US Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

US Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
U.S. Bankcorp
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-651-466-3000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-612-303-0782
Corporate Email:
Corporate Stock Symbol: USB

US Bank is a US bank with branches in most states. The bank operates ATM machines, credit card processing, consumer credit cards, mortgage lending, commercial lending and general banking services. US BankCorp is one of the premier banking institutions in the United States.

US Bank's Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-872-2657. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  1. This bank has the worst customer service ever experience stateside. They've lost/misapplied payments, they make hard-collection calls in the grace period timeframe, they speak condescendingly to their clients and generally harrass their good customers. I can't even imagine how they treat customers who are real deadbeats ... apparently they have a real problem with that as they treat everyone the same ... hideously.

    1. I agree. I closed my two accounts yesterday (7/25/14) because of being treated by the acting branch manager as if I were a stinking, rotting street bum. The bank branch has no people skills.

    2. Yes they do have horrible customer service. This is one bank that will lose so many customer based upon the call center.

  2. this bank does not do there job i have been waiting for almost 8 years for my name to be changed. I have done all of the requirements four times. no one wants to do there job. This bank stinks

  3. This bank misapplied payments on my parents mortgage. They threatened to foreclose. When shown proof that it was their error, US Bank only said "Oh well." I filed an executive complaint and got NOWHERE. I had to file a SECOND executive complaint. They do not do their job. I had to go through ALL of my parents account history and ALL corresponence for the last TEN YEARS to discover the errors that US Bank made. Thier so-called specialist, the "account analyst" either didn't find these errors or US Bank failed to acknowledge the erros. TERRIBLE BANK, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  4. This is an e-mail I got from one of their loan processers. Leaves a very professional impression (NOT).

    When I updated your taxes and insurance payment in the file we are short of funds now I have you roughly bringing
    in like $1122.00 do you have another bank institution where there is more money per your Us Bank I did not see that amount . ??? Can you send me the
    bank statements all pages if there is any large deposits over accumulating $750.00 then need to source where it came from .

  5. Today, I received a Lien Release Statement and a Paid Loan Confirmation, both dated Nov. 7th, 2012. One said to take this release and the original title to the Texas DMV to receive a lien free paper title. The problem is the release is from U.S. Bank. The title is in US Bank Recreation Finance at Address of 3268 Route 73 South BLDG 12, Wilmington OH 45177.

    I retired from banking after 45 years and this is the worst customer service of ever seen. I sold my RV two months ago and had to buy it back because I can't get my lien released.
    The Texas DMV will not except the release unless it is from US Bank Recreation Finance. I still can’t get clear title from my paid off loan and it has now been almost two months from pay off date. The Original title was sent to US Bank. I have never had it in my possession.

    How can I get my collateral released? Is there anyone at your “Bank” that understands Texas title work? I called several times and sent e-mails, but can’t get a release. Please help!!! I was refereed to US Bank by Good Sam RV. Don't make the same mistake as I did and finance your RV through them.

    Don, Dallas Texas

  6. i was put into check systems for someone wrote me a bad check for 200.00 dollars they drew the money out of my account and then closed all of my account and put me in check systems. Now i cannot get a checking account anywhere else. this bank is not playing with a full deck.

    trudy wisconsin

  7. I have had the worst experience with a US bank in Manitowoc, Wi. They lie constantly to you about what is happening with accounts, don't bother to even return calls and then lie again when you finally reach them. We have been trying to close on a home mortgage for 7, yes SEVEN months and are still having problems. Please people, stay away from this rotten place and go to a credit union.

  8. Do not open any type of account with US Bank. Every year around November or December they say they they do an evaluation of their customers accounts. Both times they have asked me at the drive up window if I was interested in some product. Most recently, they inquired about overdraft protection and I told them that I did have overdraft protection as my checking account was tied to my savings account. I have told them this several times, verified this was accurate and she said fine. She left and told me I was correct and my checking was tied to my savings. Nothing was ever mentioned about Premier Line of Credit, I did not give permission for them to do a credit check - if fact had told her I wanted nothing to do with any credit checks and she assured me that would not occur. It was only recently that I discovered I now have a $9,500 line of credit, they did a hard inquiry and my credit score was lowered 77 points immediately after they did the line of credit!! The only way this can be corrected is for the bank to write a letter to Transunion stating it was put on my account in error. At this point, they have refused to do anything. I live in a small town and know almost everyone, so it has been difficult for me to get any thing done at all. I shall be transferring my account to another bank in the morning and deal with them accordingly.

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  10. i have had the worst experience with any bank i have ever banked with, the tellers are dishonest, putting money into to one account when ytou tell them another and i am tired of the dishonesty and lack of integrity. Dee

  11. US Bank put a hold on my 89 year old mothers account because they are not happy with my POA which Chase Bank took and have been very helpful! My mom is under kaiser hospice and is dying! The only checks that are written from her US Bank account is for her kaiser health care and the facility she is in. They put a hold on the check that pays for her facility. I did not receive a phone call or a letter saying this action was going to done. And I did go to another US Bank and they were very professional and helpful and took my POA. And up until last month everything was working great. I called the district office and was told that the manager would contact me by the end of the week. I heard nothing! Chase Bank in Willow Glen CA has been a great help.

  12. Whatever happened to customer protections under banking regulations. There is no longer any real accountability and few employees have any real answers other than a "it's not our fault"--no matter what the situation. Without adequate training of employees; without allowing customers a path to a higher management level to address serious concerns; without OVERSIGHT nothing will change for the better at any bank. Wonder who gets good service -- check your Congressmen!

  13. A woman being fired for saying “Have a blessed day” is heating up the debate on political correctness.

    In 2009, Polly Neace of Kentucky heard the saying from one of her patrons at U.S. Bank. Polly liked the saying so much, she adopted it herself. Until recently, that is.

    The Daily Mail Reports:

    She said it all started in March 2011 when someone complained she had told them ‘have a blessed day’.


    In a Code of Ethics violation, US Bank states several customers had complained when Neace said the phrase, which has Christian connotations.

    Polly, who has worked for U.S. bank for twenty-four years, is filing a lawsuit on grounds that her termination was due to her religious beliefs.

    No word on yet on whether the bank is crossing out “In God We Trust” before handing customers their money.

  14. I agree. Not all but some are extremely callous. Young, inexperienced and knowhat the script says but not the customer. Is there anything else I can do for you today. you. another than charge me excessive fees that generate billions for these banks. answer no.

  15. Let me share my experince with US Bank and how they sold my home from under me. I was in the process of a modification and they had a complete file and told me that my sale date for Oct 15th was going to be postponed. They called me a few days later indicated that the negotiator needed more paystubs, so my third party sent them and they confirmed they received them.. On Nov 5, today we get a phone call from US Bank stating that they had bad news and that my home was sold on OCT 15th to a 3rd Party and that they were thinking about resending it but decided not to .. WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT>....... THEY SOLD MY HOME WITH OUT ME KNOWING AND CALLED ME 2 WEEKS LATER TO TELL ME THAT THEY NEVER POSTPONED THE SALE AND MY HOUSE SOLD AND THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO..... THIS IS SO ILLEGAL AND IT JUST SHOWS YOU HOW THEY DONT CARE .. SOME ONE DROPED THE BALL ON THERE END AND MADE THAT MISTAKE AND NOW THEY ARE COVERING IT UP ... AND ALL I CAN DO IS FILE A COMPLIANT WHICH I DID AND THEY REFUSED TO LET ME SPEAK TO A UPPER MANAGER CAUSE THE PERSON I WAS SPEAKING TO WAS A MANAGER AND HE REFUSED TO LET ME SPEAK TO HIS MANAGER .... WHAT AM I TO DO I HAVE A CHILD AND WIFE AND NOW THESE PEOPLE SOLD MY HOME . I CANT ANYONE TO HELP ME UNDERSTAND HOW THEY CAN LIE TO YOU AND DRAG THIS TWO WEEKS AND THEN TELL YOU SORRY YOU NO LONGER HAVE A HOME CAUSE WE SOLD IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LARRY GAINS OHIO

  16. this bank really do have a problem, my great aunt 93 year old luevada wright died three week ago, and her accounts are still being used, as if she is still alive,my mother is planning to sue. she also have accounts with chase bank and bank of America, we have not found out if those accounts are being used we have a lawyer working on it..the bank have not been of any help as far as imformation is concerened


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