peachtree Street,Atlanta,Georgia.

    April 10,2012,I was 2nd in line with only one teller on duty. 11 minutes later another teller came on duty. I was still 2nd in line. Line of 4 at this time. I was finally nodded over. Instead of waiting on me(though my paperwork was taken),teller proceeded to do the work of his supervisor who was standing right next to him and in front of me. I had a simple transaction that could easily have been handled in two minutes by someone who knew what they were doing,by someone who might just give their undivided attention to the patron in front of him. 22 minutes it took before I walked out the door. RIDICULOUS! UNCONSCIONABLE! In that interim at least 4 "Thank you for your patience," to customers was said with no feeling whatever,but sure showed a lot of guilt. All this going on with the big,colorful Wells Fargo welcome sign telling us:"We have one very powerful business rule. It is concentrated in one word:COURTESY. Harry Wells 1864."

    Well,148 years ago that may have been the case,but circa 2012 it's anything but.

    Each one of these 3 people(only employees I saw entire time I was there)reminded me of that movie years ago called "Stepford Wives."

    1. We so agree with this individual. My wife and I just CLOSED our $70,000.00 account in Mechanicsville Virginia at Wells Fargo.The teller Shannon would not cash my check made out to cash without a debit card. I said no problem my credit union at Nabisco would do it. I came back with my wife and the $4300.00 from my credit union and told the manager we wanted to close our account. Ms. A Moore asked why we were closing the account and I explained it to her. She said the teller would never do that and asked her about it. She came back to the office and said I was wrong the teller had asked for a secound I.D. only. I said why not play back the camera tape and check for herself, she said it is not available to be seen by them. I said no problem just give me my money and I went to BB&t accross the street and opened a account. I had my 2011 tax return and showed the income from last year at $307,000.00. They said thanks for the chance to show me real customer service. I now am at BB&T.

    2. Well it is obvious that Wells Fargo is the epitome of lack of customer service, My sister sent me a check on a billpayer for $7,000 sent directly to my Wells Fargo Tacoma,WA branch for credit to my account, because of a family emergency. The branch returned the check back to my sister in California by mail. My sister took the same check to be credited to my account as she was also a Wells Fargo customer. Instead of crediting my account immediately, they again placed a two day hold on the same check they issued. This is just ridiculous, but just shows how the compassion and lack of customer service they have for their account holders. I can cite incidents of how uncaring and totally rude these people are, I will never bank with them again and I will close my account as soon as possible.

    3. ok some people like well fargo well i say no my sister has a loan from then and her child got cancer she was in the hospial by her childs side . Her husband was in the army fighting for us and got hurt. well im going to make a long story short. She got behind i would to. her child is in pain ever day living with cancer i wish i could take it. But my sister tried to go with the hard times and you no what they said that is not good enough and she has 30 days to get out with 2 kids. Merry Christmas and i would like to know what is hard then. if anyone has any thing we can go with please write back

    4. Wells Fargo is the worst since taking over from Wachovia. They do not give you a running balance and how they get you with overdraft fees is they give you a misleading available balance. Then instead of posting all the transactions or keeping them in pending they disappear from pending transactions for about a day or two and then it post. This is misleading to the consumer and we are going to close all our accounts and suggest others do the same.

    5. It seems like the people they have working in these branches are really rude.I went to the branch in central and richmond.and the boss alicia I believe it was her name gave me a bad attitude almost kicked me out of the branch because the won't take my puerto rico id.few minutes later as I was leaving the branch her truck was next to mines I believe she has a gold color truck smoking weed outside of the branch with a banker he had glases on I believe I read on his name tag jonathan.these people are really rude

    6. This site reads like a "serial killer," aka Wells Fargo! And now they are attempting to coerce acceptance of "electronic communications;" no more HARD COPIES. ACCESS to ONLINE BANKING is conditioned on this extortion AND there would be no way to monitor application/posting of deposits made! Practically this PUSH nationally to "GO GREEN" saves "corporate America" the paper, ink, envelopes and postage to provide HARD COPIES in preference to having the "consumer" pick up the tab for high capacity PCs that can crash or costs of ink and paper to print them but without the level of "authenticity" as would be evident in MAILED HARD COPIES. As to the foreclosure tricks and abuses of record, VERIFY!!

    7. None of you will be surprised at my story. The Wells Fargo failed to catch a COUNTERFEIT check, passed it on my account and when it was not honored at the Other Bank, they snatched all my money. The payout on the check of $2950 went to my neighbor, Cody R. Carruth who told me it was payment for services he rendered to a client. A Cashiers Check. Stupid me for doing a favor. The bank says I now owe it money. I said, you will get blood first. Wells Fargo didn't check the check, passed it on an account with not enough money to back it and then, turned around and kicked the Victim (me, a 74 yr old, limited income) in the teeth. Those are two protocols that banks institute to protect themselves First and the Client second. I think we should all get busy with the Board of Directors. Bury them under paper, whatta ya say about that?

    8. The same thing happened to me. I started a new job and they paid me with a counterfeit check. I didn't know and now Im the one with a closed account and flagged name with Wells Fargo. They won't even take the information I have for the company.

    9. Wells Fargo decided on its own without my concent to open a secured account and also decided how much of my money to open it with , well now I closed it and I have to wait 60 days to get my money back and the latest news is they don't know where the money is they said it was sent to an account that is not mine!!! This is the worst bank without question!! I'm closing my account as soon as I get my money back!!!!!

    10. I live her in Jacksonville Fl. the company that I work for banks at Wells Fargo on Dunns Ave. This branch is so slow, the tellers do not know how to add which I thought to be a teller you had to take a math test, and if you are white you might as well forget it!! There can be a line out the door and only ONE teller with the manager walking around doing nothing. This is the worst bank!!

  2. I got involved in a fraud using my Debit card with Wells Fargo Bank. I went to the bank and told them about my experience and was told that it was taken care of. I gave the bank Chris my paperwork where he faxed it to the fraud department. A couple of days later Chris refaxed it because they said the never received it. Only after two months WFB took the money back out of my account and said that I never sent in the paperwork requested. So, I did it twice more at the branch and once more by myself.
    I was told that the Fraud never received my paperwork and now I am getting calls from WFB threatening to close my account because my fruad case was dismissed.. It was dismissed because the Fruad department lost, shredded, ignored, FIVE OF MY FAXES WITH THE INFORMATION ON THE FRUAD CASE. I was told that someone from the Fraud Department did call the vendor to see if they would reimburse me and the vendor said " no".. big surprise... now WFB is threatenting to sue me and close my account... so much so customer service.... I was told to call this guy Ed at 205-259-4492.. I have called several times and always gets his voicemail and no return call.. DO NOT USE YOUR VISA DEBIT CARD WITH WFB they will not help you out..... my name is Virgil Smock and my email address is bigvirgusa@yahoo.com if anyone thinks they can help

    1. I am going thru the same issue with them right now. this has been an ongoing issue for me for about a year now and its still not resolved

    2. Wells Fargo loses more paperwork than the US Govt. They lost my car payment and even after I provide copies of my receipts of those payments, they repossessed my car. 2 weeks later, after I wired multiple copies of my receipts, they finally admitted they HAD received my payment(s). I am now waiting for restitution of fees and penalties, I am also considering filing a complaint with the CA Attorney Generals Office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My house was recently put into active Foreclosure. I had been calling my "Home Preservation Specialist" for a whole month up to this point, to avoid this procedure. Not once did I receive a return call from my specialist or his manager. NOW that I am in active foreclosure, I finally get a new specialist who gets me a review. Had this been done a month ago; I would not be in the process of losing my home.

    1. You should visit pbfconsultants.com. I was in foreclosure as well they got me approved for a modification with 3 months and lowered my interest rates. I had the same issue, every time I called it was hard to get ahold of my account manager. they were rude, impatient, and took their time with my file. I worked with mr ruff at pbf and he was the best! called me on conference with banks to get updates i felt like i was apart of the process every step of the way.

      Sarah K.

    2. My husband passed away a yr ago and I called the bank for help. (that turned out to be a joke) They kept telling me to pay off all my bills and they would refinance the loan and would put the overdue balance on the end of the loan. I was told over and over again they wouldn't take the house. Than one day the house was in foreclosure and none to work with. A realtor (thank god for senting) explained that the bank wasn't going to work with me or refinance my house, they were buying time to see what government program they (the bank)qualifyed for. (the banks are alway belled out by the government. If the government made them work harder to work with the people before they belled them out we would have so many short sells and foreclosures.) Wells Fargo is on my list and I tell everyone about what they have done. It may not matter now but once the word gets around about how cold and heartless they are maybe their business will close/go under. I saw them on the most bad bank in America. I know first hand why. ( they tell one lie after another and have no problem doing it.)

    3. I am having a similar issue where my home is approved on a short sale scheduled to close in escrow in 3 days, but wells fargo put it in foreclosure. I think there is a legal actionable remedy for this kind of harassment and stalling to foreclose on properties that should not be a short, and they just want to take it and make more. I have been a good customer for 38 years, but this is nuts. If anyone is similar I think there is a class action that could be brought. I know when the law changes on Monday, my attorney is going to pursue it.

    4. The same thing is happening to us now. they refuse to return our calls.

    5. Wells Fargo wasted no time taking a bail out from our government. Yet when governement employees are getting furloughed, and don't know when they will get paid again, call to try and make arrangements on their mortgage.....they did what was expected, nothing. They were unwilling to do somethign as simple as moving the payment to the end of the loan. Instead they want to "refinance" for a small fee, if thats even possible if the house is under water. Or, modification, again for a small fee, if eligible. If I could sell my house today, I would, for no other reason then to end all business with Wells Fargo. Unfortunately with the market, and the house being under water, this is not possible. And this doesn't include the horrible service I have received from them in the past. I would recommend to anyone, to avoid Wells Fargo.

    6. If I could get someone to help me find my mothers money when she died, I would pay your house. I can't get a Wells Fargo person to tell me too much

    7. I too, am having issues with Wells Fargo. My father is in rehab, I have power of attorney over his accounts to pay his bills and medical expenses. WF refused to honor the Power of Attorney. Called the corporate offices and all they did was pawn me off to someone else, whom I can't reach. I just keep leaving voicemails with no response. They are the most uncaring and unconcerned corporation I have had to deal with.

  4. dianne I am a wells account holfer and we as account holder need to let everyone know that the people at wells fargo do not care about their customs and they will take money from your account and they knows it was a bank area, but they feel just because they work there they can treat use like nothing. We need to take a stand and contact the corp office and make it known about how we are being mistreat by their 800 custom service office and if that doe not work then we need to contact our banking comissioner and file a form of how we are being mistreated.


    2. Really?? Fluck??? Grow up. Spelling isn't everything. Get a life!!

    3. I'm sure that's a Wells Fargo employee making such a statement

    4. I AGREE WITH YOU Anonymous - - SPELLING has not a single thing to do with it this is not a spelling B and you get an A+ plus plus from me. Wells Fargo SUCKS

  5. I instructed WFB to stop allowing a debit from my business account, and to my suprize, they are still allowing it.
    WFB also placed me on checksystems but allows me to have an account with them but it stops me from leaving this bank.

    I will get out of here as fast as I can, Don't open an accout with this bank.

  6. I have gone to WFB to close out my safe deposit box. It took three time visiting the branch before I was able to close the box. I was a former customer of Wachovia which was much more personal and seem to care about their customers. The 3rd time that I went I was told that only a personal banker could close the box, and there was only 1 personal banker at all 3 visits. They had 1 personal walking arould taken your name. Instead they should have had another personal banker there. Thinking of closing my accounts out feel like just a number. I worked for a bank and that kind of treatment was unacceptable. There was also someone to help you.

  7. Anonymous May 27th 2012

    I have a car lease with Wells Fargo I bought out my lease on May 17th 2012 I am still waiting for the title to the car I call and no one returns my call what I got was a plate release for my old plates and my car still sits in the garage This is unacceptable I emailed the board of directors and I will call corperate HQ may if everybody starts complaining to corperate HQ they will fix the problem with there personal!!!!!!

  8. branch in Camino Ruiz, San Diego ca 921126, is abusing the senior citizens, convincing them to open accounts and will call Social Security for them in the banks premises to change their direst deposits. The clerks @ the back can not act as legal representatives to any one especially the seniors are on their 70's of age and cannot comprehend well.

  9. I have a car loan with WFB faxed over paperwork asking them to fax a copy of my title front and back to the court house so that I can change my tags. They told me it would be 24 to 48 hrs, I got to the courthouse 2 (5 if you want to include the weekend)days later still no title. I called them from the courthouse asking them to fax it now because I was there in line and would have to return on a different day if they could not get there in the next 20 minutes because I live in ATL and had to return today. They said they could not find my paperwork after telling me it would be faxed over later that day after the courthouse had closed. Was on the phone with them for almost a hour with no result. Can't wait to pay the last $600 so I don't have to deal with them ever again. CUSTOMER SERVICE HORRIBLE WILL NEVER DO BUSY WITH THEM AGAIN.


    1. I have a horror story involving a home mortgage. Many payments were not applied or funds places in an unapplied balance fund. failure to allow me to pay insurance or property taxes, etc. To add insult to injury, WF attempted to foreclose on my home after all payments have been made. I am trying to get a pay off amount which continues to change so that I can get the title and sue them!

  10. My parents, who are well into their 70's visited Wells Fargo on Singer Island, FL. They were ignored by the tellers and other staff and when someone finally acknowledged them they were treated like garbage. I went to the bank to find out who the branch manager is. To my surprise it was the branch manager TRAVIS BUNCH who was the rudest to my parents. It is a shame that in 2012 Wells Fargo would allow the abuse of senior citizens to continue! It is indeed so shameful and I am so glad that I have 2 bank accounts and will NEVER open an account with Wells Fargo!!!


  12. I lost a card in march and replaced it and the banker told me that the card I lost was now no longer active but looking at my statement after alot of 35.00 charges the card I cancelled in march is still being used and causing overdraft charges even though wells fargo told me the lost card could no longer be used and now I have to research all the way back through all statements until march and report it to fraud dept and I feel that is wells fargo place to do this not mine it is there mistake not mine; we will see what they do since i have done all the footwork.

  13. On June 28 I open up an account on the University Campus in which my son will be attending in the Fall at approximately 6:45 am. By 4:00 p.m. that same evening another customer called me an informed me that she had all of my sons information in her possesion....SMH! I called the branch immediately and was laughed at and disrespected by the acting manager. Today June 29, I have spoken with 7 individuals between 9:00 a.m. and 12noon, and still have not reached a resolution that I am comfortable with or further more deserved. I agree with the statement that these complaints need to be communicated to the higher ups. I am still waiting to hear back from the district manager.

  14. I was at the Bailey's Crossraods branch (N. VA.) where I had previously successfully cashed a check written to me by someone who has a Wachiovia account (taken over by Wells Fargo) the previous 5 months. I also have had a mortgage with WF for over 10 years. "Fanny Pita" (Accnt mgr) wouldn't pay the check balance in cash until I waited another 20 mins to see the mgr to get my thumbprint taken- which they had previosly taken at the teller's station. She tried to get me to open a checking account. This bank has an abusive policy of stealing your precious life minutes by treating their customers time like it's nothing. They create obstacles and obstructions to thwart a quick transaction as a form of extortion to get you to open a checking account. I will tell the party who pays me to pay me in a check from some other bank or cash and will take actions to close out my mortgage with WF. The kicker is that "Abel" the bank teller kept a nice smirk on his face the whole time I reacted by telling them that I would complain about this extortion process to the banking authorities. A fine of 100 million per day for this type of warfare operatioins against their clients and customers is only fitting. This same crap happened at another WF branch and the deadbeat McLean Regional bank mgr never called me back after I called him 3 times. Don't waste your time appealing to their mgrs - they appear to be all brain dead drones - just take your banking to another bank and let em 'whither on the fine'. Yeah - I got a smirk on my face too fools.

  15. 13 July 2012 I have a home mortgage account with Wells Fargo. They have put my house on the foreclosure list 3 times in the last two years. I served the country in the Army for almost 20 years and have continued serving as law enforcement for the dept of the Army. I recently lost my job due to base closure and tried to get a loan modification for the back owed. I have tried this so called modification process 7 times now, each time I think I may get an answer I get denied do to paper work not being filled on time. The funny thing is if it is asked for I get it and have it faxed from the Wells Fargo branch. How can they not get it when I call and verify that it was received,enough on that.
    Today I took an insurance check into the local branch to my amazement the manager told me she could not authorize it due to my loan being so far behind. I called the loss preservation specialist and was told to fax my documents in immediately and they would have corporate get back to me today....never happened. I instead now have 3/4 of a new roof and the company refuses to do anymore until they get paid..its supposed to rain today tomorrow and Sunday. Thanks Wells Fargo for all the great help!!! NOT !!! It is amazing that this bank is so big but cant help out in small ways. I thank God I am protected under Bankruptcy so they cant get their hands on my house! It would be nice if someone in corporate actually took time to read these and help out!

  16. Wells Fargo sucks you know what. I had my mortgage electronically taken out of my account from October 2011 - May 2012. On May 17th the took out the money, then on 6/19/12 I get a letter sent to me in the mail stating my account is deliquent and they are stopping the electronic deductions, however in July they attempted 3 TIMES to withdrawl the money from account casuing over $300.00 in INSUFFICENT FUNDS to be assesed by my other bank account and the very same day I went to a WFB branch, 7/23/12 and paid my mortgage with a check from another bank account, they took the payment out again via electronic payment. So now I am out $779.40 and do not get paid for another 2 weeks. I am left without food and gas to get work and have a small child to take care of. I have called numerous times and only get transferred from person to person and deparment to department with no immediate resolution. It could take weeks they are telling me to even get some of the money back. This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with and by the sounds of it from the messages above a lot of people feel the same way. Well let me tell you something, they haven't heard the last of me. I am going to go to my local media, local paper and anyone else that will listen to get something done about this. They are liars, rude, disrepectful and have 0% customer service. They are robbing us blind people. Lets boycott them. What is America and its financial institutions coming to??? Who is bailing us out????????????? NO ONE, WE MUST FEND FOR OURSELVES!!! WELLS FARGO YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hello I feel you I had a wfb account for 9 years so my b/f was trying to help me with my bills and send me a wire transfer to my savings account,then the person who sent it did it so fast without his boss signing off on it so it went in and out the same day no money was used so they put a hold then took it off then i get online to pay a bill and it wont take my debt card then I call and they say my debt card is canceled and the account is closed so now they will not finalize the closing till aug 16th then send the check out the 17th in the meantime I have no money and behind on the bills why could they keep some and send me some I found another bank thank god but no money to put in it they really are a bad bank

  17. I applied for a job and was denied when I have previous experience in what they were looking for. They instead interviewed my sister-in-law who has no experience in this field and has done nothing but work with dishwashing. When I emailed them about the concern I had, I got back an auto email telling me I did not have the background they needed. How is that fair? I plan on emailing the corportaion and telling them how I feel it in unfair. She put someone as her reference who worked there years ago and because of that she gets hired?

  18. I applied for a job and was denied as well. I called the company and they said it was due to my screening answers were not what they were looking for, I never answered teh screening questions. I clicked on the link and it said thank you for your responses. When I sent an email complaining about it, the woman was rude and told me they are not responsible for mishaps with computers and I must wait 6 months to apply again. She was rude with me, not really stern, but rude.

  19. I have received numerous harrassing phone calls from Wells Fargo about late car payments. I have no car loan with Wells Fargo. I have advised them each time they call. Three times they just hung up on me. I had the threaten legal action before they stopped calling me.

  20. They are rude crooks, they get account numbers mixed up, put money in wrong accounts, open accounts without your knowledge (if they have your name) and start charging fees of $30 month per month....how can they do that???? almost impossible to get account closed with them...all the above has happened to me!!!! There is some nice people that work there but few and far between.....most of them or jerks, the really nice ones don't stay employees for long. Be careful, they cannot be trusted. I have found when a company has so many employees that treat people as Wells Fargo does IT ALWAYS COMES DOWN FROM THE TOP.......THESE ARE THE KIND OF PEOPLE THAT ARE AT THE TOP OF THE WELLS FARGO CORPORATION.

  21. WOW - JUST was speaking with an alleged customer service rep with questions about a mortgage application - he answered the first two and hung up during mid question 3 - not even a thank you for calling or a good bye - this is what 'too big to fail' gets the customer -

  22. Aug. 25th: I live next door to a Wells Fargo bank. Soon after they had moved to this location, they put in a powerful spotlight which goes right through my bedroom. The bank that had been there before them had a normal light. During the winter, I could close my blinds and windows but when the warmer weather came, I wanted my windows open which meant being unable to sleep with the powerful light in my room. This has caused severe health problems. I have spoken to the bank's manager (this is in Waterbury, Connecticut) and they claim it takes a lot of paperwork and planning, etc., to fix the situation. A friend who came over feels it might be a 'peeping tom' situation...the man who worked at the car drive up window looks up when someone is near our window. I spoke with Ashley first and she rarely called me back. Then she called me back and said they were working on it. Then another 'manager' took this very complex situation on and said she spoke to the corporate people and they were working on it. This has gone on for months, and months and months. They rarely call you back. I told the manager that if Wells Fargo cannot (or will not) handle a simple situation like changing a light bulb, how can they be trusted to handle people's money?! Now I'm turning the whole situation over to a lawyer...they'll take pictures inside my house and at the light coming from the bank..this spotlight is extremely bright and powerful ...but Wells Fargo does not know how to deal with this simple situation. Someone at the bank finally came out and turned the spotlight down a bit but it still shines bright through my bedroom...can you believe it takes months and months to change a lightbulb? When they are served legal papers, I'll bet it will be changed the same day. Too late...I'm going to post videos of the spotlight on the web and we're going to contact local businesses to let them know how little Wells Fargo cares about their neighbors...

  23. Aug. 25th: A note...if you don't approve my comment, it does not matter - it will go viral on the web. If you doubt what I have said, then just check with Dana at your Town Plot, Waterbury, Connecticut location...

  24. I transfered my business account to WFB including my merchant services to save a few hundred dollars a month. Since the transfer I have had the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Took 6 weeks to have my checks printed properly. Getting my credit card terminal online was a joke as well. First day we began the download via phone which was to take 1 hr . WFB called my cell and stated they were down loading the wrong info to the terminal.They gave a $100 incentive as well. which they said would take 60 days .... After 60 days past I had not seen the money WFB said you never filled out the paper work to receive the money.....I find out after having the account for 60 days that the account was not opened properly for my business so I had to begin the entire process over ordering new checks.WHAT A NIGHTMARE.... Now I have a new acct number and have to change my merchant services account to reflect the new acct number. I call merchant services give them the number and ask and STATE fees need to be paid for the month what should I do . They say nothing everything will be handled. The fees hit the closed account. I call and tell them. They say no worries the fees will be taken from the account in 3 days. The fees are not taken... They SEIZE ALL MY FUNDS from the new account and hold over One THOUSAND dollars . my fees totaled $300. All my calls are directed to collections..... It took me 10 days for them to release my money..... I was in constant communication with merchant services and my banker and this is their BEST... Now today AUG 29th 2012 I go to use my card for a purchase and it is declined. I had just checked my balance more than enough funds to cover my purchase.... I was told my account was closed due to fraud. I call customer service to find out why and they state they can not find my accounts. I call the branch manager from my bank and she finds out a teller closed my CARDS BY Accident. LIES LIES LIES.... WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER I have spent well over 100 hours on the phone and all WFB can say is sorry for what you are going thru..... I HATE THIS BANK

    1. ME TOO! They are so RUDE and discourteous!!! Glad they closed my account! I'll take my business elsewhere.

    2. - - AMEN - -

      Since Wachovia Bank took over Wells Fargo Bank what a DISASTER


    1. Had issue with WF going on for 6 mo told will be resolved. Now sending letter to Corporate. I have been call Bitch AND ETC. Done with it. Calling me name is incorrect....get someone in call center who want to assist with care. Last person I talk to told me to take my business some place else like my Credit Union....so they do not CARE.......WF does not care


  27. We are also quite sickened by this institution, if you can call it that. The individuals hired by wells fargo all have requirements to meet: brain dead, space cadets, non caring punks. Trying to get a call back or an appointment is a time waste. How they keep their jobs, only the bank knows. So, do not wasted your time and money, do not bank with this bank.

  28. I must say, I agree with so many people who have stepped up and share the abhored experiences with Wells. I have written John Stumft, President and CEO and sending the HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE I have had to social media and: http://www.thenichereport.com/blog/bringing-up-the-rear-john-stumpf-ceo-wells-fargo-bank/...Martin@TheNicheReport.com who is doing a great job writing about and exposing the negligent, unprofessional, unethical and detrimental actions of Wells Fargo staff to include their bad customer service. They literally rob hard working people due to their inaccurate statements, lack of accurate information, conflicting information/statements by bank staff and make excuses at every corner to aright their errors! I want to ask the world to not do business with Wells Fargo, you will regret it!

    1. Ah Ha! So that is why they are forcing customers to forgo HARD COPY STATEMENTS via US POSTAL SERVICE and OPT INSTEAD for their control of information via ONLINE "Information Technology" they control!!! Simple. Your money "disappeared." A real "who done it?" And what proof would you have .. the web site can be adjusted or "taken down!"

    2. I am really curious how long it takes for comments to be "approved" and "visible." Stale?

  29. I just saw a report on Televisa: Al Rojo Vivo con Maria Celeste. Many peoplein Los Angeles are protesting against Wells Fargo's practice of evicting cancer stricken/sick individuals from their homes and into the streets. What a business with no heart. How can you treat cancer stricken people this way?! You are literally killing these people. It is known that this kind of stress will cause these people to deteriorate quickly. Be careful Wells Fargo, karma will teach you: what goes around, comes around.
    Don't be surprised when you go out of business!!!

    1. I was just wondering how or why a home mortgage loan would be given to a family member of an employee of Wells Fargo?!?!?! This seems a little questionable to me!!!! This employee could easily go into this account anytime he wants to and 'adjust' these mortgage payments, and/or even waive some of these mortgage payments!! I mean, these people are driving some pretty fancy cars, and trust me, their jobs do not warrant the type of salary to pay for these cars AND a mortgage!! I believe a SERIOUS INVESTIGATION is in order IMMEDIATELY!!!! Thank you for your most serious IMMEDIATE attention in this matter!!!

  30. wells fargo claims to have a "fraud Department" ..HA! my purse was stolen. ID's and all. i shut down all banking accounts, cards, etc. Wells Fargo replaced accounts, cards, etc. the crooks walked into a branch, 4 weeks later; with MY ID and a fake check. Fargo employee caught the fraud, took ID and sent it to (so called) fraud department, PLUS froze my account. (no problem) except THEY NEVER CONTACTED ME!!!! not by phone, email, text.. NOTHING! i know nothing until in line, at cashier tryn to buy food...on a sunday. ive NO idea why its not working. waiting until monday a.m. they tell me to call "fraud department" who doesnt know what to do or where the ID is. the person at this branch will not be in for 3-days and they say there is NOTHING i can do for three days until she comes in. no one else can do anything.. my money is frozen and ID sent. no one knows where.. no one. and no one can "unfreeze it" until she steps in. for 3 days or more i cannot access my own money because ONE person will not be there. (if she died, i'm screwed. she takes it to her grave. and i cant get my $$)

  31. Wellsfargo is the worst customer service bank ever ! Here in Amarillo Texas Service managers and Managers alike . They are rude and they do not know their jobs .

  32. I will never do another loan with Wells Fargo in Seguin TX. Or that matter any branch. I have had nothing but trouble with this bank. My first loan with Wells Fargo went fine and made me want to do another loan with them. NEVER AGAIN!!! When I can I am leaving this bank. Their Mistake on posting of full payment to my First loan got misposted thus causing me nothing but heartach and stress. I did my part to get the issue resolve but it seems that Wells Fargo does not want to make the correction on their own and they make you jump through hoops just to get resolve. They don't even say for your trouble we will make a small payment to your loan. I am asking some one at that Bank Corporate office to wake up and step to the plate.

  33. Well after 5 yrs of banking with WF never had a problem until today 12/18/12 only a few days right before Christmas. Yesterday at 330pm i deposit a check as usual to my account through the ATM at the closest branch to my house Davenport, Fl. This morning funds were available in my account as of 1000am of $1108.34, i pay my bills i do some last minute xmas shopping and right when im going to purchase my kids gifts my cc declines, i check my account and it was overdraft for $774.83, for no reason. I call WF and all they can tell me is the has no funds, then im told it was on hold because of the amount, then i was told its been on hold because too much overdraft fees, then im told is because the check was deposit through an ATM s been blocked. REALLY GET YOUR STORIES STRAIGHT! i call once again and the nice lady Whitney tells me is because it was deposit through the atm and it will available on 12/27/12 and i still have to pay all the overdraft fees of all the transactions i just made this morning when the funds were available. oh and NO ONE UNDERSTAND HOW IT WAS SHOWING IN MY ACCOUNT THIS MORNING AND AT 130pm THEY DECIDED TO TAKE THAT MONEY AWAY FROM MY ACCOUNT TO MAKE MONEY OFF ME...THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER WITH WF AND AS SOON AS I CLEAR THIS OUT I WILL BE CLOSING ALL OF MY ACCOUNTS N CREDIT CARDS AND CAR ACCOUNTS WITH THEM...

    1. And it is organizational culture. My "Platinum" Master Card is dirty brown; my "Platinum" Debit Card is "baby boy blue." My Platinum Checking Card IS PLATINUM but will likely be "dour black" when renewed. Everything WF does is schlocky! All my other cards are "Platinum" and they look like it .. THEY ALSO REPRESENT THAT IMAGE OF THE ISSUERS. And the treatment recorded herein of customers is really something for the US Justice Dept to jump on!

  34. Nightmares ... well, here is mine. 12/22/12. Played golf all day. Go to dinner with family. Life is good. Bill comes. I give them my Debit Card. Waitress returns saying my card was declined. WTF! First, no way. Yesterday, at the very least, was Payday and I know I didn't spend that much money playing golf and paying some bills. Get home, very PO as one can imagine. WF Online isn't working. Call WF Customer Service. First bimbo tells me she can't help me with the problem, but will transfer me to that department. Guy then tells me, he doesn't know what the "sh_t" she was doing (and he did apologize) but she had transferred me to New Services, where new loans, mortgages etc can be set up. He transfers me back to Customer Service. This girl tells me that same basic thing, she can't help me, but ... she tells me there was a $799.76 "Bank Originated Debit" taken on my account on 12/21/12. WTF? Why? Can't tell me. Speak to her Supervisor, same poop, different person.

    Go to my local WF Branch 12/24/12, yes Christmas Eve. And yes, I still have some last minute shopping to do but thankfully all of the major things were already purchased. I meet with Branch Manager. He explains that this dealt with a deposit that I made ... back on 10/8/12. WTF? 77-days ago? Really. Long story shorter, I deposited a bucket full of coins, as I always do once or twice a year, and they usually run $500.00-$600.00 but the bucket is only half full ... this time, it was loaded the the top (think metal bucket for holding a six pack of beer). Anyways, Branch Manager suggests I take a Direct Deposit Pre-Pay Day Advance, to get at $500.00 back in my pocket, and he will contact the actual Branch where I made the deposit, and either he or that Branch Manager will call me back on Wednesday (12/26/12).

    Today is 1/3/13 ... no call back, and still don't have an explanation or the money back in my account.

    77-days after I made the Deposit, which by the way had to be sent out for counting so I have no way to verify they are right, or wrong, I just have to take their word. What would have happened if I had written a bunch of checks for presents? Why no call or email or PM in advance letting me know what was transpiring?

    WF has absolutely no idea as to what real, true Customer Service looks or sounds like. Although honestly, very few large companies have a clue as to what it means to provide great Customer Service.

    Our five accounts will be closed once this matter is resolved.

  35. just wondering if this u REALLY him or not...
    got an email that did NOT go to my spam... says its from Harry Wells of Wells Fargo USA....

    "Attention ; ____(NAME)_______.
    How are you doing today? Fine I hope.
    Note that your inheritance payment from Federal Republic of Nigeria that was brought in by diplomat in a consignment is still in our possession and there some tax and transfer fee that is needed be paid before final transfer of your fund into your nominated bank account Knowing fully well that you might not be able to pay the fee involved before final transfer of your fund into your account . I have to seek for the assistance of an investor who has agreed to loan us the needed fund , But he gave a condition of 10% of the total fund immediately the transfer is made into your account . you don't have To worry as I will sign all the document involved with the loan, All You need to do is to provide an Bank of America Account or Home Equity Line of Credit account , Please do provide any of below information.
    1, Your direct telephone number.
    2,Do you have a Bank Of America Account Or Home Equity Line of Credit account.
    3, A promissory note that the fund that we be loan to you by the investor we be used to finance the release of your fund.
    Please not that immediately you have such account do inform us as such account we be credited by the investor within 72hours to pay up for the tax and proper documentation before the principle amount we be transfer to you.
    Note that the loan from the investor is for the payment of the tax and proper documentation of you fund and not for your personal use.
    Your urgent reply is needed,
    Mr. Harry Wells.

    wat do u guys think??

  36. I have been dealing with Wells Fargo in Virginia, to refinance my house. After the first 3 months they told me at the end I didn't get the very last paper in on time so they canceled the loan. I agreed to start all over again, now every time I send papers to them they say they don't get them..What kinf of BS is this? Do they want Business or NOT?

  37. I live in Illinois and try to manage my elderly mother's money in Florida. I cannot even get the bank to return a call. I have left 2 messages all to no avail. Next stop is to contact corporate headquarters. This bank is awful.

  38. We have been loyal Wells fargo customers for years. Recently we attempted to refinance our home mortgage, this NIGHTMARE has been going on almost 5 MONTHS now. Nothing but the red tape run around, TOTAL INCOMPTIENCE on their part. Our loan has peen passed to several different people and its one blunder after another. Repeat questions, rate lock expiring and the most outrageous thing right now is that underwriting is going over my 2011 tax return like the IRS. Questioning what I write off for work, when i retired in early 2012.?

  39. This bank is a joke!!!

  40. These comments do not inspire confidence when considering wells fargo as a place to do business or seek employment with.

    The sheer amount of negative comments just cant be ignored...

    Where I work our customer service input scores are
    always 100%. This is the basis for a successful business...

    Credit Union here I come;)

  41. As a customer you are treated like just another number. Every time I go into a branch I am greeted by fake people with their fake smile's, and trying too hard to sound concerned. And it's so easy to tell that the employees there are miserable. slave driven to do sales and reach their goals or else they force products onto you. From the comments I have read and from experience, wells fargo does too many avoidable mistakes, major ERROR's on their part. I do not recommend this bank to anyone.

  42. I am a disabled Veteran that needs to short sell a house. I need to get my ex removed off the loan, but Wells Fargo only tells me of expensive solutions to my problem. I explained that I cannot work due to my service connected injuries so therefore I do not have any extra money to complete their expensive solutions, but they are not willing to assist with my issue. I will never use Wells Fargo for any of my financial needs again and recommend that for everyone else reading this message. I am trying to do the right thing by at least short selling the house vs. walking away from it, but no one is willing to help me.


  43. I am writing following an incident that occurred at your River Street branch in Santa Cruz today involving my father, ho has been a customer at your branch since the 1960s; He’s 90 years-old and is disabled.He does not have a California ID card but has applied for a renewal via U.S. Mail. When he came in to cash a small check of $86 with his military ID card, your insensitive and rude teller refused to cash the check and told him “to go to the DMV to get a temporary ID card” and there was nothing she could do, basically telling him to go to hell because he is old and disabled. Traveling to the DMV office would create a hardship for him as he cannot walk or get in and out of a car. Did she expect him to ride his scooter to Capitola Road? I call this cold and insensitive treatment ELDER ABUSE. He then went out of his way to go to Bank of the West (where he has also done business since the 1960’s) and they cashed it without asking any questions. Please keep in mind he is 90 and in a scooter and traveling from bank to bank is not an easy thing for him to do. I realize there are policies with Wells Fargo but please, we are talking about an old man who deserves respect and has a very long history with your bank. Is it possible for him to have a personal banker that he can ask for when he comes in? Or should I tell him that he just has to be treated with disrespect because he is old and disabled?


    Today (August 3, 2013) I attempted to view, download & print my checking account statements. The system states I didn't have the proper software. After speaking to Wells Fargo Online Banking Customer Support, I learned that their system is NOT Up-To-Date with Adobe PDF. When I asked when the system would be updated, the rep. didn't have any information.

    Wells should have sent an email to it's online customers of the delay. Talk about POOR SERVICE!

  45. Does anyone know the corporate contact information for Wells Fargo? All of these. Nightmare experiences have many similarities....NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I too was in the very end of the refinancing process only to be told the last paperwork was not received in time and the lock rate expired! Absolutely ridiculous! 3 months of my life just WASTED!

    1. No, the number I found online for the corporate office is the number for the executive office. What kind of game are they playing. I just want to know if our shoes were on their feet, would they like the poor !@; treatment that they are giving us... For once just do whats right... I wonder what they will say to God on their judgement day... What comes around, goes arou.d 100 fold.

  46. Let me tell you about the customer service in one word or less. It freaking SUCKS. Anyone considering any business with them. Don't, because you will have nothing but headache. That is the way they run these banks now. The more power they get, the bigger they get the worse they get. They don't care about their customers, even if you have been a loyal customer, they think
    when they loose one, they will attribute another. They don't listen, they are not focused, and they act like they don't know what you are talking about. If you want to do anything with them. Instead of taking five minutes it takes hours, even days. They hire these flighty, flaky fake bimbos and bimbettes. Instead of resolving the problem quickly and efficiently, this goes on for hours building up more and more fustration, anxiety, resentment.

    The banks are not run the way they are suppose to anymore. I have no faith in anything that plays too many games and frustrates you to the degree it does. This bank from the ceo on down is disgusting any kind of assistance. They don't know how to listen, focus, or attend to your needs financially. There are constant dysfunction bigtime. They waste valuable time that you don't have. They don't care. No matter what bank you have your money in, there will always be a problem. Because this society today is totally out of control and don't fuction at the capacity it does.

  47. The hours I spent with customer service, the executive office was a "TOTAL WASTE" of my time.
    When they talk to you. They barrage with with one question after another. bam, bam, bam and so on. They want you to answer the question but they don't give you the opportunity. Then when you get inpatient. Repeating the same town name over 10-15 times, that they don't hear the first 5 times. I have to hear sighing, and complaining, etc. The moirning was evidently wasted. because I didn't make headway with anyone. I am physically and mentally exhausted. Who is the customer here? me or them? How much can a person control themselves before they loose it? They try and come off acting like they are trying to help you, but in fact they disgust and frustrate you. They fake introduction and pretend like they care. When in all the could care less. I don't know who they are trying to impress with that phony behavior.

    You wait on the phone for hours listening to the music you here the rudeness of waiting just escalates even more why your complaining in the first place. I never saw such a disgusting way doing things. And then when you loose your cool they want to make you feel bad for doing that.
    They don't even listen clearly when you give info. You have to repeat things consistantly over and over agian. It islike talking to downs syndrome children. And no one cares how irate you become. They want ot turn it on you.

    Everyone do yourslf a big favor. Between screwing up accts, doing things they shouldn't be doing, wasting my valuable time. When I have so many other things to tend to. And not listening to inportant details and they have your money. You don't have there money. They don't take that into consideration anything you say when you have a complaint or a problem that needs to be resolved.

    Don't bank with wells fargo. They are so incompetent, illiterate and big time dysfunctional.

  48. hear this you can walk into the poiciana branch office on lake worth road in lake worth, fl and get whatever you want without any id. you can fake your name, bs, get over and scam them and theyw ouldn't know it. you need no id and the bank managers do not absolutely care. theymake there own rules, waste your time and have iliterates working for you. getting a job there with no education is very simple. You can qualify to be stupid, you will have a sure thing getting a job there. to the idiots that works there. I hope your customers will go elsewhere.

  49. I totally agree with almost all the ads here that have the same beefs, complaints and issuee. Now, what are we going to do about it? drop them and go elsewhere or stay and get screwed.
    oops forgot the most inportant thing that I forgot to mention.

    Even there bank employees have a problem with them, that I would hear on a regular basis. You should hear the things they would say working for this company. That is pretty bad when your own employees talk about you.

  50. Get this the branch in lake worth, on lake worth, fl is so messed up. The poiciana branch. They are busy giving people money out of there acct wether they know them or not without proper id. Wether it is a large or small sum. they should not be giving anyone there money without proper id. Which they do frequently. Like omayra and charmaine. I thought all branch policy you have to give id for that. Here they gave money to someone who has memory problems and mental issues. That person has a tendency to loose there money. I thought wells fargo had stricter guidelines.
    Beware people and bankholders. Wells fargo doesn't live by the policies that should be enforced

  51. I purchased a vehicle from and individual who had his note with wells fargo they ensured me the title to the vehicle would be sent to my address. The vehicle was paid off and i still dont have the title 20 days and counting now its in Arizona and they wont help me this happened at the Santa fe branch in New Mexico located at 502 N GUADALUPE ST
    SANTA FE, NM, 87501 This branch Manager is worthless i will never do business with this institution again. Im gonna call the corporate office and report her.

  52. One would think, if only one caring Corporate Manager, read the statements on this page, we would see serious changes to Wells Fargo. Keep in mind folks, not only has Wells Fargo become a Limited Liability Customer, but also is not FDIC insured...!!!! What a bank that is NOT FDIC insured. This alone speaks or screams volumes.!!!
    My chief complaint, is when I was pressured by a employee, who approached me in the same manner of used car salesman, i.e. high pressure sales. I was told, "do you want to make 50$ free, who doesn't". I was told if I opened a account, which I would have to do, simply to cash a $500 Wells Fargo check from my father, then I would have 50$ deposited into my account after my first two deposits. That never happened. As much, I asked specifically what fees and or hidden fees, were involved in their practices. i was told as long as you keep a dollar in your account, we have no 'hidden fees', by 2 employees. What do they interpret hidden fees as? Or do they just call them 'Service Fees' only? I guess the latter. I opted for overdraft, and the rep. never put me in the system for it, thus one transaction bounced. While only a month latter, when I got down to 6$ in my account, I was hit with a 'hidden fee', which I found out online while viewing my account summary, 12$ was withdrawn from my account for their supposed non-hidden fees. A fee because I did not maintain their required $750 minimum balance, of which I was never told about. On top of that, since the fee placed my account in the red, I was then hit with a overdraft fee. Funny how they manipulate their own account holders, by witholding vital information. Sure I was given a booklet for my account. However I cannot read, do to blindness due to retinopathy, a result of a Diabetic Coma, 16 yrs. ago. I couldn't read the book, its useless to me, I relied solely on the employees answers to my questions, concerning minimum amounts required in my accounts, and overdraft fees, and every pertinent question any customer would want to know. However, I was lied to. I find it hard to believe, the employee(s), didn't know they were witholding info. from me. I feel totally betrayed by Wells Fargo. I would love to see a Federal Audit performed of their business practices, as this one is downright shady at the least.

  53. Part 1 of 2: I have yet to find ONE person who has not had a bad experience in one way or another with Wells Fargo.
    Below, is my letter, that took me over a month to get a WF worker to give me an actual email address to elevate my concerns. Every branch Mgr. I went to flat out lied to me: by saying "We don't use email". Anyone with half a brain knows a corporation that big cannot function these days w/out email.
    (I wouldn't do business with them if you gave me a million bucks, after all, they are one of only a very few that are NOT FDIC approved, so say goodbye to your millions, as well they are now a LLC or Limited Liability Company. (anything it takes to become responsible individuals, they seem to of made sure they take no ownership of their own problems.

    Here are my complaints:
    Please terminate my accounts and contracts with you, including my
    renters insurance, my savings and checking accounts. For the following
    reasons, of which your employees lied to me, when I opened these

    1) I asked, what minimum limit of money, I needed to keep in my
    Accounts, by the service rep. who opened my account. I was told “we
    like to see you keep 50$ in your account, but you must keep at least
    one dollar in each account". I was NEVER told, I had to keep 750$ in
    my account, to keep from getting dinged with service fees of 12,50$,
    followed by a overdraft fee of 25.50 on top of the service fee, because by charging me the 'hidden fee', I was told DID NOT EXIST, DID exist. If that is not double jeopardy, then what is.

    2) I clearly asked the service rep. what “hidden fees’ were involved
    in either accounts, and was told, “Mr. XXXXX, we don’t have any
    service fees, other than when you write a check that overdrafts, or
    when you order checks". I never even received overdraft protection
    either, of which I asked for. I had a medical insurance firm attempt
    to make a electronic withdrawl a couple of months ago, a couple of
    times, & not once did the overdraft kick in. My account had already
    been established for 6 months, when that happened. I must of told the clerk three times if once, I wanted overdraft protection.

    But now, you have the audacity to hit me with a 12.5$ service fee, which
    put my account in the negative or red, then hit me with a overdraft
    fee, as a result of only having a dollar in my checking account.

  54. Part 2 of 3 (Open Letter to Corporate Offices sent 3 & 1/2 wks. ago, in which I just got this problem corrected, and will never do business with that sorry arse bank again. What a shame, to know Wyatt Earp,was once a WF employee, I guess back then it was a REAL bank. Obviously nothing like it has become in present times.
    3) While last but not least, I was damn near approached by a employee,
    when I was standing in line to cash a Wells Fargo check, from my
    Father, when a employee, walked up to me, and everyone else who was a
    new face, “Do you wan’t get 50 dollars for free”, he said. I said how.
    He told me, if I opened an account that day, I would get 50 dollars,
    after my first two deposits. He never mentioned the amount of the
    deposit, but said, 'all you have to do is open a new account today', to obtain the reward for opening a new account. Plus I never
    got or saw that 50 dollars. So the way I see it, is you owe me, not
    only that 50 dollars, but my measly 5 bucks in my savings, and 1
    dollar in my checking. Your business, is fraudulent with these & other
    practices, while your employees have flat out lied to me. I do not
    appreciate what you have done to my account. This action on your part,
    is to me, as low as any banking institution gets. (To hit someone with
    a ‘hidden fee’, of which there was, and as I was told by your employee(s);
    your bank had supposedly NO HIDDEN FEES’). Then on top of that get
    you hit me with an overdraft fee, Because your 'hidden fees', put me
    in the red. I will not hesitate to take this problem to whatever level of banking in your institution, as well as Federal Agencies, and the Journalistic
    Presses, if I must. I will NOT pay you for your hidden fee, or your
    overdraft fee. You can either make things right, or I will take
    further actions, towards resolving this matter myself. It is up to you
    to make this right.
    Last, you should know, I am legally blind, when it comes to being able
    to read. A nasty case of retinopathy from a Diabetic Coma, I suffered
    16 yrs. Ago. So reading your book concerning your institution and my
    account is useless to me. I cannot read it!!!!! Even if I had a
    electromagnetic microscope, perhaps then I could read it. Thus, I was
    and am 100% dependent on the HONESTY and INTEGRITY of each of your
    employees. Whom, never told me the actual truth, about your $750
    minimum deposit amount requirement. I did not even find this out,
    until I went online & saw the "Fees', clicked on it, only to find out
    of the injustice, your bank hit me with. Thus, I am supposed to keep
    750$ in my account, which was NEVER mentioned, by your employee(s) who
    conned me into opening an account with your bank, when all I wanted to
    do was cash a Wells Fargo check, from my Father, who also has an
    account with you. Never was I told the complete and honest truth, by your employees.

  55. Part 3 of 3~Fini~
    At this point, being disabled, living below the poverty line, living on Disability
    (barely), you go and ruin my day or attempt to by, shady practices,
    which is a mild description of the flat out lying of your employee(s).
    I as much blame your Manager of that branch. Since your workers can
    never be any better than the manager who runs a institution, and your
    Manager can not be any better than the employees who are ruining your
    institution. Either terminate my accounts, and refund me the money that was in my
    accounts, to my address, and correct your ‘hidden fee’s (that don’t
    exist, according to your employees). As well, nullify your overdraft
    of my accounts.
    As an disabled-retired veteran Director of Quality Operations on the
    B2 program, and Space Shuttle programs. I see your operation is in
    dire need of Process Improvement Engineering. Something that would
    benefit your corporation: (An in depth, re-structuring of all
    systemic & the many processes, your banks go through daily). You guys
    should be ashamed of your shady practices, especially since, it
    doesn’t appear, you give proper discretion to any person of any
    stature, when it comes to ‘pressing new customers, to open an account,
    with false promises, that are not fulfilled. As well, you cannot allow
    your Lancaster Bank, to continue to operate this way, without facing
    imploding problems within your systemic failure(s). You must first
    properly train these customer reps. If you want your customers to be
    happy, and I am one angry pissed off customer. At the least, have or
    show some mercy on a member, who was lied too. Back up and correct the
    mistakes of your employees, and ensure, they and their manager are
    properly trained. To ensure this mistake does not continue to happen
    to any other un-suspecting new members.

  56. If your thinking of opening any type of Account with Wells Fuggo, I would suggest you read all the statements of experiences above.

  57. Wow, I guess im inline with lots of complaints about Wells Fargo. My hope is someone will actually read this and respond to my complaint. It first started with Opening a Business Checking . I was told free checking and of course immediately started getting 5.00 service charges every month. I went to my bank to fix this problem and NO ONE had any answers NOR could they stop the charges from showing up on my account. After 8 months of frustration I closed my account and moved it to another bank. My next problem popped up after the bank offered me a personal line of credit. I very specifically asked the bank rep if I could make minimum payments and sometimes interest only payments till I get grounded enough with my new business. The Wells Fargo Bank rep told sure you can make minimum payments...so I took the line of credit only to find out the bank was automatically deducting payments from one of my other accounts. Obviously the bank rep was incorrect telling my I couild make minimum paymernts. So, out of pure frustration I got a lump sum of money together went into my bank to pay off the personal line of credit in full and close it. The branch manager tells the teller who is helping me to just give me a phone # to call to get my balance and then return to the bank with the money at another time. I told the branch manager that it is ridiculous that I have to call and come back when I am dealing with the bank that set up this personal line of credit and asked her to call and get my balance so I can pay this off immediately. She gave me to a bank rep to get my balance. I paid this in cash......and of course as usual more problems popped up......the next week I was online paying bills and happened to see that I still had my line of credit and there is a balance of 9.54 on it....UNBELIEVABLE......CAN THIS BANK GET ANYTHING RIGHT? I called the bank and told them im not paying another dime.....they need to eat this balance. and if this is not taken care of in proper time, I will close ALL of my accounts and make sure I never nor anyone I can influence will ever do business with a bank like this again.

  58. Columbus Ga. I'm so closing this account these people are inexperienced bankers and will rather let you starve meaning me and my 5 kids rather than help you. Their is no one that will help me I had a garnishment on my check in which they were only supposed to take 25% out of my check in which they took my whole check for two weeks which was fine but on the 3rd week they took more money blocked my account now I can't get to the rest of my money to feed my family wells fargo sucks I will be closing this account and several other coworkers due to this. They gave me the run around on the phone and no one could help me money in the bank and I can't even use it for my family. Worst bank ever I see I'm not the only one with a problem with this bank. Monday I will be closing this account and several others at this bank this will never happen again. This happend also at Christmas wene I ordered a new card they put a block on the card had to wait till monday to unblock my card this is crazy. I should of closedthe account then but the owner of my company I work for uses most of the employees direct deposit to this bank. Minus me now and several others.Wells Fargo you suck big time

  59. Hello, I am dealing with Wells Fargo about a counterfeit check issue. I recently started a new job and Fri they paid me with a counterfeit check. I had no idea it was counterfeit, so I had it deposited into my account. I've been banking with Wells Fargo since like 2006. Well when I got discharged from the military for medical reasons I didn't have any income so my account was closed last year. I was able to open it back up and now Im being penalized because someone paid me with a counterfeit check. When I called I was transferred to Loss Prevention and Brittany began to tell me that the check was counterfeit and my account is being closed and that I cannot bank with Wells Fargo. I was stunned so I let her know that I have all the information from the company and I have all the email traffic and messages about this job, the company, and the check to prove that I have been scammed. She tells me that wont be necessary, the account is being closed. When asked about opening my account again, she says I can try in 5 years.... I called the corporate office about the issue and this lady tells me "yes loss prevention will close the account when this happens". I explain to her that I have been scammed and now not only am I out of an account I have a flagged name with the bank. She tells me they don't have any proof that I was scammed, I told her I have all the proof available but yall keep telling me you don't need it. I am reporting this to the BBB, and contacting the police about this issue. I don't like the fact that Wells Fargo doesn't care about helping their customers, especially in instances like this. I have all the proof to provide and they would rather close my account and put my name on the "bad list". smh! Good riddens WFB!

  60. OMG! I can sympathize with all of you! I was overdrawn on my account $2.80, yes people I said two dollars and 80 cents and they charged me $35.00. I called the first time and the customer service rep or rather the NO customer service rep could not help me so I asked for a manager. I was transferred to Barry the night manager! Did I mention that Barry is a retard, not special ed but stupid as hell!!! He kept reading me the same thing over and over and that was well they charged you $35.00 because you were $2.80 over drawn, so finally said thank you and hung up. I called back and spoke to a guy named Chris who asked me did I already speak to a supervisor and I said yes and he hung up on me so I called back AGAIN and spoke to a guy named Bruce who put me on hold to get a manager and after about 30 seconds he hung up! I called back AGAIN and spoke to a woman named Jessica who I explained that the last 2 guys hung up on me and I really need a manager. She put me on hold and got a manger named Dennis who finally understood what I was saying and reversed the charge! Whoooo finally after 3 No customer service reps and 2 managers the charge was finally reversed!! This makes absolute NO SENSE!!!!! I am leaving Wells Fargo and I hope that their VP or CEO actually reads this blog and see how unhappy their customers really are! Cant wait till morning to get a credit union!!!!!


  62. Wells Fargo fired an employee today, after 27 years of loyal service. Go figure! Shame on Wells Fargo!

  63. This is a follow up to the above email. My sister, Sue, was fired from Wells Fargo. She did make a innocent mistake and Wells Fargo said she violated the code of ethics. Sue worked for 27 years, faithfully. She was at the Langehorn, Pa branch in the Giant Store. Wells Fargo investigated her for structuring. If those investigating this situation would have spoken to the right people, they would have heard Sue has a wonderful reputation in the workforce. She was on vacation, at my house, for 2 weeks. The decision to let her go, was made while she was gone. All of her co-workers knew she was going to be fired before she did. Now, what does this say about Wells Fargo and their ethics!!!!!.

  64. I have a Loan through Wells Fargo currently. I helped a friend Co-sign for the loan and this is who the dealership went through. When my friend Defaulted on the loan I helped repo the vehicle and after finding out what they were going to sell it for I decided to pay the redemption fees and get the vehicle for myself. After paying the redemption fees it took 2 months for them to get everything for me to get the vehicle out of the impound!! And to make matters worse its been almost 2 months since ive paid all the fees and i have made two ontime payments on the account so i decided to switch to my bank that i have always gone with for a better interest rate. I called WFB and got a 10 day pay off. The guy told me there was no fee for paying off early. Well 2 days after talking to him they throw on $165 on my loan and then when they receive the check from my bank that clearly stated "pay off" they use $500 of it on the payment to pay interest?!?! This bank is a scam people!! They will use any means necessary to steal your money! When you call them make sure you get paperwork and record when you talk to them. I will never go through this establishment again. Horrible customer service and they are thieves.

  65. As a longtime Wells Fargo customer, I recently went into the bank to check my balance against my Quicken balance. The teller said, "You have a really old account; you should change to a newer account." So I allowed a banker to change my account to a newer model. I said I want a simple checking account with no fees. She said, "Fine, as long as you have direct deposit in the amount of $700 or more, your fees are waived." Then she looked at my old account and said, "You've always had direct deposit. You shouldn't have had any fees at all. They should all have been waived." I was shocked and angry that the bank had been taking $8.50 every month even though I had direct deposit since 1996. Now I'm struggling with them to reimburse me for all of those years. But I was told today that I have to approach the corporate office, so that's what I'm going to do. Go to the top first.

  66. Wells Fargo employs the most inept individuals they could find. They placed a 6 month stop pay on my mortgage (who in their right mind would ever do something like this???). Then when my mortgage payments started getting kicked back, I call Wells Fargo and they advised Chase was taking the money from my account but then putting it back. I paid 6 months of late fees on my mortgage and also had my credit royally screwed up. Then I went into a branch and was working on revising an account to a joint account. They opened a "PMA account and placed my self and the other person on the account. Then transferred money from my account into the new account without my permission. On 4 occasions I made a deposit into my regular checking account only to have the morons place it in the incorrect account, then when I went to use my debit card, it wouldn't go through.
    I went to a branch to address all of these issues and the bitch manager Susan Churchill disagreed with me and advised "Pinhead would never open an account without your permission". Snotty ass pig. Wells fargo sucks and their employees couldn't find water if they fell, out of a boat.

  67. My mother is 88 years old and I've been caring for her for some time now. She recently went to a neurologist for cognitive testing (testing for Alzheimer's). The neuro advised me verbally and in his report to be certain to make appropriate concessions of her finances to protect herself from scam artists and to make sure she wasn't double paying bills etc....I went to a branch in Virginia Beach to have my name added to the account. Moron manager Susan Churchill was extremely unprofessional,rude and ignorant. Needless to say,she wouldn't add me to the account. She then called the department of adult protective services and reported that I was trying to steal my Moms money!!! This asshole pig doesn't know me nor did she know I was following the neuros suggestion. Talk about absolute ignorance. I'm consulting with an attorney regarding her slanderous statements.

  68. Wells fargo charged me $7.00 to cash a minimum waged payroll check. Double the service charge bill payment. Not exactly providing courtesy. Is this the way we do business now considering a healthy meal cost $8.00.Not completely constitutional and providing equal service.I would rather bank with bank of hawaii.

  69. THESE ARE THE BIGGEST CROOKS AROUND!! In 2008, I paid a settlement to three banks to include Well Fargo. All three banks sent me a letter telling me that my debt had been settled. MBNA and Bank of America notified the Credit Bureau. Well Fargo decided to not contact them but keep me for seven years. After seven years, they sold my alleged account to someone in July of 2013, and now I have to wait until 2023.

    I have the letter with me showing I do not owe them one dime. Just the nerves of these crook! They also said on my credit report that I owed them almost $10,000 as of 2013. Thanks a lot Well Fargo!!


  70. Someone opened an on-line account in my name in 2005, accessed it in 2011 and I never opened an on-line account ever with Wells Fargo. I do not do any personnal stuff on-line ever. It was a fluke that I found out about this on-line account the other day. I contacted the fraud department and they closed my accounts with out telling me. I was told the on-line account was shut down and I should change all my account information. I told them I would do that at my branch. When I tried to do this I was told there was no need to change anything and even spoke with the fraud department while at they branch. The fraud department never mentioned my accounts were closed and unavailable. I found this out when I went to pay with a check, electronic, and was told it was not accepted. Now I'll have to drive 50 minutes to my credit union. I will no longer do business with Wells Fargo. The fraud department refused to give me any information to my questions and will not bother finding out who opened the on-line account. They do NOT care who at their offices opened and accessed the account. Worthless company but when you are one of the top 5 banks getting part of the 75 BILLION dollars EVERY month,of taxpayer money, why should they care about the customer?!

  71. I have a judgement against one of their managing brokers! You think he will pay. I doubt it. Got lawyers from wells fargo on hus side. All crooks.

  72. I have been with wells Fargo for 30 plus years and also have two acounts with them . I find they will take any money they can get off of you no matter how they work the check system . I just recently used the new mobile photo deposit system . i took the check from another bank of 800 dollars and deposited to wells fargo. I deposited this on the 12th of the month and in my mind the check was no problem and i still had a balance of 230 dollars on the 18th of the month. there were no warnings that my check i deposited was short. On the 18th I opened up my online banking to wells an i had a negative balance. I imediately went to the bank that i deposited the check from and made up the shortage of 30 dollars. well fargo said they are holding this transaction till the 27th. they took the 180 dollars i just deposited to wells for ISF which was five and i was still liable for anything that would come in on that acounts till the check cleared on the 27th. My acount is still overdrawn because they took all my deposit and i am so upset with them for their new photo system . I will never use this again and its another way that wells can get to your money. I am letting you know dont get caught in this error that I made because they will not have any mercy on you. You will pay and pay . I am also looking for a new honest bank that cares about its customers and not using them to make make money off of their money

  73. My husband has a car loan with WF. My husband has since passed away on Jan. 20, 2014. I have been trying to get Wells Fargo to give me information on what I need to do in order to clear up the title of this car. I have sent them the death certificate and the Last Will and Testament. They still insist they need more information. They tell me that I cannot speak to anyone in Customer Support who says that they need more informaiton. WF is the most incompentent business I have ever come on contact with. As of now I am not going to pay any car payments and wait until they contact me for the payment. If they think that they can come and "snatch" the car because of no payment being made "GOOD LUCK".

  74. My daughter had so many problems with wells Fargo she closed her accounts with them. Wells Fargo took 2000$ from my granddaughters checking account which put her over drawn said her mother owed them money. My granddaughter is in college in Alaska and working two jobs now she has no money to buy food until her mother could get, money sent to her. Wells Fargo has said for 5 days we are working on it she filed a complaints last Friday on Monday went she called the bank was told she would have file another complaint lost first complaint. Her family lives in Georgia the bank she had account with is in Georgia and she is in Alaska.

  75. I had an account with wells fargo a long time ago and we decided to close it due to rude customer service and the closes branch is in Austin TX about an hour away from me however I thought they may have changed and reopen another account but I am really wondering why this bank is crazy they verify all of my information and wont give me my account number to set up direct deposit to my own account. The guy on the phone said for me to look at my online statements well stupid i just open the account so i have no online statements i did not order checks so i have no way to get my account number. UUUGGGH this is crazy so now i have to wait a month for my first account statement to come to get my account number or have them mail it to me there is more mail fraud then anything out there now. I just don't understand you verify my name, DOB, mailing address, account balance and even my SSN but you can not give me my freakin account number..ohh and to top it off you are charging me a monthly fee for my account. I am really thinking about closing the account and being done with WELLS FARGO......

  76. Wells Fargo is a farce and a horrible company to work with. We work with estates and guardianships. One of our clients has a gentleman under her guardianship who was placed in a nursing home in southern Indiana. His home was in preforeclosure with Wells Fargo. We contacted Wells Fargo to see if we could work with them to get the home cleaned out and perhaps sold as a short sale. We were originally told that we could do this and get reimbursed for our costs when the house sold. This home was a disaster. It was a hoarder home that had been ransacked after the owner was put in the nursing home. The carpets were soaked in animal urine and feces, the whole house was contaminated with mouse droppings and cockroaches. It was literally a nightmare. However, in good faith, we had our employees clean out the home, remove carpets and everything. After months of redundant paperwork and lots of red tape, we were assigned a Cynthia Porter as the case worker. This woman was the most inefficient and rude person ever to deal with. She continuously sent paperwork back and told us to redo everything. Keep in mind that we paid closr to $4000.00 to our employees for the labor performed. That was of no issue to this woman.. She was giving us the hardest time possible. The final blow to us was when this woman told us that she was tired of dealing with it and we had until 5PM today to get her the correct paperwork, which had been sent myriads of times by both the guardian and our office. With no ultimatum we are out $4000.00? When asked to speak with this woman, Cynthia Porter's supervisor, we were told that WAS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! Can you believe that? We are not the homeowners, we did our work in good faith,and this rude and incompetent woman cost us $4000.00 because she refused to cooperate and do her job? I really hope that somebody at Wells Fargo cares enough ton read these comments. It might make a better company out of them. That woman is soo ineffective. Doesn't she realize that a foreclosure ultimately costs her company a whole lot more than a little labor and a short sale does? Maybe she needs to be educated or removed from her position. $4000.00 down and we were trying to help them out? Never again!!!! DONT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO IF YOU CAN HELP IT.

  77. Wells and Fargo set up a bank business in the 1850's, San Francisco, to accommodate the white race miners that dug up rivers of silver and gold deposits. California gold rush. Business thrived for 60 years and the coffers overfilled with silver certificates and gold. Business was great then that eventful 1906 day came when the earthquake shook the entire San Francisco city. Wells Fargo banking industry was crushed under the rubble and the bank's Board members fell on their knees begging for the nation to rescue them. This was the Federal Reserve's first mistake in bailing them out. Chase, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Astor, Rockefeller and Hambros should have turned their backs on Wells Fargo and let them perish. They weren't greatful and nothing much has changed in 170 years. They are still the glib, arrogant buttwipes they were then compared to today.

  78. You are quite thee worst financial institution I have ever had the opportunity of working with over my 48-year aerospace engineering career. I went into my bank, Chase-Morgan, two weekends earlier to request a low level personal loan to serve as a security deposit for a new townhouse rental. Chase is no longer in the small loan business and gave me a referral to see a Wells Fargo bank. This was my first encounter with a west coast bank.

    A realtor, Caldwell Banker, and the owner of the townhouse put my credit to the test and my wife and I passed with glowing affirmations. They even suggested that we halt our rental search and buy a house and property. Our credit report rating was a strong 780. This from my wife who works for a local community college and I being an early retired worker, from Northrop-Grumman, on a pension and social security. I applied for a $6,000 loan but it came up with a resounding NO by Wells Fargo. First Attempt. The second attempt was my wife applying for a loan by herself with a resounding NO. We then attempted to go in together filing a joint loan using one of our freshly titled vehicles as security. NO, as a third attempt.

    Oh, let me remind you that at one time we paid off three car loans within six months “one of the loans was with Wells Fargo” and we paid within the time constraints of the loan, never late. We have three titles. This still wasn't good enough. We're a family of caucasians and not riders on affirmative action.

    A little history. Wells Fargo set up a banking system in the mid-19th century using mined silver and gold deposits. Precious metals mined by caucasian miners. California gold rush days. All was good and profitable until that fateful day in 1906 when a San Francisco earthquake brought the city and the Wells Fargo banking system to their collective knees. All assets were gone and if it wasn't for Midwest, Mideast and East Coast banks pulling together to haul Wells Fargo out of the fire “so to say” and harms way “so they could, in turn, pay their customers and creditors”, the west coast banking industry would have collapsed and taken years to recover.

    Doesn't say much for a bank that still harbors resentment for an earthquake and restitution, secured for them, to crap on potential customers, 170 years later. You should be ashamed. We needed that money to secure better living arrangements. You single handedly took our good standing credit rating and “by three useless loan attempts” dropped in the shitter. Do us all a favor and regroup all your banks east of the Mississippi River and pull them back out west. One other thing.

    The agent that took our application was a Hindu Indian and his manager was a Hispanic. They shrugged when we asked them why we failed. Makes sense as these groups hate whites.

  79. one of your tellers ripped me off for a mortgage payment. cash

  80. Wells Fargo contacted me and said I qualified for a Wells Fargo Three-Step Refinance System. All the details were qualified in October 2013. This is May 1st, 2014 and I am still waiting for several people that said they would call me. Last conversation was over 3 weeks ago.
    Great Company not to work for. They lie. Nobody is held accountable for anything.
    They tell you what they have to so they can put you off.
    I would never recommend this company, I even went to their facebook page, they deleted what I wrote, called me and said they would be back to me in a few days, I called two weeks later, they said sorry and would relay message.
    The pony express was faster than this.

  81. Wells Fargo Bank
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  82. Some people need to stop being so arrogant. Ive been with Wells Fargo for years, and I have basically every service and product they have to offer. I love them! Switched from BofA because of the fees, never had a problem with Wells so far. After reading all the complaints on here and finger pointing, it seems some of you expect us to check every single small detail and tell you right then and there if the check is good or not. Hello they are people too and they make mistakes too, sometimes they catch them and sometimes they don't. At the end of the day it is your account and your held responsible to it. You take the check to the teller and want to deposit it, so they will. Instead this is what I would do, so I got this check in the mail, could you tell me if its ok to process in my account or should I call the maker before putting it with my account. There is no way they can verify funds from other banks, they only have access to their wells fargo bank accounts. They are not chase, nor bofa, nor any other bank or credit union. So people just have to understand that they do what they can do and us as customers should respect their work. At the end of the day it is our responsibility. If you don't feel right about a check, just simply ask for a manager and they will take their time to investigate. I've had this done before.

  83. There comes a time when adults have to be accountable for their own actions. Stop pointing fingers. Yes, Wells Fargo is a bank but Wells Fargo is also a business. Just like any other business there in it to make money. Of course they have rules and regulations put in place for the protection of the consumers and the bank so yes it can be frustrating when you want something done right now and it doesn't go your way. That's life! If people actually took the time to learn how to bank the correct way it would make all the difference.

  84. Went to a wells fargo branch in Vero Beach to exchange $200.00 of multiple denomination bills for 2 $100.00 bills. As the teller was counting my money she asked if I had an account. I said no and she handed back the money because I did not have an account there. I'm 63 and have been to banks all over this country and have NEVER encountered a situation such as this. Then I was asked to open an account. Are you kidding? I would never belong to an institution that doesn't try to help the general public. The money exchange was a simple request and I find it rediculious I was not helped. I thought we are all in this life to help one another. Apparently Wells Fargo DOES NOT share this spiritual philosophy.

  85. I thought when I changed Banks to Wells Fargo I would receive better service. Boy was I wrong! This Bank does NOT care about their customers at all! SHAME ON YOU WELLS FARGO!!!! you could care less about yourCustomers.

  86. Went with my daughter to wells fargo at 7820 N Silverbell Rd in Tucson Az we had a so called banker guy name Alex Villanueva we went in she was very upset cause everytime she dropped money it showed more money they would take they claim it was from an old account at the same time they took money out she had an automatic withdraw for her car insurance and once again it showed her in the negative cause of them swiping the money he claims oh this was the last pull hes out of his mind not only is he wrong cause that balance was paid forever ago he doesn't know how to deal with irate customers or calm them down or even save an account from leaving there bank my daughter did apologize for her being irate he didn't say apology accepted nothing kept his eyes on the computer and she says screw it close my account its not worth the hassles if you run into this guy just take your money and run hes is lazy lazy lazy and very very rude kid they need to hire more experienced bankers not little boys like Alex Villanueva

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    Like all of you I share similar experiences with Wells Fargo. And I am from the business side, so it can't be because the account balances aren't worth their while. And forget about escalating, they will hang up before they let you get that information. But, I was able to get an address to file complaints about their poor services. So, for anyone who'd like to file an official complaint, send your written complaints to the address below:

    Wells Fargo Bank
    National Business Banking Center
    Executive Office
    PO Box 340214
    Sacramento, CA 95834

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    1. Don't waste your time. I just got off the phone with corporate regarding being victims of racial profiling at one of the Wells Fargo branches. Not only do the branches not care about customers, neither does the corporate headquarters!

  89. i paid $31 to stop a $280 check.. well the clerk Natasha Brown at White Oak Shopping Center Richmond Va. well she fergot to put the check number on the stop payment... well the check got cashed and Wells Fargo said YES it was there fault but only thing they can do is reinbust my $31 back.... basically they stole like $2oo bucks from us... White Oak is stupid.... the manager knew her emplyee messed up and still dowsnothing

  90. Bravo on an excellent Christmas Holiday commercial with the Wells Fargo Horses and Carriage. As a child that didn't get presents one year in the 1960's, I truly appreciate the gesture of giving gifts to children and the magic of the snowman.

  91. Everything is I am sorry. POSTED A CHECK FOR 800 in our checking account which I know we didn't write its going to take 5 business days to get it back.Just say check no number Well you high brow bankers are you tying up our 800.00 to keep our money for 5 days to use as profit, Is your audit coming up, is it year end. You make the customer pay and now HAVE NO DAMN MONEY IN OUR ACCOUNT to FEED STARVING PEOPLE WHO NEED TO GO TO THE GROCERY STORE.

  92. I wanted to tell you about my experience with Wells Fargo. I can not believe that a company that was bailed out by the government would not help out a customer! I am losing my home(not a house) because well I am not real sure. Not only did you violate my rights by selling my home out from under me while was trying to do a modification with you but you raised my house note from $ 1350.00 to 1560.00( had we accepted the offer) I was under the impression that a modification was to LOWER your house note. I WISH someone from or the CEO would call me and show some concern or compassion of how badly we were treated. I am disappointed in this mortgage company, but it is ALL about the dollar! Not someone's life! All we wanted was to get an affordable payment, that's it nothing more. THANKS for all you help!

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. why do we need a special phone to get special rewards . there some people that do not have them , I
    still use a flip phone but have been a customer for twenty plus years and a Vietnam Vietnam Veteran ,
    and am losing out on some of your so called benefits like 2x the points on credit points .

  95. This bank is a legal way to steal your money. I made a deposit and received a receipt for the transaction, however they have misplaced my money and won't make it right. I have been to the bank and called corporate but was told they would have to research it and it could take up to 15 business days. I will not stop until it is returned even if it means getting an attorney involved. I may not have much money but I work hard for what I have and its mine.

  96. I have a payee on my online bill pay that has a new address. I went online to change the address. The system will not allow you to change an address. You must delete the payee and start from scratch. I sent a message to WF to see if I was doing something wrong. I received two responses that were both long and drawn out telling me how simple it was to completely start over and lose the ability to easily see the history of the payee. I filed both of those responses under the fiction category. How can one of the biggest banks in the world have an online bill pay system that would be better suited to the 1980's? I would love a response that is not apologetic and just solves the situation.

  97. Why would your company have TV ad supporting homosexuality and a lesbian couple adopting a little girl? Do you seriously think that would make anyone, other than a few percent of the country, want to use Wells Fargo? You have alienated me, and may lose my account if your ads continue in this direction, and you have at the very LEAST alienated over half of America with your TV add "two mommies."


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