Nike Corporate Office Headquarters

Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ :
One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453
Corporate Fax Number: 1-503-671-6300
Corporate Email:
Corporate Stock Symbol: NKE

Nike is a famous for their lines of athletic shoes. Nike makes shoes for sports like baseball, cheerleeding, golf, football, golf, lacrosse, skateboarding, tennis, volleyball, walking, running, and wrestling. Nike is one of the premier sport equipment brands in the USA.

Nike's Customer Service Number is 1-800-663-6453. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  1. I thought the Gold Digger Shirts were funny. Everyone needs to chill out.

  2. this sucks!!!!!! big time
    i have an 1 year old we got some nikes and she kick it off somewhere. I just want it replaced not a new set. It was a 45 dollor pair of shoes. Me as a single mother of 5 dont have an extra 45 for shoes. It is sad that they dont have anything set up to help people in these types of situtations. Young children lose shoes all the time. Ive called the headqarters, footaction and customer service thanks for nothin. Nike wont get another dollor out of me! Sara Banks

    1. then why would you spend $45 on shoes to begin with???? Especially if "young children lose shoes all the time."

    2. Nike is a great SHOE COMPANY

  3. Nike had or still has a campaign for its shoe and it use to say JUST DO IT, well its time to change that campaign and come out with a new one, Well I have wrote and came up with a new CAMPAIGN SLOGAN and I just want NIKE to hear my CAMPAIGN SLOGAN and idea out, you can reach me at This new CAMPAIGN will open up new doors for your shoe's, Please just hear me out that's all that I ask, I love and wear Nike's myself.

  4. I have never been humiliated as much as I have when I go to the Nike ES store in Portland Oregon. Its almost like Im back in high school and all the "cool" kids are degrading me. I'm a single mom and yes I do not have the money to dress head to toe Nike, but my son enjoys wearing there shoes and it is one thing that I splurge on for him because its a good discount. But my last visit was so.... God I can't even explain how they made me feel, but Im 100% sure that if I was dressed like some rich older women I would never had been followed around the store and treated like some shoplifter (I have never got into any trouble). Followed around the store, you can't even imagine how that makes you feel. Than on top of that I asked one of the employees if I could buy a pair of the "Exclusive releases" and she stated sure oh but ofcourse there was a manager there to dig a hole and throw me into it, I was not black badge status which was fine but I just stated that he didn't have to talk to me like that and than all ofsudden I was causing some sort of altercations. Im a 37 year old single mom I don't have time to argue with anyone especially about shoes. I know its the "ES" store but come on its still retail and there main goal I thought was to sell there product and not harrass anyone that doesn't fit into there little exclusive club. Single moms let me know if you have had any experience with Nike and there negitive profiling.

  5. Why can't I buy a cute Oregon softball shirt Nike? It wouldn't be that hard to make. You already have a duck, an O, the word Ducks. Oregon softball is playing in the softball world shirts, really?

  6. I bought a pair of Nike comfort footbed shoes. very expensive. . they feel like you are walking on clouds.. bad thing is that they only lasted about 2months. they started ripping around the toe area. not so comfortable now. so this time I bought a different brand to see how they work.. so far holding up very nicely. however if you fixed the problem already ..maybe.. just MAYBE ill try nike again some day

  7. Since you have "cut ties" with Adrian Peterson, I am cutting ties with Nike. He made a mistake and has had t pay for it already.

  8. I order come some shoes for my daughter and they were shipped by ups . Ups sent the shoes back after to attempts to my address , the shoes went back to the nike store now they are telling me I have to wait two day for someone to contact me . Why can't they just resend the shoes back to me by another carrier. This makes no sense then they tell me I might be able to get them back if they are still available, why won't the be they are mine I have paid for them !!!


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