Amazon Corporate Office Headquarters

Amazon Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1200 12th Avenue South, Suite 1200
Seattle, WA 98144 USA

Phone Numbers
Corporate Phone Number: 1-206-266-1000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-206-622-2405
Corporate Email:
Corporate Stock Symbol: AMZN

Amazon is famous for their retail website, Amazon is the largest internet retailer in the USA. The company sells a wide range of products online from electronics to home goods.

Amazon's Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-201-7575. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  1. I have a family member that works in the Fernley warehouse. And is bullied and verbaley abused. Told that they would be fired if they called off work be cause of illness. They are under the watchful eye of supervisers that harass and baddger the employees unfairly and unreasonable as to what could happen to then. Small wonder the Fernley warehouse cannot keep people they are battered down as to they feel worthless. If this is how you run a company no thank you. As this letter goes out to you I am going to post this on facebook to let everybody know just what Amazon is all about.


    2. These people at AMAZON really dont care about customer service they bully sellers and take their monies..... Dont use these fools in that they are a NAZI regim

  2. This type of service will eventually bring you down. UPS dumps my $700.00 46-inch TV at my door whith holes all in the box and one side crushed in like it was dropped from 10 feet up. UPS stormed off before we could stop them. The guy just waved as he drove off. You guys want me to take it out of the box and tell you what is wrong with it!!!! Well, SONY did not write "ok to drop from 10 feet up"-"ok to punch holes all in shipping box"-"ok to lay face down on your porch"- "ok to drag down the sidewalk by a seasonal par-time helper" on the side of the box!!! It clearly reads "THIS IS A $700.00 TV, DO NOT DROP, PUNCH, KICK, DRAG, OR LAY ON ITS SIDE!!!! All i wanted was for you to fix my problem, I have no way of knowing what internal damage this may have caused. What happens if 2 days from now it starts to smoke and melts on my living room floor. I simply asked for someone to ship me a new one and pick-up the damaged one. BUT NOOOOOO, YOU WANT TO PICK-UP THE DAMAGED ONE AND SHIP IT BACK TO WHO KNOWS WHERE, MAKE ME WAIT 3 WEEKS, THEN SHIP ME A NEW ONE!!!! WOW, no thanks, just give me my money back and I will find another company that "needs" my money. Good luck, I will make it part of my daily devotion to spreed the word about AMAZON'S CUSTOMER NO SERVICE. National talk show host Clark Howard will have a field day with this one! Just happens to be broadcasting from my home town Atlanta Ga from 1pm-5pm. Have a listen tomorrow...Mark

  3. I called Amazon today at 206-266-1000 and talked with the reception who refused to give me anyone at the corporate office to send a complaint. She said Amazon does not give that information out and refused to help me. I ordered my singer sewing machine and the item was suppose to be shipped to my home address by FEDEX. Then FEDEX being lazy dropped my item off at the post office ad the post office does not deliver to my home address. I told them when I order this to make sure FEDEX ships to my home address and do not drop off at the USPS. My item was shipped back and now I have to wait ten days for a refund from AMAZON. Very poor customer service and the unwilling to help from the corporate office is why problems at AMAZON does not get corrected.


      Or call the corporate number here, ask the receptionist to talk to the escalation team in Customer Service at corporate. Worked for me---I had a NIGHTMARE experience with customer service regarding a simple question about my Kindle Fire Hd. Still remains to be seen what they will do about it. good luck.

  4. Amazon delivered everything we ordered on-time for Christmas. I was impressed!

  5. Bought a MacBook Pro on from a seller using their platform. The seller made a charge and disappeared. I have been waiting for 3 weeks and when I called Amazon for a refund they told me "to keep trying contacting the seller" and that they would not refund. The seller is NO LONGER USING AMAZON and my emails come back. Amazon is supposed to guarantee the transaction but they openly refused to deal with it. When they found out I was recording the call they hang up immediately. 1099$ were stolen from me and does not want to take responsibility.
    Filing a police report today. These scammers need to be punished.

  6. Amazon bullies their sellers and holds thousands of dollars for months on end forcing bankruptcy!!!!

  7. run by a bunch of assholes who whore out he company just like the mob, the sellers are at their mercy with no recourse.

  8. Amazon is the worse selling site for individuals period. They have no protection service for the sellers and they assist the buyers doing committing acts of theft by coercion of thier policies. I have two items that I sold online to two different customers with specific legal disclaimers and specific additional conditions. Amazon told me, I was at fault and the buyers did not have to return the items back to me and they can get a full refund. I would like to start a class action lawsuit against amazon in protection of sellers rights and theft by Amazon. What company allows buyers to return after the 30 day process and/or get a full refund without returning the product. This is insane annd this policy must be changed. if you wish to file in these proceedings, please email me at

    Amazon has to become more ethically responsible for the rights of individual sellers.

  9. i ordered a book on algebra for dummies on march 20,2012. a month later no book but plenty of bullshit was sent my way by amazon and the seller. getting the run around to refund my money,they added it to my amazon account, i aint using amazon ever again so why keep the money their, just send me the dam money. amazon bites the big one

  10. Email address listed on this page is bad.

  11. an amazon employee used my credit card ive been dealing with them since saturday and now im hiring an attorney and suing amazon for more then what i wanted put back on my card i tried to work this out in a nice fashion and even tried to call corprate but the receptionist encouraged me to hire an attorney cause she said corprate only talks to attorneys wow

  12. There is a "glitch" so I can't order for about a month from When it gets to credit card screen, it says
    "loading" and will not get beyond. I wish someone would
    look at the site and fix this. I don't want to give my personal info but I live in the Norteast. I talked to an rep who was outsourced from Jamaica. He could do nothing. No previous problems with over several years.

  13. Hello, I recently sold an iPhone 4s 32gig,on (First time using amazon to sell). Someone bought the phone and i shipped it the next day, two weeks later i received an email from the buyer claiming that the phone wasn't factory unlock, I immediately open my transaction saw that i made a mistake on the listing, so i email the buyer apologizing and ask him to send the phone back and then I'll issue a refund.
    1) After i send him the email he open an A-Z claim. never again reply back with any info.
    2) I contact seller support and they said to wait, i did (BIG mistake), when i call back they said i ran out of time and they have to issue a refund. and they did, never got my phone back.
    amazon seller support sucks really bad, seller's have no protection from fraud, i think i should be a two way street both parties to be protected.

  14. I have been using Amazon for years now and have had no problems with getting anything from them, it has all been on time and in excellent condition. I have not sold anything with Amazon but I will back them up when it comes to getting things from them. Not one problem yet. I will use them again when I need something. At least I can say that everything that I have ordered wasn't some used up junk that someone wanted to get rid of.


    Have you ever been thrown into Amazon's out sourced CHIKEN TIKA loop. Indian food is very tasty but the menu is hard to read. Recently I purchased an item from Amazon to be sent to one address and another from Cellular Factory who does and maybe should outsource their customer service since it is "virtual" and unresponsive. The kink in the order is the price. Amazon guarantees the lowest price available. Not true in this case. The price at Amazon is almost twice that of Cellular Factory.
    Don't cheer yet for Cellular Factory since they are an affiliate and supply this item to Amazon.When you order from Amazon Cellular Factory fills the order, in effect they are the same peanut in a shell.
    When I called and e/mailed Amazon about the price I was put into the outsourced Indian loop. Eight e/mails later and 10 telephone calls later I started to read and listen carefully. The same person (in India) answered the e/mails , no one ever answered calls and most of my monthly allowance on Skype was
    used up. Put on hold and left to dangle. Result no real service at Amazon or Cellular Factory. The outsourcing of Customer service is fine but indentured Indians who are virtual robots who can not read my menu. In other words they speak but do not understand the meaning of the written English words. The customer loses.
    My real complaint was about the price which was double at one source sent to Florida and very tardy and the other, much less, almost exactly half the price for one sent to Texas. I rightfully asked for a refund and a match to the lower price at Cellular factory which might as well be run from a telephone booth. Indians need to eat but this kind of outsourcing smacks of latent racism. The Indian employees are smart enough to know that if they return you one penny of your money their welfare and survival is under a real threat. Indians need to eat and no matter who you reach the will send you the same reply with a box to tick if your problem was not resolved. This puts you back in the loop. You get a text book reply that lies very close to the robots family jewels in their laps and again you go right back into the loop. 
    Finally I would like to inform Amazon that outsourcing to India is obscene due to the present economical status in the United States of America. Especially if the outsourcing is to Indians who are no more than robots punching the designated key to respond to a dissatisfied customer. Realising that  is a poor country were people need to feed families.  Does Amazon realise that many Americans also need to feed their families. They could find and employ Americans for this chore. I urge you not  order from a Gigantic on line company whose only ethic is the bottom line. There are reputable options you just have do slightly more searching to find them. Do not order from Cellular factory since that are Amazon. I am still waiting for my article to arrive and calls to Cellular factory are shunted to voice mail and never answered. This supports my theory that they may be doing business from a telephone booth. Customers would probably feel better it Amazon had a Money eating gigantic server to kick back answers that would probably be as nonsensical as Chicken Tika outsourcing. A good monster server would be more polite and could be set up to never return even one cent or Rupee as the case may be.
    The positive result of this exercise in futility was that I ordered from D cables which I highly recommend. No outsourcing and no B.S. and no loops in a far away continent. Search and learn.

  16. I have been Amazon customer for 10 years, never had this type of service. last month I have placed order, waiting for month, still showing item NOT available, call customer service, asking customer service supervisor contact purchasing deportment for status, the answer is we don't have the purchasing department, the information you get is what we can get.

    My question is why need customer service department? if customer service department has same rights like customer. or just pass time?

    Second, who will believe Amazon don't have purchasing department? if no purchasing, how Amazon stock the item? either the customer service supervisor NOT telling the customer true or Amazon get item from manufactory or distributer for free.

    Quality of customer service getting worse and worse, Amazon had record high profit, why not spending some of profit to training employee, raise customer satisfaction.

  17. Amazon in Chester VA is the worst you actually have people dying, we had an associate die in this facility trying to make rate...... Now what they are trying to put out there is that he was out of shape.(for real) just 29 yrs old. The manager talk to you like you are trash...but the Ceo is living very well on the sake of the people..... I was a big fan on Amazon,, but now since working there I would a dog work there for dog treats...... BOO to amazon

  18. Before I started working for Amazon I thought they would be a good company to work for.....I was completely wrong about that!!! working 10hours days and only receiving a 30minute lunch is crazy!!! and to make up for the 30minute break they makes us work 30miuntes over to make up for us clocking instead of working 7 to 5 we work until 530 so in reality we working 10 and half hours! when we do a 12hours day we still only receive a 30minute lunch smh....instead of them being called Amazon they should be called Sweat Shop!! They make it hard for you to go to school and work at the same time they talk about yeah we all for people going back to school and working but soon as you do so they want to know all your personal information and make it hard for you to do that....And God forbid you to not be able to work 10hour days...they will find ever reason to fire you or tell you, you cant come back until you are able to work 10hours!!! Amazon is horrible company to work for I wouldn't want even my dog to work there....they treat their employees like trash....they give you one day of training and expect you to be able to do every job there....they don't even want you talking to each other unless your on break that is completely ridiculous...the managers don't even do anything but stand around talking to each while busting our ass then want to rush us when certain things have to be done at certain times!! if they would help out we wouldn't have to rush and make the deadline.....I really feel like Amazon Ceo is more worried about the growth and money of Amazon that he/she has forgotten that the employees make the company and if it was not for us amazon would be another run down company!!!

  19. I am not happy nor am I satisfied with what took place with Amazon. I find that Amazon is very disorganized and needs to learn a better way of book keeping their customers money when they mail in a payment. I am still appauled by the whole situation. I have never had to deal with this kind of situation nor will I ever let it happen again. I ordered a trail cam for $103.75 around December 15th 2012 with my Amazon Card. I got paid the next day so I mailed a check of $103.75 to Amazon to get it out of the way. On January 03 2013 I orded a pair of slippers for $22.85. Being I paid before I actually got a Bill statement I was sure I would get a statement for the $103.75 purchase I made in December anyways some time in January. I didn't recieve one. I checked my bank account online and the check cleared on December 28th 2012. So I though well maybe thats why I didn't recieve a Bill Statement for the $103.75 purchase I made in December of 2012. Thinking nothing of it I let it go. Febuary came and I got a bill statement and it had late charges and interest and a lovely $153 and change. Being my check cleared on December 28th 2012 , I gave Amazon a call. The lady informed me that they have no recored of my check. My question to her was then who cashed it !?!? She said she was unsure and that she needs me to call my bank and find out and fax it to her when I found out. I had to wait until (Tuesday) because my bank was closed for presidents day. I called first thing Tuesday morning. My bank informed me that indeed Amazon electronically cashed my check. It cost me 4.00 to fax the information to Amazon. I called Amazon after she faxed it. I was told that it takes 2 days for them to recieve a fax , and 7 days to resolve the problem. The next day (Wednesday) I recieved 2 pieces of mail from Amazon. The first piece was a check for $103.75 from Amazon's GE Capital Bank Account. The letter itself stated that they valued my satisfaction and here was a refund check of $103.75. NO were did it say why they were refunding me this money, which I find it was very confusing. The other piece of mail was a bill statement I did not owe Amazon nothing. Scratching my head even more with confusion I had no frigging idea what was going on. ( Thursday) I got the mail and there was another piece of mail from Amazon and it was a letter stating I owed money again and that i could send 53.00 and change and that I needed to pay the bill. At this point I was more then peed off and confused about the whole situation. (Friday) yet again I made another call to Amazon. I was informed that Amazon Cashed my check through their account with GE Capital NOT their Chases Bank account. I asked how could they cash my check with out looking into my account to see where MY money was suppose to go ? She said they were a high volume place and it was truely a mistake. My check was cashed 12/28/2012 electronically. That is almost 2 months ago. You mean to tell me that it took Amazon almost TWO months to find a mistake in their banking? No wonder company's go out of business. That is poor recording skills , booking skills. Common sense........... really. Something has to change in your record keeping or you are going to have alot of peed off people , if this type of situation ever took place again. I know that this will never happen to me again. I am not going to order through you guys no more. I am done. That kind of mistake is unforgetable .

  20. I have to believe that all the packaging personnel are Illegals.
    Maybe they should write their Shipping and Packaging Policies and Procedures in Spanish - it's obvious that the workers can't read English.

  21. Apparently Amazon Corporate in Seattle Washington doesn't/didn't treat their employees very well either. I made a on-line purchase on 6/29/13 in the amount of $55.62. The item I purchased was a kitchen item which Amazon did not stock, it was to come from a Florida company: ivgStores. I received an email I suspect from ivgStores informing me the item was out of stock and gave me the option of cancelling the order, as the item was not due in until 8/18/13. I chose to cancel, so my bank did not process the $55.62 charge. So, to cut to the chase, I called my bank on 7/24/13 telephonic teller to verify that my Disability Social Security was deposited. It was. However,I also discovered several non-authorized purchases & several Insufficient Funds Fee's applied against my checking account. I drove to my bank the next morning to attempt to resolve this matter. To my suprise my bank discovered the purchases were made in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada .... just across the border from Seattle Washington. Then I saw on PBS evening news on 7/25/13 that Amazon is going out of business. It took my bank two days to determine the charges were not authorized, and they credited my bank account for all of the actual charges, as well as the Insufficient Funds fee's of $34.00 each. The person or person's who used my debit card numbers were apparently hungry, thirsty, and in need of entertainment, as the charges were made at two fast food restaurant's, a bar, and a movie theater. I had been a customer of Amazon for a few years, and had always received good service from them and their Vendors. So was my daughter & son-in-law. The same thing happened to them, twice and for much larger amounts. Their Debit card and Credit card were both hit with unauthorized purchases, but the charges against their cards were made in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. It's a shame CEO Jeff Bezos got so greedy. He had a good thing going, and has hurt so many people! But like so many filthy rich people, more is never enough! He needs to be prosecuted, but like so many other Corporate Criminals, probably will never see the inside view of a jail cell. Two wrong's don't make a right, and I suppose their employees thought they would get what was coming to them one way or another. They need to be prosecuted too. GOOD LUCK to all with their legal actions.!!!

  22. I order a new set of wedding rings for my husband's birthday as s surprise with a Amazon gift card that was a Christmas gift to me. I made the order from my kindle which was also a gift. As a result the orders was cancelled and I had to purchase another gift. My gift card was added to my kindle and account cancelled. After calling Amazon customers service over ten time ans placing a complaint every time asking for a phone call from a real person I finally gave up. Now I'm without a gift with out a gift card because they refuse to return the card to me and after talking to the most disrespectful supervisor at the customers service office. I discourage anyone from using their services. When ordering please order with caution.

  23. I purchased a car through amazon sent the money,received my confirmation number with details to purchase a protection plan for an addiion1600 dollar fee. I immediately cancelled my order and was sent an email stating tht I would be refunded the full amount in 3business days,I'm still waiting since Febuary 21st 2014.I've been sending emails to amazon,the agent and no response.I'm getting a lawer to look into helping me get my money back.Custmer service is a joke.I believe god will take care of this for me.

  24. I recently sent an extensive letter to Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO including attachment of many email communications both with Amazon Customer service people and with the company, Toner Deal that sells Printer Ink through Amazon. I used the address that is listed on Amazon's Corporate web site and it was returned to me stating "Moved, left no address" After this event I checked a non-corporate web site and it reported another address and a reported move planned for 2010. If this move took place I am wondering why their corporate web site still lists the address I used to send my complaint data which is 1200 12th Avenue South, suite 1200, Seattle, WA 98144. There are two other addresses listed by other web sites:1516 Second Ave.,Seattle, WA with no listed ZIP and 410 Terry Ave. N. Seattle WA 98109. Does anyone know the correct address? Does anyone know who to contact for results. I am seeing some negative comments about the CEO Jeff Bezos.
    I had a bad experience when I filed a grievance against Toner Deal through the Amazon process. Amazon settled the grievance by refunding my purchase cost and did so without ever contacting me and refused to address my further claim for damages the ink caused. In short the cartridge were over filled and when the containment was removed to prepare for installation in my printer, Ink went squirting everywhere including on my new beige carpet. Toner Deal has not answered any of my emails and Amazon is not taking any action to require that the company compensate for the damage. I need to contact Amazon Corporate in an effort to get some action before I file complaints with other consumer agencies. Amazon Customer service seems to be covering for the company Toner Deal.

    1. Oh have you not heard he thinks hes a god.

      P.o. Box 81226
      Seattle, WA 98108-1226

  25. Jennaya Fernane, who works in your Las Vegas office is a VERY condescending BITCH! She truly makes your credibility look horrible!

  26. I am contacting you about your facility in whitestown Indiana this is a very messy facility there is so much going on with the employees and management. Your supposedto be able to go to work and make a living and not be bullied or threatened by other employees or management or coaches of amazon or integrity. The don't defuse the situation thye just look. Cause you tell them if they investigate and its unfounded they will be tetminated. Before its over somebody is going to get hurt you can't keep pushing people and bullying them. I suggest you contact this facility and have a mandatory meeting on all shifts and stress the policy over especially with the new people from integrity that you have become coaches and they are the onea starting all the problems. You fire people for insubordination and then you bring them back and put in charge to start the same stuff again. She worked for integrity then amazon now integrity again.

    1. This goes on everywhere inside amazon. Call centers, and FC's alike. It is an abusive oppressive environment.Bullying,threatening goes on daily.

  27. I been in a coma and disable i had a old account and i opened up a prime and they politely gave me no person to talk with I never gave them any trouble but they must get Browne points if they can catch something on a customer they kicked me out and refunded my 99.00 prime. and I had bought 37 items last month.. weird huh? ALSO THERE STOCKS DROPPED ALMOST 15.00- A SHARE TODAY...I HAVE NO LEGS, CAN NOT DRIVE AND NEED THEM TO DELIVER ITEMS TO ME EVEN DEPENDS AND OVER THE COUNTER ITEMS. MY DR. TOLD ME THIS WOULD BE THE EASIEST WAY TO GET MY NEEDED ITEMS.



  28. Amazon treats its employees horribly.My step son was fired from one of their warehouses for using the bathroom. He used to call them the oppressors. I didn't understand why until I learned first hand working in their call center. Multiple people had complained about the bright lighting in one section of the call floor. Typically lights were run one row off one row on. Some with more lights on than others. When everyone complained they said if you don't like it, bring a doctors note. So one person did just that, afterward...... they turned every single fixture on in every row full blast, and told the person that brought the note to wear a hat and sunglasses to work.
    They treat everyone like they are disposable, a number, a body filling a seat.I had experienced carpal tunnel in both wrists ( nobody sits ergonomically correct in there, its impossible with the door desk that they give you) someone was on a visit from the Seattle office and said it was painful for her to just look at the way I was sitting and she suggested that I ask for a keyboard tray and a pull out arm for my monitor.She also told me how they have an ergonomic specialist in Seattle that helps with all of that. So I asked........ the answer was No, we don't provide those for the workers in the call centers.I had to buy my own pull out keyboard tray for $70.00 to use at work to sit properly. They are also supposed to provide ergonomic chairs for those that need them. Another associate I worked with asked for one and even brought a doctors note, as there are several people that have them in there. She was told no,they no longer provide those and all the chairs are ergonomic, they are not! They recently started going after everyone that has elected to use FMLA (Federal Medical Leave Act)in their call centers. I was a top performer, always meeting their unfair goals and standards. Consistently a top performer in my department.I elected to use FMLA for a medical issue, 2 months later along with another associate using FMLA we were removed from our department, replaced by 5 seasonal associates and demoted.I had only missed 2 days of work. The other associate was flat out told she was being moved due to her electing to use FMLA, that is against the law by the way.There is no merit inside amazon, everyone gets kicked the same 25 cent raise at the same intervals no matter how hard you work.For instance in addition to taking calls, if there is work to be done, emails, return mailing labels etc( which I would like to make special note of is ALL now being outsourced to workers in India- all the chat, emails, and soon to be social media jobs are being taken from US employees) there is a button on your screen, some people will click the button until there is no work left others will do nothing. They don't care either way. Just a few months ago I was told by my manager in regards to this, that I had done 60% of the workload for the month for my department, this was out of a group of 20-30 people.They don't appreciate that though. I was a top performer, and a hard worker.Yet demoted for electing to exercise my right to FMLA,

  29. The survey that goes out at the end of the used to be that they rated you by the volume of calls that you take and the amount of nos, that was reasonable. They changed that a few years ago to No vs Yes, and that is all they look at. So for instance if only 20% of the people you talked to respond to the survey(which is typical depending on department its usually 10-30%) the other 80% don't count, and that is all they base your performance on. In addition you have to get 7 yeses to offset every no to meet their ridiculous goals. If a call is transferred to you and drops and you never talk to the person you still have to send the survey,if you transfer to another department the survey typically goes to the person you transferred to... unless it is an escalated call and goes to a supervisor then you send the survey not the supervisor that takes the call.They also count policy nos against you. If you uphold their policy, someone doesn't like the policy it is counted against the associate. They don't like to keep anyone long term in there, because amazon doesn't want to pay the higher wage, give out stock, or pay the health benefits. If someone has been there too long they look for ways to harass the person and flat out fire them for some unjustified bogus reason. I have seen many good associates go over the years. Yes, I spent several years in that abusive environment.

  30. In addition sometimes when transferring calls even though the call transferred, the transfer does not go through properly and you still have to send the survey, even though you are not the one helping the customer with the issue they called in about. That happens daily, and they never fix system issues like that, they hold it against the associate.

  31. What Amazon forgets is that the employees that they abuse are also their customers. I am a prime member and this year alone have placed over 200 orders. After what I have witnessed in its call center and the way I was treated as an employee, I will no longer be placing orders on Amazon or renewing my prime. I can no longer support a company that abuses and oppresses the people it employs.

  32. To All Amazon Corporate Idiots

    Just recently I placed an order from Amazon on a game well it never came so I got a full refund. Then I purchase another set of items and received a message that it was damaged in shipment and was refunded. So I figured I would give Amazon a last and final chance well the messed it up again! HELLO you Corporate Idiot's why haven't you looked at any of these issues? Why don't you care about your customers? Well here is your wake up call I am formally filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on how POOR your company is and how you are not sticking to the guidelines you have set on delivery times and dealing with customer issues! I will also take this to social media so I can inform others on this before others spend there hard earned money on Black Friday, Cyber Monday maybe this will wake you up and the Corporate Idiots in the Company up!

  33. I work at the Amazon in Middletown DE. I was hired as a Amazon associate so did not go threw Integrit. From the first day I worked, I could tell that this place is crazy. I was trying to think positive about it in the fact that I had a job. As time has gone on, my speculations were correct. Amazon does nothing but, like others said, "abuse and bully" their employees. I had gotten writted up for productivity which basically means that I wasnt making rate. I'm a stower so the hourly rate for stowing smalls is 300 and 150 for mediums. It doesnt sound bad but when there is no room it becomes very difficult to achieve that goal. Especially during peak. Then they have rules as how you need to stow. For example, you cant stow similar items in the same bin and you cant stow similar items in bins beside eachother, there must be a space in between. Not to mention the fact that as of right now, we are always waiting for work which will drop your hourly rate. With all of that being said, it is hard to make rate. The write up I was mentioning earlier was given to me in November of 2014. It was a Saturday which was the end of my work week. I work 10 hr days wed-sat. The beginning of the next week, a Wednesday, I recieved yet another write up, for the same thing I had been written up for that previous Saturday and was then told by my manager whos name I WILL mention, Audra, that I am on her "radar". From my understanding and from what I heard from a different manager, you're not supposed to be able to be written up twice in a weeks time. Its just absolutely ridiculous! I bust my ass at my job and never am I given ANY positive feedback! They really dont care about their employees. All they care about is themselves and productivity. Just recently my building not only recieved 2 bomb threat phone calls within 15 min of eachother but it was also written on a bathroom wall! Everybody basically heard threw the grape vine. Never were we talked to about it by any higher up but we weren't even evacuated! I have a friend that was pretty upset about it and wanted to know why we weren't evacuated so he talked to one of the managers. He was then escorted out by security and fired because the manager felt "threatened". There is so much more I can say about this company and warehouse but I dont have time to write a book. Hopefully somehow this can get out there and maybe something will be done about it.

  34. I have used Amazon for several years and have never had a problem until recently. I bought a Kindle fire in May 2012 and am having issues now with it charging.. My kindle is just a little over 2 years old and all they offered was to send me a refurbished one for 79.00. I bought the Kindle new so why can't they send me a new one for that same amount or even offer more than a year warranty on their devices. I paid over 200.00 for this device and to have it only last 2 years is crazy. Apparently they do not make this device anymore. So I have decided to just get a Nook from Barnes and Nobles. The reps were much nicer than those at Amazon.

  35. I have been able to pay for books with a credit card for a long time. I got the notice that my email and password were not working together, so I changed my password as instructed; however, it wouldn't change. Then a message informed me that my credit card wasn't working. So I am a little confused. I want to change my password to one that will work and use a different visa card. What do I do? Where shall I look to get that information, or will I get an answer in my email telling me what to do to fix this problem? Jeanette Coons

  36. I ordered a cabinet from OVERSTOCK. I realized after it was assembled, for which I paid $50., that it was total garbage. I contacted Overstock and was told that it was shipped from a 3rd party; they were totally uncooperative. I then find out it was billed through Amazon. I was told from Amazon that I could return it for a full refund; however, I would have to box and have it shipped on my own. This was unrealistic because I am 80 years old and disabled. After 2 weeks of back and forth, Amazon
    did convince the 3rd party seller, NuMoon to refund all including the $50. The amount was refunded through my credit card account. In the meantime, Amazon applied the $50. to my next purchase which I have tried to use without success. So I am back to trying to use this $50. rebate before it disappears. Again without success.

  37. The cabinet was not my post. Didn't purchase a cabinet. My complaint is that I get no response for the complaint I complained about. Is anybody paying attention?

  38. On February 3rd, I preordered a DVD that was to be released on March 17th. Instead on mailing it the day before the release date as they have in the past, they mailed it on March 19th. I could have bought the DVD on the 17th for the same price from most stores. I will never preorder a DVD from Amazon again.

    Get $20 to Spend
    when you purchase $100 or more in Gift Cards with your Rewards Visa Card*

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    For your account ending: XXXX
    Dear XXX
    For a limited time, receive a $20 promotional credit when you purchase $100 or more in Gift Cards with your Rewards Visa Card.


    1. Go to and add Gift Cards to your cart. Multiple gift cards can be purchased as long as the total is $100 or more in the same order.
    2. Select your Rewards Visa Card as your payment method at checkout.
    3. Enter ARCGIFT100 in the "Gift Cards & Promotional Codes" box and you will then see "Promotion Applied" in your Order Summary.
    4. After your purchase, you'll receive an email within 5 days containing a code for a $20 promotional credit that can be applied to your Amazon account.

    TRY IT DOESN'T WORK. CHAT WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY SAID I MISS UNDERSTAND. DIRECTIONS PRETTY CLEAR TO. (HIS CHAT CONVERSATION WITH ME) "Fernando: Oh! MR X, to be able to take advantage of the promo, first you need to purchase the gift card, then you will receive a code that you can apply to a purchase, to get the $20 ‎1‎:‎14‎:‎22‎ ‎PM"
    "HE SAID I understand your frustration, but every time you want to take advantage of a promo, be sure to read the terms and conditions, and apply it to the right item, so you won't have this inconvenience ‎1‎:‎40‎:‎42‎ ‎PM "

    Fernando: I can only cancel these items: ‎1‎:‎29‎:‎06‎ ‎PM
    6'x50' 3rd Gen Olive Green Fence Privacy Screen Windscreen Shade Cover Mesh Fabric (Aluminum Grommets) Home, Court, or Construction
    Craftsman 8 Pc Screwdriver Set, Phillips & Slotted, Made In USA
    The rest can't be canceled
    But once you receive them, you can return them and get a full refund
    Do you want me to cancel the 2 items?


    ", Have a great day and thank you for being part of the Amazon Family :) " order number: 107-9012424-6844220 (if amazon wants to try again with customer service)


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