Home Depot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Home Depot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
2455 Paces Ferry Road, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30339-4024 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-433-8211

Home Depot was started in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia.  They have grown into the largest retailer of hardware in the world.

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  1. Home Depot (Corporate Office Fax)


    1. Doesnt seem like a company that gives a crap! My sis has been working hard for them for 18 years On long Island and all of a sudden she is getting harrased in many different ways! Her new manager is blaming her for his screw ups! Sucks cause shes hard of hearing, she cant always here whats going on! Ive been telling her to go to an attorney cause from what she told me could really screw this companies name! But these so called store managers that are men do nothing! And im a man in the business world not a woman saying this! I would love to just go down there and show how much of a man I am! Then we will see who cries like my sister does EVERY DAY! Hope someones listening

    2. Hellow i am writing this complain regarding store #1706 ( kapolei hi)there is lots of favoritism, an really not fare w/us, they hire new employee w/higher pay then us...we been w/the company over 2yrs. not even made that, please your office do something about that.

    3. How can I report a suspicous amount of tools that a home depot employee brings in and out of his house and car? How do I get in touch with loss prevention from the home depot in Schaumburg, IL, so that they may start an investigation?

    4. The emloyee suspected of stealing from home depot on Barrington Road in Schaumburg, IL is a manager there and is known here in the neighborhood in Algonquin, not to be very social and has problems with police often.

    5. I'd like to leave a review on HOME DEPOT, 2560 BRUCKNER BLVD., BX., N.Y. 10465 RE: PATIO DOOR
      I started my journey into purchasing a patio door on Feb. 24, 2012 and got the run around of my life. They gave me an appointment for measuring the door only not to show up. I made another appointment. If that wasn't enough when I tried to purchase the door (Andersen Patio Door) there was no one in the door section in the store (on several occasions) to assist me. Finally on March 20, 2012 I ordered and paid for the door. The door arrived for Delivery on May 30, 2012. The installer was great BUT after installing the door the grill that I paid extra for did not fit. The grills are now in my dining room and still no one from the company has made any arrangement to assist me with this problem. This was the order from hell. I want this review published please. thx P.S. i PAID CLOSE TO $3,000.00 FOR THE DOOR

    6. I am a home owner for 20 years and have a rental property in another state - which I'm getting ready to quote out several refurbishments including siding and the replacement of windows. I REFUSE to consider Home Depot as a choice unless they switch their credit card from Citibank. The end of April we purchased a dishwashwer from Home Depot on our credit card - the next day our old unit mysteriously started working again so we canceled the order. The credit for the unit was run to the wrong credit card number. It took us 6 weeks and 5 phone calls to have the credit transferred to the right card. However, they ran the reversal twice and the credit twice. So now we are still out of balance on our credit cards. Not to mention that the one account reflected past due so we received automated calls as least 3 times per day from CitiBank to let us know our account was past due for merchandise we NEVER received. I'm closing the accounts and shoping at Lowe's unless you go with a different credit company.

    7. Everyone who works there khows that if you have been with the company for more than 10 years or mgn. thinks you make too much means your days are numbered. I have seen this happen often in just 1 store

    8. MICHELE - FAIR LAWN, NJAugust 29, 2012 at 10:53 AM

      6 doors and 9 months later still waiting for a front door from home depot in paterson- have been in contact with customer care in georgia since april - its almost september - the district manager knows about the problem - yet nothing is being done - I NEED HELP!!!!!

    9. Hi my name is Ben and would like to say that the $497 installation special is a scam. I am a carpenter my self and figured out how much material I needed plus the 497 installation fee. theie quot was 3000 higher than what I figured out. They added soooo many ridiculous charges that I told them i didn't need. now they refuse to install my floors even after I spent $,3770.67 and hauled it for them :(

    10. My name is Kevin Thompson and I purchased carpet from Home Depot in Rock Hill, SC store #1114. On the day of installation the carpet installers Home Depot hired never showed up or called. This is very very bad business for Home Depot. My home is up forsale. But because of Home Depot I've missed possible offers.

    11. I am retired Military but also have been working overseas with our military for the past 8 years. I find it ridiculous that Home Depot WILL NOT SHIP to APO and FPOI address and their customer service gives a even mor ridiculous reason. I purchase many items thru the internet from many retailers in the U.S. all happy to do business with me and ship their mechandise to me. However Home Depot seems to think it is not in their interest to do business with our soldiers and families and not to support all of us over here protecting the U.S. and Home Depot.
      So we take our money and spend it with HD's copetotors who glad take it and support us and send there mechansdise to us.
      Home Depot you should be ashamed at not supportink Soldiers and their Families!!
      I do hope "someone 'from corporate reads this.

    12. I made a call to the Merrick blvd. store in Queens. I have been on hold since 1:45pm to this current time which is 2:27pm. I have been transferred a total of 6 times. All I want to know is if your screen doors come with removable screens so that it can be replaced with glass in the winter. Do you not educate your employees on product information What the heck. I just switched lines to take a call and still no one has picked up. I guess you have to be a contractor to get decent service. I had my doors measured on Wednesday and I'm online looking for doors. WOW I am still on hold. This is absolutely ridiculous. I hope you all know how this feels as a customer. Please someone check to see that this is a true story. I called and was transferred over and over. I then hung up pressed redial which took a second and now I'm at the end of my message and still holding. It is now 2:36. Why even have customer service if that is the last thing that your company is good at.
      My name is Tracy

    13. Tracy again. Just for the record no one ever picked up after I was transferred. The phone automatically cut off at 2:40pm. I was on hold from 1:45pm-2:08pm then 2:08pm-2:40pm.

      I went to the Home Depot in Maple Heights, Ohio store # 3804, I bought a brand new Hot water tank 2 -1/2 yrs. ago. In the 2nd year I had to get a part on the unit replaced. They would give me the part but I had to pay a plumber to install the part at my own cost. Now the tank is leaking from the bottom which means that it was a faulty tank and must have been rusted on the bottom or something. All I know is that I called the reem company that makes the tanks, and they agreed that home depot can issue me another tank. But I had to get a plumber to bring it back and then Have my plumber to install it. If they did it for me they will charge $85.00 trip fee, $329.00 for installation and $65.00 for some other part. More money for a permit etc. By the time this guy was done the cost was at $700.00. and Depending on where it is and how it is situated, it might cost a little more to remove it. Then they told me that the tank I already have cost a little more now. So I needed to pay the difference Of $140.00 I said WOW !!! I may as well just buy another hot water tank.

      Home depot sells be a defective tank, that I only get 2 full yrs. Of use and they get to charges me all over again because they don't stand behind their products. Today, I am Mad as Hell !! . Then I said ok, since your telling me that you owe me the credit for my tank $279.00, if I get your tank back to you can you just give me my money back? The Assistant Supervisor tells me yes, WE will be Happy to give you a ( STORE CREDIT ). I TOLD HIM NO, I JUST WANT THE MONEY PUT BACK ON MY CARD. Well that was not an option. So now I am being forced to shop there. Being robbed of my rights to spend my funds elsewhere. During this horrible Ordeal, I must have been transferred to 6 different departments and received no satisfaction at all. I explained that I had no problem with paying within reason, but $700.00 is just ridiculous !! since the unit is only 2yrs old, can I get a break on the install or the prorated cost of the unit. (give me something )...The answer was a Straight out NO. It was at that very moment I learned that Home Depot does not care about their customers being happy or satisfied at all. If there is any way I can get some help with this situation, or some type of ratification I would really appreciate it.

    15. They are the worst Hardware company ever!!! a bunch of Thieves and liars. I will be telling everyone I know, not to ever shop at Home Depot. even if you buy something from them which I NEVER will again...you should have a plan for getting it to you home and your own institution plan. the installation is where they get you. The contractors and home depot is in cahoots check all warranty paperwork, labor and parts because their warranty is even a joke its Crap too. I hope this keeps someone else from becoming their next victim.

    16. re: store 8976 The worst home depot I have ever seen. Employees are over worked , under payed, some discrimination. The store is under stocked, management non existant. Poor lack of education in management skills, computer systems out dated , store to cramped, not organized well. LOTS of theft security non exist, parking lot dangerous.

  2. Hello I am writing because my son worked at Home Depot in Columbia Mo for 3 years. He was terminated because he and another employee were horseplaying, the other employee had no consequences for his actions but since he was the one who complained my son was fired. My son has tried repeatedly to get employment but has not had any luck, can't this company please reconsider his termination. I know the people who worked with him liked him and his work habits. Please again please give him another chance.

  3. I complained about my cell phone being missing after home depot had a sales person come to my home, to measure for a patio door, I complained to the Supervisor at the Gardena CA location, and I am still waiting for a response from you, how long does it take, to have someone call me,I was again in the Home depot location in Gardena CA and left my cell #, for Linda the supervisor to call me, I gave her all of the details about the problem, if you need more please call me. she or no one have called me, please show that you have some compasion for your faithful custome who as I stated recently spent over 2,000.00 dollars, and was going to spend more, but my cell phone came up missing, and there was no one in the home but the two(2) of us.What do you have to say when your customers need answers.

  4. I just spoke with Linda at the Gardena Store, she states that I keep calling her, she can't do anything for me, but yet everytime I call to speak with some one above her she starts yelling, and telling me that she can't do anything for me, I ask her not to raise her voice to me that I am not her child I am a grown woman, she said I am a grown woman to, this is not how I handle business, please refer me to some one that is professional, and know how to talk in a mature, professional manner. manner.

  5. I am having a problem with some carpet that was installed in our house. The carpet was installed before the doors and trim were in and now there is a two inch gap where the carpet stops and the door closes leaving a lovely gap of concrete in our newly finished basement. I have gone to the Home Depot expiditor who in turn spoke to the manager saying that their installers performed in the scope of the duties. I have asked to see the paper I supposedly signed saying that I okayed the seams and I have not gotten anything back. Is there someone who can help me with this? They want another $150 to fix a mistake that I think a contractor should have been able to avoid.

    1. Let me tell you the reason why your screwed. These hacks Homedepot farm their installs to dont care about you. They care about their bottom line. You pay $700 to have your flooring installed and they pay what ever they pay the installation co. Who then farms it out yet again to a sub contractor. See where we are going?? Sub contractors are vackground checked to make sure they arent criminals thats it. They didnt call not one of my references NOT ONE!!! They made sure I had insurance and BWC which i picked up the day before hire. I am a skilled tile setter with 16 years experience by the time i get to your house they only want to pay me $130 to tear out and reinstall new flooring. Obviously I wont work for that can you imagine the kind of guys that will work for that?? They are your installers good luck.

  6. In the process of getting supplies for a custom wooden crate to transport my wood shop, I stopped in the Home Depot in Yucca Valley, CA. The wood was shy of soaked, but I hand picked the "best" dry wood I could find (due to the factor of time). My wife went in the next day and went to get more wood and ALL the wood was soaked. A representative at the store cavalierly responded "I'll tell the manager". I'm curious as to how the wood got soaked in the first place and why customers weren't informed the wood was water logged. Not very good for business. Starting to think Lowe's is the place to "build things together".

  7. I have put in a complaint regarding my roof installation. Home Depot keeps referring my problem to the new service provider and the new service provider has yet to actually discuss the problem with me. The new service provider has discussed with the old service provider and they have actually gone on my roof (I believe that is trespassing as it was without my knowledge or consent) and added chalking to the flashing. 6 weeks later I am still waiting to discuss with the service provider the damage. My preference is to speak with Home Depot and not pass off problems to those that did the installation. Home Depot must stand behind their product of installation as that is where I ordered the new roof from and that is who I paid. What is the Home Depot guarantee worth?


  9. there is an employee who used to work at the N Fontana Ca store he has made numerous colored comments about women and what he likes to do to them and how does the Home Depot reward him they transefer him to a diffrent store in San Berardino on E. Hospitality Ln. Becareful ladies he likes to give out his number tall bald dark and handsome till he talks ad has earings and the Home Depot keeps this pervert there Im going to Lowes from now on.

    1. Home depot sucks they don't treat there employs right They don't the stores luck like crap they fired lot people who did nothing wrong two save money they need new VP & managers no costumer skills at all Dundalk md

    2. they get rid of the good ones and keep the bad ones....

    3. That is true they let the good one's and keep the one that don't work.cause. I work for them and they have Sam that are lazy.They have tattoos on their arms earings and don't even hide the tattoos.Manger has his favourite. Get to work Monday Thur

      Friday 6-2 pm. This the store in Scottsbluff,Ne.

  10. I live in illinois and believe in good customer service, however i find myself trying to avoid the employees in the aisles because each one of them will ask if they can help me. And being asked every aisle is annoying. Just having them there is good enough and if a customer needs help they have someone there to ask.

  11. Received a gift card for Christmas for $50.00 - Misplaced it - but got the receipt from the person who bought it. Since they bought it with cash I have been told there is no way for it be reissued. Even though it has the last 4 numbers from the gift card on the receipt, they can't trace it, or, determine whether or not it has been used. How much money do you think is in that slush fund from people who don't use the rest of the money on their card. Always use a credit card to purchase from Home Depot. So very disappointed. Going to Lowes now.

  12. On February 22, 2012, I found an ad on-line for a step-in tub on sale with Home Depot. I called about the ad and spoke with 3 different ladies. The last lady I spoke with suggested that I find a plumber we could afford because the plumber Home Depot partners with wanted $10.000. to install the tub. I could not believe that price just to install a tub. I called back this morning (2/23/12) to order the tub as I finally found a plumber that we could afford at less than half of the other guys. Guess what? The tub was no longer on sale and the new price was double. I called Home Depot and finaly after pleading my case, I was told that I had to send my copy that I made on my printer to some fellow named Derrick Peterson and maybe if I was lucky he would honor the price. I am still waiting for a response. I sent the paper via email. I can't believe this happened because the deadline for the sale price extended from 2/18 to 3/31 of this year. We have loyal to Home Depot for over 20 years and considering the amount of monies we have spent we feel that we deserve better. Very disappointed!

  13. 7200 South Cicero Avenue
    Bedford Park
    (708) 728-9200

    My Husband and I went to this store. We need to buy a few different things. One of those things was paint. 4 gallons. We waited and waited in the paint section, till my Husband went and asked a worker for help. that worker called the "paint guy" to come to his station to help us. In the mean time people started to also wait for service. When the "paint guy" came he chose to help the others and ignored us. It was obvious this was a racial thing. The others that were waiting were smirking.

    I was upset and wanted to complain, but my Husband wanted to leave.
    We then went to Menard's and was taken care of, we purchased 4 gallons of paint, stain, trim, polyurethane and a brand new refrigerator.

    We have a whole house to remodel and we will never step foot into a Home Depot again.

    Reading this past comments it looks like Home Depot should be put out of business.

  14. my wife: We come to your home depot store in lawton, ok on cache rd. to purchase a riding lawn mower, i pick one out and get a quote and they tagged it and then we go back the next day write a check, they loaded it on our trailer we took it home and used it. and we found out this morning, march 14, 2012 it's the wrong mower your employees loaded on our truck. We found out this morning we either had to pay an extra 550.00 for this particular lawn mower or make another trip to your store and bring it back for your employees mistake.....CAN YOU FEEL MY FRUSTRATION WHEN I LIVE OVER 30 MILES ONE WAY!!! I've already spent 250 in gas and another trip hauling a lawn mower on a borrowed trailer that cost me another 25 for the trailer.....And another 25 for borrowing the trailer...Please help me out.....I've made no mistakes.....I REFUSE TO PAY FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES MISTAKE.... ALL I WANTED WAS A LAWN MOWER W/O ALL THIS STRESS FROM YOUR STORE. I'll be in the store March 15, 2012 at lawton, ok!!! CALL US AT 580.512.9421 OR coachwes.aldridge@gmail.com

  15. As an exdriver for Estenson Logistics in California. Home Depot should expire Estenson Logistics contract. Home Depot is getting ripped off by Estenson Logistics on delivery time. Delivery are able to be delivered shorter and on time without the extra hours being added and charged to Home Depot. Instead of firing those truly hard working, responsible, dedicated, career minded, family orientated, respectful, and dependable individuals across the United States. Focus on Home Depots transporter for Home Depots products, and calculate the time it takes to deliver as in TIME AND SPEED TO DELIVER. You will notice Home Depot can save a lot of money by reviewing the logs of these truckers.

  16. i was just at the olean home depot bought paint the lid was not on tight and when i put it in my car it fell over and lid came off and got all over my husbands less than a year old car heart my daughters shirts and on my husbands shoes and on the floor of my car i was not waitting two hours for my car to be shampooed all they wanted to do is give replace the paint i did not have time to wait for my car to be done when i have someone in the hospital very sick

  17. i am a long time shopper at HD , i have the HD credit card im never late with my payment untill this first time im one payment behind ($71.00) because you did not send us a bill. your automated calling system has called me 5 times a day for the last 3 days 8.30 in the morning on saturday , i sat through your recording telling me how imperitive it is that i pay immediately !!!! the bill i received 5 days ago said i got till the apr 16th ... today is the apr 7th , i finaly got a person on the phone and plead my case ! the voice tells me that she can't help me ,nothing she can do ! THIS IS NOT VERY GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE !! here in michigan we have a lowes right next to HD , im not happy the way you treat your long time loyal customers ...you make me feel like you don't care im going to cut up my HD card

  18. Re Home Depot Elmont, NY... I waited 40 min for someone to help me in the door dept. 3 announcements were made. No one showed. I went to customer service & was handed a number to call & complain. Called them who got in touch with a manager at HD who asked me to come in the next morning to order the doors & would give me a discount. When I returned the next day , the manager was not there & the salesperson knew nothing abt a discount. I am out 3 hours total of my time but HD is out a valuable customer .

  19. false advertisingApril 16, 2012 at 9:10 PM

    You really don,t know a corporations in(competence)until you test their ability.WOW!
    Where I choose to spend my money on home improvement has changed, Starting today.
    I,ve spent 5 hrs in the last 2 days dealing with numbnuts on all levels.
    I went on hd website looking to purchase a generator, couldn,t do it online so i called website helpdesk, they claimed i had to purchase the product at a store, so i called first store and they had no listing of the product in their system,finally at the third store i called they helped me get a generator on order, took my cc# and everything. Next day they call me and say they can,t order it for me.WHAT! The mgr of the store tells me that she can,t order it, then i told her their website is bogus and that they are false advertising, then she tells me she can special order it, only it,s going to be 350.00 more.

  20. I have visited several of your stores in central Iowa, I seem to run into the same person at at least 3 of your stores, a man working with the annual and perinnials he is very rude and very non-professional. I will not buy another flower from Home Depot as long as he is working at your stores.

  21. I went in to home depot her in phoenix.
    The one on cave creek and bell road almost two weeks ago to have a sliding door put in.
    They scheduled a measurement appt for three thirty on the next thursday between 3.30 and5.30 thurs afternoon.
    The salesman showed up early and caused difficulties because he was NOT there at the agreed upon time.
    He was early, then he assured me i would be contacted
    within TWO days to pay and schedule the installation.
    Well.... NO ONE CALLED, and the store policy is 48 hour turn around.
    After waiting SIX days to be contacted i finally went to the store and talked with the manager, She exclaimed "REALLY"
    What an idiot.
    Needless to say i will NEVER use CHUMP DEPOT for any of my needs.
    They are INCOMPETENT, and they dont care about you as a customer , just their bottom line.
    Home Depot should be run out of town on a rail.
    Disgusted with rip off depot in PHOENIX.

  22. begining to think that Mr Bell on Hospiality lane in san bernardino is paid to be a pervert....

  23. Went to the Home Depot with my 84 year old mother to get fertilizer for her yard in March 2012 and that was my first mistake...They would not take her check and this woman never wrote a bad check in her life..........We then went to Lowe's on the same day and they took her check no problem. Contacted them on several occassions and still have not heard a thing. Lowe's has all business from now on. I flip houses on the side and I used to spend $30,000 a year at their store in Matthew's NC. Not any more...................

  24. I am directing this post to home depot headquarters in regards to home depot store #920, home decor dept. #59.
    The employees name is Jacqueline Teja. This employee ordered
    levelor blinds for my house in 2007. I recently had the pleasure to order more blinds this past week. The service
    she gave me 5 yrs. ago was exactly the same. She should be
    acknowledged by the company for her consistent dedication to
    customers. I was very impressed by Jacquelines expertise and patience. In todays economy this work ethic she has will keep
    me and my husband shopping at home depot. Please commend her for her hard work, good employees are hard to come by!

  25. I need a clear tap replacement filter they decide not to carry It it costs me 70 percent more from $ 20.00 to $ 36.00
    that's the America now price gouging the consumer
    I have to have It its water
    A In house decision affects the consumer not very

  26. 7/14/12

    Home Depot Corporate Headquarters
    Attn: Tinzley, Home Depot Customer Care Team Member
    2455 Paces Ferry Road, NW
    Atlanta, GA 30339-4024
    Phone Number: 1-770-433-8211

    Re: Department of Veterans Affairs Discount

    Dear Tinzley,

    I have been a customer of Home Depot located in Chico, California since the store opened many years ago. One June 29, 2012, I purchased a hand-held shower head for my wife’s bathroom. While a very nice female store associate was helping this 88-year old veteran select the correct shower head, she noticed that I was wearing my U.S. Army Air Corps hat. She reminded me, “Don’t forget to ask for the Veteran’s discount.” Your “Veterans Discount” had been advertised in my local newspaper (with no specific information) so I was aware of the opportunity and thanked her for reminding me.

    When I arrived at the check-out counter I removed my Veteran’s Administration identification card from my wallet and was shocked when the female sales associate said my VA card was "no good" because it did not have some sort of writing on it. The cashier then showed me a piece of paper that contained a facsimile of the type of card she expected me to have.

    I asked the cashier if I could please have the piece of paper that contained the facsimile “proper card with appropriate writing” and she said no, that it was the store’s copy.

    I then requested the cashier make me a photocopy of the facsimile “proper card with appropriate writing” and she said no, she was not allowed to give them to customers. The cashier went on to state, “You might be able to the correct card at the Veteran’s Administration office.”

    I told your sales associate that I believed Lowe’s offers veteran’s discounts and she replied, “Maybe you should go there.” I told your sales associate that I was not a huge fan of Lowe’s but that I could learn to like them if the attitude of Home Depot’s employees was so poor.
    I informed your cashier that I served three (3) years in WWII; one (1) year in the Korean War; and six (6) years in the reserves. Your cashier was unimpressed.

    While you sales associate eventually gave me a discount in the amount of $4.50, she stated, “You will not get a discount again.”

    Since that date, my Internet research has uncovered Home Depot’s actual veteran discount policy: “All military personnel and veterans are eligible for a 10% discount at all The Home Depot store locations during many national holidays such as Memorial day, July 4th, Labor day and Veterans Day. Additionally, the 10% discount is available to active and reserve military personnel, retired or disabled veterans and their spouses or dependent children every day, upon request.” Note that Home Depot's ad in my local newspaper did not clearly state this policy.

    Why your Chico Home Depot sales associate was unaware of the above policy is a mystery but her poor attitude was inexcusable. Further Internet research has uncovered hundreds of veterans complaining about Home Depot’s varying discount policies. I still have no idea where to obtain the "correct" VA card.

    I highly recommend Home Depot clearly post its veteran discount policy in each store and ensure all associates are properly trained so future confusion and frustration on the part of America’s heroes can be avoided.

    1. Your lucky you even gt one at all.. Although I think all vetrins should but HD employees dont even get a discount .. now thats some BS

  27. I've been working at Home Depot as a temp.My 90day term was up,and they just let me go,I really enjoyed working there,I was able to meet lots of interesting people,everyone was so nice,I was just starting to learn and remember all the things I was responsible for,I was doing a great job keeping things organized,had great customer skills and alot of construction knowledge,it seems to me that all this company wanted to work for them was some young kid they could push around or pass the buck,they never did ask me what my strong points were. I think that the people of Home Depot need to re-evaluate there main employees for I really don't think they're paying attention as to why they're not making as much money and losing all thier customers to rival competiters.

    1. Home Depot's intent is to run all the stores with part time employees and a hand full of poorly qulified low payed managers. Expect to get paid minium or slightly above wage and don't even consider benefits. If ofered benefits you wont be able to pay for them on what your paid.

    2. In my state, Panda Express starts employees at higher wages than Home Depot does, and there are employees that have worked for the company for years that make less than employees who have worked less years. I have also seen higher wages for different sex (men vs. women) and people who seem to be iked more by managers.

    3. i agree with that 100% and the managers don't like you for being a good worker it is other things. i was told out right i would have to associate more with other employees to get noticed. Most people choose friends with like values and morals to spend leisure time with and to say the least most of the employees at the hd where i work have no morals or values. i am not required to associate with these sorts of people to do a good job and care about my customers. I endure great amounts of scoldings, neative comments about myself and verbal abuse (not curse words but gripping and snapping at me because i bothered an associate to see if they could help a costmer) all this in front of the costomers. I once (after being told by the appropriate dept. asso. to call soandso) asked this asso. if he could cut a customer some material and this asso. gave me a three minute scolding asking me why i couldn't go do it didn,t i know that yet? I am a cashier and do know how to measure and use a scissor type tool but i cannot leave my register and this asso. (a dpt. haed) was just was just standing at the service desk. In the meantime the customer was waiting. AS far as favoratism toward employees we have one who gets fri, sat, and sundays off and has been there little over a yr. (as oppossed to severl others with much more time) gets a dollar an hour more because they speek another languge (which they were born into) and get away with missing loads of time. One day i may have discovered why this is. I stepped up to give this person a break and a customer came to the counter and said to me ------- is nasty (i guess they thought i would want to partake) the employee said no you are nasty the customer said no you are bantering back and forth until employee walked away to break. I felt very embarrased and uncomfortable. This however makes me wonder if this might be what stands out about this otherwise poor quality employee.

    4. I am not sure how you get hd to notice your qualities or qualifications. It is all in your app. you think thats why they hire you. turns out they didn't even read any of that and no matter how many times you tell them or make use of your skills and knowledge they still don't catch on. Don't feel too bad i know you lost that income but there has got to be places to work that respect knowledge and expeience. The pay is not very good but worse then that is being treated with so much disrespect by your co-workers all the time all the way through the store manager.

  28. After 3 calls to the benefits hot line I was told that they knew nothing about the Affordable Care Act. Corporate also claimed ingnorance and advised me that they would notify (guess who) benefits choice people. Just incase an employee happens to read this here is a bit of information that directly affects you!

    A new provision of the Affordable Care Act - called the Medical Loss Ratio, or the "80/20? provision - could mean some Americans will see a rebate from their health insurance companies tomorrow.

    The provision is aimed at holding health insurance companies accountable for how they spend the money collected through premiums. It compares the dollars they spend on health care costs vs. other overhead costs - like marketing, salaries and administrative expenses.

    Under the law, small-group and individual-plan insurance companies that annually spend less than 80 percent of premium dollars on medical care owe their customers a rebate. For insurers to large businesses, the percentage split is 85-15.

    This is the first year the provision is in effect, and insurance companies that owe rebates must pay them by tomorrow, Aug. 1.

    1. Every home depot employee should have already been advised about this law.

  29. The people who are there as employees are there for many reasons - the sad side to that known fact, if management knows why you are REALLY there - it's over. They will figure out how to get you to hate it so you will quite - God forbid you have fun at work and do an honest days work without being bullied or harassed by management.

  30. I purchased a GE refrigerator that has had it’s mother board replaced 3 times. In my extended warrantee it states that we get a new one after 3 times of the same problem. I was told by customer crap, I mean care that I will not be getting a new one because I didn’t request one after the third time. I did tell them I wanted a new one. After 7 month of hackling with customer crap, I mean care I have gotten nowhere. I am so sick of their crap that I am about to take them to court. Their Customer Care doesn’t CARE at all.

  31. My comments are not directed toward the retail area of THD, but more toward company values. This country and industry was based on religious beliefs. In God We Trust! THD is a good company, but could be better if they would quit promoting the gay and lesbian movement. God will not bless a company with emoral actions. Please stop supporting gays and lesbians. If your not going to turn to christian values, at least become neutral.

  32. I am at the Jonesboro rd store and the customer service is horrible. They have people working in tool rental that can not even work the computer system or know what tools are. He is a rude little ass. They tried to over charge me for equipment rental and then no one would even get me the assistant store manger to try to resolve the issue. I stood inside the store and called the store so I could get the asm myself. This store is a joke and I will not return to this store and will be hard to go back to any home depot for anything. I will now go get me a lowes card and drive an extra 6 miles to get my supplies. I spend thousands a week in home depot and have for a long time. Customer service is the thing I have seen fall the worst.

  33. I own a business in panama city florida I shopped at home depot for years the store in panama city # 6303 really has gone down hill in the past year there is a few good employees left they got rid of all the long term employees that knew what customer service is now they have managers there that sit in the office drink coffee ,smoke outside and don't give a d___m. I found out that Lowes across the street wants my business so I now shop there. Its to bad that home depot doesnt want to pay good employees what they are worth now they have lower wage employees that don't know what they are doing and not loyal to the company.

  34. I too think some of the home depot stores do not care about their customers, but the store is only as good as it's employee's, and manager's. I recently had an experience, my husband bought me a leaf blower for christmas and added a two year extended warranty, I opened it on christmas day, only to find it had been used ,returned ,put back in the box, on the shelf and resold, which happen to be the one he purchased, we took it back a couple weeks after christmas and exchanged it for a new one. this was in january, we have not been able to get it started since we bought it. (let me go back a little) when we exchanged it the sales clerk told us "oh yes you are in the system with the serial number, no need to keep the reciept , just come in and give your name if you ever have any problems with in the next 2 years with the machine"), so we are now at end of Feburary, we went to our east bakersfield store to exchange it, get another kind or something as we can not use this one it doesnt start.of course the first thing they ask ,do you have your reciept, we tried to explain our story to the store manager he did not even want to deal with itbecause we did not have the reciept .told us we would have to send it back to the manufacturer to get it replaced, even though we have never used it.after a very lengthly argument we left the store very unsatisfied. so we decided to go to the other home depot across town to see what they had to say, after explaining our story, the employee called her manager, got an over ride approval, we returned the blower and purchased an electric one, they were more than willing to help resolve our situation. So according to my situation the store is only as good as the manager, WHY COULDN'T THE OTHER STORE MANAGER DO THE SAME THING YOU ASK?, HE JUST DIDNT CARE.. i did leave that store satisfied, but I will definately think twice before buying a large item from them , and by the way we lost the money we paid for the 2 year extended warranty because we did not have the reciept. so in a way the store made an extra 150$.I did not purchase the extended warranty on the new one. I learned my lesson.

  35. The purpose of this email is to communicate the worst experience I have had as a customer at your store located in Madison, Hts., MI.
    The Home Depot in Southfield, MI was only able to supply me with 28 sq yard of flooring material –SKU 732-233 and indicated that the
    Store in Madison Hts. Could supply me with the remaining 24 sq yards. I made resource arraignments to pick up the material. I inform the
    Madison, Ht. flooring Associate of my needs. He checks the racks on the floor and indicates he has to go check in the back. He returns and tells me
    The receiving dock is tied up and I would have to come back later or tomorrow. I explained my resource issue and how far I had to travel to pick up the stock.
    The associate then goes into the back to see and returns and says they don’t have the material.
    I then went to the customer service desk to get some help on the matter. The associate then places a page assistance in the flooring area.
    I over hear her comment “the material is buried”. She then returns to me and says, “we are out of that material”. I contacted the Home Depot
    store in Novi and they confirmed that they had what I needed to complete my job and confirmed that the Madison Hts store had the materials as well.
    The experience at 1 store represent what to expect from the next and Home Depot as a whole. Jim, the associate in Novi, MI, saved the day, but
    I’m reluctant to do business with your stores as a result of my experience with the chain in Madison, Hts.

    Mad as Hell consumer

  36. I use to work at the Troy, Mi (2706). I went in to talk to 2 people I use to work with. They weren't there. The Assisstant Manager Tom threw me out for nothing more than asking other associates if they were there. He claims I was being bothering them. I was never treated this badly anywhere before. No of my former managers would every do anything like this to me. I will never shop at that or any Home Depot ever again.

  37. Well, as of a month ago, I was 1 happy person. After being out of work 2 yrs, I got hired on @ a name brand home improvement store #4004.I loved my job. At the time of the interview, I had explained to them I had been caring for my mom for 16+ yrs, and that she always was first in my life, no matter what. Well their motto is" they are all about family" except for mine apparently. I had called into work to let them know I was in the ER with my mom, who had fallen sometime during the morning, we were waiting on CT scan, xrays..etc...and basically was told by my manager, was that her only concern was it was going to be a hot day, and that my ass better damn well be there @ my scheduled time to care for the plants. WTH? I mean at that point in time we didn't even know what was happening with Mom, no results were back yet, could she go home later, was she being admitted? We didn't know anything...I said I could call her later and let her know, but most likely I would stay with my mom. So then basically she gave me an ultimatum, be here at your scheduled time to do your job or else, so when I asked what I was supposed to do with my mom cause there is no one else to be there with her, for her, she replied "I don't give a f**k if you leave her in the ER lobby as long as you are here on time" .My mouth just dropped....All I could say was "Really? Then I guess my ass will be at the hospital with my mom"! I was shocked at that for one, No one....well, no one in their right mind anyway, had ever talked to me like that before and two....her and whom else was gonna make me? And the strange thing was just the day before 3 of my other managers told me what a great job I was doing. Now I wonder if they share her feelings as well as her opinions.I am also wondering if the main HR dept at the home office would express that same rudeness. Nevertheless it's a shame they are gonna miss out on one HELL of a hard working employee.

  38. Wow, after that whole ordeal I went through Sat. with mom in the ER and my demanding employer, I never called them after that. Low and behold, today I get a call wanting to know if everything was alright cause I had missed work and no one had heard from me. So, when I called back to tell them exactly why I hadn't been in, they told me that they "needed" me back at work, and that this matter would be looked into. Hmmmm...kinda makes a person wonder. Any thoughts?

    Well guys, I guess I was right about that orange home improvement place. Their motto being "We're all about family" should get changed to "We're all about family as long as you are not caring for anyone sick or elderly that will take you away from watering our BEGONIAS ( a little humor for you Ax men fans) What a game they play..."Oh, we need you..please come back, we'll work with you however we can". , So changed my hours to help us both out, or so I thought. Went from 5 days to 4 same amount of hours, just not costing me a Benjamin to go to work those 5 days, then when i get home, there's already a message to call store manager asap. I call and she starts in with "tardiness, unexcused absences" and how irresponsible I am and not giving 100% to the "store"...So she says maybe now isn't a good time for me to work there and I should resign, and when mom gets better I am more then welcome to reapply. Reapply??? When mom gets better??? Where does this woman get her drugs?? Mom is 88 yrs young, how much better does she think Mom can get in a couple weeks , month??? And then there's her awesome suggestion....why not put her in assisted living? Damn....freakin jail for the elderly, why didn't I think of that?? So her final words were, "come in tomorrow and turn in your resignation, and things will be better for you. I said "Oh yeah...I am so freakin thrilled with that idea, that I wanna waste yet another $20 on gas to see your mug, NO Thanks! I see what game you're playing, better for company if I quit as opposed to if you fire me due to my mothers health issues and how I was talked to, and treated right?? ...Just send my check today, I earned it, and maybe management needs to take a class on respect, compassion and how to treat employees.".........HMMMMMmmm...waiting..................*sigh*............still waiting..No check....hmmmmm..2 weeks so far...STILL no check....Hey lawyers, isn't that illegal in the USA??

  39. i saw a young man chewed out at the hempstead home depot by his store manager on the floor guess she did not see me in the insulation area. she proceeded to tell him he has done nothing all day but go to the break room or bathroom i am not 100% sure and when the young man attempted to refute said statement he was cut off and his explanation ignored and dismissed.

    i later saw this young man by another manager who he proceeded to ask did i not do all i was asked to do today? the asm replied yea i know you've been working hard i watched said associate ask several people this question and all answers where relatively the same. when asked why he made the inquiry he said the store manager said i didn't accomplish anything today so i was curious if i had just not been working and imagined it.

    i approached said associate before i left and asked him why he didn't try harder to prove the accusation of his lack of work was false he said i need my job and getting into it with my boss over what she believes to be the truth would most likely not end well.

    now i do not want this young man to lose his job but i felt this should be brought to someones attention.
    is that how home depot works you can just throw around accusations how ever you please regardless of the validity and make hard workers fear for there jobs. without taking even a moment to verify said belief or listen to the other persons side of the story that one sidedness will lose home depot a lot of valuable employees and more importantly customers because when i needed help in plumbing and couldn't find a rep. i asked him and he helped me same with loading my soil and just being knowledgeable of the store

    by a shocked consumer


  41. If you have a problem with Home Depot, the best thing to do is chalk it up as a lesson learned and never do business with them again because they truly will never care what you have to say so just quit, you are wasting your breath.

    I purchased a refrigerator and an extended warranty from them. The ice maker will not work properly. The service technicians from their designated service company have been out twice and have not been able to fix it. Having already dealt with this service company before, I knew they would not get it fixed and requested that Home Depot send out another servive provider to fix the ice maker. Their solution was to get another company to come out and make a diagnostic evaluation and then send in the same idiots to fix it who couldnt to begin with. For gosh sake's, its just an ice maker. How hard could it be? I think just buying ice trays will be a lot simpler. Certainly will not be furnishing my new kitchen nor baths with anything from Home Depot. I told my husband if I buy so much as a light bulb from them in the future, to kick me in the rear.

  42. To the Anonymous coward who is a bible thumping "christian", (yeah right) boycotting Home Depot because they support gays as equal humans, you are an idiotic b**ch! Everyone deserves to be treated as equal and to have the same marriage benefits pure and simple. If you don't believe that, too effin' bad, get over it! I'm sure your churchy churchness makes you think you're better than everyone else even though you KNOW that judgement isn't for you or anyone else to make here on earth! This is EXACTLY why church and state needs to be separate. The bible is NOT supposed to be the governmental standard and you dumbass repuGnicans who keep trying to push your religious agendas onto the whole country and the world while you advocate to keep your killing machines (firearms) are DISGUSTING!!! Get your priorities correct stupid homophobe!!!

  43. john jonson you are an idiotic ASSHOLE if you think they really help any needy people!!! Hell they don't even help the people that pay for their products! Of course these incidents all happened or these people and I wouldn't be here! My store has (in the past anyway) always been gracious about returning items without a receipt. How the hell could two seniors smuggle out four wicker chairs and a table without a receipt?! You are a DUMBASS CRACKER!!! And that's coming from a white person btw!

  44. where do i call to report or complain an employee for doing malicious things at work while on the clock?

  45. I had new sound and security windows installed by home depot. The salesman assured me the windows would be energy efficient as well as diminish outside traffic noise. Well, the windows are drafty and further research on my part disclosed that the sound proofing only affects high frequencies, not low ones such as traffic. The brochure assured potential customers that these windows would reduce outside noise by 50%. The salesmen were nice but did not have a clue about what they were selling and still don't. I'm stuck with these windows unless I get any attorney.........

  46. I contacted Home Depot Corporate offices today in order to receive clarification regarding their policy concerning legal carry of concealed weapons in their stores.

    The person I spoke with assured me that Home Depot does respect the 2nd Amendment, however, refused to provide a written copy of their policy concerning legal carry in their stores.

    I explained that in the absense of HD providing a public statement about its support for our Constitutional rights, the perception will continue to be defined by what happened in the Iowa Home Depot, i.e., that legally armed customers are not welcome at Home Depot.

    Home Depot Corporate refused to provide a written policy position concerning its support of the 2nd Amendment. Take this information for what it is and act accordingly.

  47. My family has been shopping at Home Depot for many years now and have been satisfied with them. Today I heard an alarming story about Home Depot's corporate postion regarding the 2nd Amendment, and an attempt by Home Depot to bar a legal, concealed carry weapon from one of its stores in Iowa.

    We have several choices of competing stores to Home Depot in our area where we may do business, so it is important to our family to understand the following from the Home Depot Corporate Office.

    "What is Home Depot's policy about legally carried concealed weapons in their stores?"

    Thank you.

  48. while i was in your area quincy ma. 177 willard st. i visted your store, just shopping around a couple of weeks ago on a sunday. i stopped at the pro desk to ask questions no one there, the cashier said go to the carprt desk and ask for steve rehm, i did and i'm glad i did this guy is truely good, very smart and very helpful in every way. i gave him the size of a deck i was thinking about building myself, he did say home depot wouldcome to my home and build it for me buti'm a diy person. so he figured everthingout what i needed and how much of everything , hangers,hardware for leger board, screws footing, stringers, railingsystem, joist, deck boards 4 x 4'sanyway i looked over this list he made for me and i liked it so i bought everything on his list. i built it, it took me 3 days and i didn't have to return anything, i can't believe i had just enoughof everything.steve rehm thankyou for a wonderful job, and for the time you spent putting this together,i woulde
    have never done this without his help, this is the best service i ever got from home depot, i hope that some one that is higher up on the latter gets to read this. this is way above and beyound anyone at that store, best regards Ronald E. Smith

  49. I bought a Whirlpool Refrigerator from Home Depot and within no time the Fridge stopped cooling. It works sometimes and than all of a sudden stops working. I called my local Home depot and the 1800 help line only to find that they referred me to Whirlpool. They sent a technician who at the time he came the Fridge started cooling. Now Whirlpool refuses to do anything-how am I supposed to coordinate the Fridge not working and when the technician arrives. My wife has to take time off work each time to meet the technician. I have had to throw away food several times. Home Depot and Whirlpool have both been very disappointing to say the least. I would have expected that someone takes care of their customers complaints and not make them run around.

  50. Get me once shame on you. Get me twice shame on me. I am done with these folks. I really do not know how they can make money when no one knows nor cares about customer service. This might just be the single worst retailer in business today. Just horrible and trust me that is a mild understatement to say the least.

  51. Just bought a Kohler Toilet there was a sign that read get up to a $10.00 rebate on this item. So after purchasing the cashier told me to go to the service desk. I went there and they gave me a site called homedepot.com/rebatefinder and that I could input the item bought and it would guide me through the process. Guess what I did just that and they are looking to see what I wanted to buy. So I called Home Depot and they said to call Kohler. Which I did and they were very helpful but they said this is a Home Depot rebate. So I call back Home Depot and round and round we go. I give up. They want to know why I do nearly 100% of my business with Ace, True Value, private nurseries and Lowes. Well this is why. Their customer service is horrible. They do not know which way is up or down left or right. Perhaps the requirement to work for them is a sub 90IQ.

  52. I am a Home Depot associate and I cant believe all this complaining I see! I work for a very popular store in Pennsylvania and I personally have only dealt with 2 or 3 very unsatisfied customers. One in fact automatically assumed I and my other associates thought she was stupid because she had her flooring measurements despite the fact we cannot perform an install until we set up a measure, which i offered to her for free. Protocol is what saves us in case of an error; our measurements are wrong, we are wrong. I don't know where half these people are but you know its pathetic putting peoples names out there or saying you "did some research" on them. This is not a crime watch or a complaint line. Out Voice of the Customer, found on bottom of receipts, surveys are always 80-85 percent positive, how about filling out those surveys with your negativity so at least the associates and management can READ them not on some blog that you may find by chance on Google. Yes we put customers first but if you truly were not satisfied due to an associate or management not accepting your return, bad service etc then dispute it with the store first, you really think corporate reads this?! No, they read what their stores intake so unless your having a horrible day don't pin it on us because I know for a fact my store and a few others in the district are miles ahead of the competition with a 3 to 1 store ratio to Lowes within 20 miles and excellent customer service. Any store that says "We wont accept your business" is bullshit and not true at all.

  53. Purchased range & refrigerator from Home Depot. Horrible experience. 4 delivery attempts to get it acceptable. 3 ranges and 1 refrigerator damaged over 4 week period. Of course I had to redo the install, cleanup, and touchup after every delivery.
    Home Depot has no control over the delivery/install. I will NEVER, EVER, buy anything or any service from any store that contracts delivery/install to another party. I will pay more and deal with smaller local companies.

  54. Leesburg, Virginia Home Depot has the worst management I have ever seen. One head cashier is an old douchebag who is soooo 2 faced, I believe she should be relieved from her duties. She talks smack about other cashiers and gets away with it. Corporate read this and do something about it. Her name is Vickie, last name to me is unknown. Thanks!!!

  55. My time as a cashier in Leesburg, Virginia was very short. I came into work one morning and after lunch I felt sick, was shivering and shaking and wanted to leave early. At first I was told no because I was not working there for 90 days in order to leave. I immediately called the manager on duty and explained to him that not only was I not feeling well, but I am diabetic. Well, after hearing that, he let me go. It turns out that I had a kidney infection with elevated blood sugars and was hospitalized for 3 days. Some changes should be made regarding new employees that are sick and must leave when needed or Home Depot will have some very serious charges against them.

  56. Home Depot and its employees are Awesome and I want to commend and praise Home Depot!

    Home Depot came to the rescue of so many families in need in Lacey Township, N.J. immediately after Hurricane Sandy, including our family. A Home Depot truck with supplies, and employee personal cars arrived to help with the clean up effort. There were many volunteers in the community who we are thankful, but Home Depot were our first responders and they not only provided supplies, and manpower, but showed such concern and compassion to those in need.

    We thank Home Depot for getting their team of volunteers immediately mobilized to come to the assistance of so many in need after Hurricane Sandy (even though I know they could have used these employees in their busy stores at this time).

    We welcome Home Depot in our community and will continue to always shop there!

  57. I was in the Turnersville, N.J. store when I saw a mosaic glass tile that I just fell in love with. Seeing that there was only one sheet left, I went up to the customer service counter and inquired if any additional shipment were coming in. She said that it was a discontinued item and no orders will be made of this particular tile however, the computer shows that our Berlin store has 22 and Glassboro has 17. I went home and called the Berlin store and asked if they could do a physical check. After being on hold for a good 8 to 10 minutes, someone got on the phone and said "yhea, there here". I said okay I'm on my way. When I arrived I was looking around for the tile and couldn't find it. In the meantime another couple walked up and was examining the wood flooring. A hispanic worker walked up and said to the couple "can I help you?" The couple explain that they were interested in the wood flooring. The worker said to the couple, I can help you with that and said to me "what are you looking for?" I said I called and was told that that this tile, (giving him the SKU #) was here. He asked another gentlemen worker if he could help me find the tile, it should be right there, pointing to the tile area. The other worker proceeded to help me look, but we could not find it. He stopped another worker and now it's three of us looking for this tile but could not locate it. I said to them that I would go asked the hispanic worker exactly where the tile is. I walked over,did not interrupt him talking, but he stopped talking to the couple and said to me "did they find the tile?" I said no could you please tell us where it is? He said "it's right there, I saw it, it's there, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find it". I walked back to the tile aisle and say to the men (who is still looking around for the tile) that I was going to go the the customer service desk. A sweet girl named Casey said I'll help you find it. I thanked the other two workers and they went their departments. Now it's me, Casey and the manager looking for the tile. But after 2 hours total looking for this this tile, It could not be found. The next day I started calling around for the tile, from South Phila. to north of Oxford Valley, PA. From Springfield, PA to the Jersey shore. They all said that the computers indicate they have it but when they did the physical check they were not there. (The South Phila. manager was very nice, he even gave me the phone numbers to the other home depots). I finally called the Wilmington, Delaware, 3600 Miller Road store. The man on the phone said that they had them physically there!! I was so shocked I asked him was he sure? He said yes, I'm looking at 48 of them. I said that I was coming after work and he said he can have 25 of them waiting for me at the customer service desk. I asked him what was his name and he said "Jim, I'm the manager". When I arrived, they were there! Please know, that your Wilmington,Delaware store keeps an accurate count of their stock and that the other stores for some odd reason, the products miraculously grow legs and walks out the door! YOU ROCK JIM THE MANAGER IN THE WILMINGTON STORE!!!!!!

  58. As a former employee of the Home Depot store #0505 in Lubbock, TX, I have reported, fixed and applied safety measures into action to help in the safety of co-workers, vendors and customers. OSHA violation 1903.13 Imminent Danger and OSHA violation 1910.37 (a)(3) Exit routes must be free and obstructed, both of which I reported to management and both that I fixed with permission from the store manager.

    It's incompetent, negligent and unprofessional to allow major violations to exist in just this one store, not to mention the other 2000+ stores nation wide if they so exist. I have spent 20+ years in railroad safety and safety consulting, and in addition to working at the Home Depot P/T to see such violations to be ignored by upper management.

    If management cares to contact me with my pictures that I have taken of such violations, please feel free to at: dsdodson@live.com I have not only saved you a pile of cash from OSHA violations and possible lawsuits, but the integrity of the Home Depot.


  60. I am an a Amerian Veteran. Home Depot used to let me use my miliatary ID there for a 10% discount. Not any more. I do not qualify. I am one of the lucky ones who came back with out any disabliities. Now you have to be a disabled vet etc. to get there discount. I will be shopping at LOWES from now on. They honor my military ID card.
    LOWES gain and HOME DEPOTS lose.

  61. Hi,

    I'm writing to give a review on some products that my Husband and I purchased from Home depot online, We purchased a set of South shore cherry wood finish chests in January of 2013 because we were trying to match them with our cherry wood sleigh bed. The color match was perfect but the product was not. After reading the instructions and carefully putting the parts together properly the chest looked beautiful with out bed. It wasn't until some months later outside of the return policy that the chests start falling apart. whenever we would open our drawers they would fall down on the one below. It started with one drawer and then after awhile nearly all the drawer were like this. We contact Home Depot online and complain and all they said was that we had to contact South Shore because it was still under warranty. They later sent us a apology letter with a $25 gift card stating it was from the management team. Now, imagine spending over $700 on 2 products are not as durable as you thought they would be and all the company that you ordered it from do is send a apology letter and this amount gift card apologizing, putting yourself in my shoes how would you feel? When we contacted South Shore we had to go back and forth in emails sending pictures of the chest with and without the drawers as well as the back of the chest and were advised that the back was not properly installed and that they were going to send out new backs for both chests. When we received the new parts it was 2 pieces of card board scraps taped together with the words on the tape stating "fragile". My husband at that point is very upset about this. We called South Shore and advise them on what they sent us and sent pictures of it and had to resend the original pictures that we sent a few months back. we originally asked that we returned the products and they send us new products but they said that they could not take the products back and that they only supply parts. My question is how can you fix a product by just looking a pictures that we send and not wanting to send the products back so that you can examine it to see what the issue is. I spoke to a rep from Home Depot this morning who really presented excellent customer but could not resolve the issue and advise that South Shore would have to fix the issue. I am really not a happy customer or consumer at this point and is not sure that I would purchase anymore south shore products or anymore products from Home depot. I will be shopping at LOWES from now on.

  62. Recently I was at the Home depot store in Traverse city Michigan to buy a snowblower. To say I was ignored would be an understatement. 3 associates walked by me with not so much as a hello. I left and bought one at Strickers. Back to Home Depot today to purchase a propane heater. Same scenario. Associates walked by and nothing said that is until I was leaving where a lady told me to have a good day. I did, I went to Lowes and was approached by one of their associates that answered my questions with no problem and sold me a heater. I am going to suggest that Home depot take ALL of their associates and managers to Lowes to see how customers that are a stores bread and butter treat customers. They may learn how to treat customers with respect and help with their purchases. I will NEVER go to Home Depot again.

  63. Bob Sharkey November 16th 2013

    My name is Bob Sharkey, I wish to personally compliment "Tami Crum" from the Mesa Az. Home Depot for the wonderful job her and her helper did during our 40th Anniversary Celebration at the Leisure World Development on Nov 16th 2013. I represent the LW Woodshop and was able to help Tami that day with a ton of small children and their putting together and painting small planes, cars, boats, tool boxes, bird feeders and more that day. It was really appreciated by everyone and a thrill for me to help her out. “Thanks Again"

  64. I bought a garage door opener in November which was installed by homedepot cost $ 295.00. One month later it stopped
    working. The store at 7423 Southland Blvd. Orlando Florida 32809. Complain to the store- They'll send the installer. No one
    ever came to this day. I called the manufacture in Ohio, An agent snswered the phon advised me to get a ladder, he'll walked
    me how to fixed it. I am handicapped, cannot stand muchless climbed a ladder. Iwent to the store and complain. just to be
    told again and again to give me the installer phone number and was told I can't have any contact with the contractor, they
    will call. Its almost 12 months now. Instead of having a failed opener I have a bent up door. Your Company has deprived me the use and enjoyment of my property. COME NOW, I demand a refund for the cost plus interests. because of the shoddy
    workmanship that cause the door to fell and damaged, demand a new door, failing I seek other remedies.
    Govern yourself responsibly.
    bhoj c

  65. My husband and I have been using Home Depot for our home improvement and purchasing materials for renovation jobs. My husband is a veteran and he has used his veteran card for a discount that he has received for many years. He was told that his military service was not important enough to receive his discount the other day. When he joined the Navy he joined to serve his country and put his life on the line if he was called to do so. But, Home Depot decided that what he has done for his county was not good enough. So we have vowed to never shop at Home Depot. Home Depot made him truly feel like a second rate costomer. Shame on you, to think that you feel so little in regard to a honorable man who served his county for you to be free and become the company you have become. However, you have changed and it is not in a good way. Marylu & Ed Czulewicz

  66. Purchased a Dishwasher from HD....paid for it, installation and warranty. They tell us that it will be one week before they can install it.(OK)...so a week later they show up and tell me I have to replace the compression valve..(OK)..we replace it...so its ANOTHER week before they can come out to install. We wait. They show up and tell us that the drain hose on the dishwasher is not long enough!!! we asked about adding an extra addition to the hose and they installer said it CAN NOT be done...Dishwasher is now sitting in the middle of my kitchen...:( Called manager of store and was told that an extension to the hose could be done. We informed him that the installers will not do that ( per them stating it) and was left with NO resolution to the situation. Now my husband is working to install it himself. I will NEVER use HD again...and we were in the process of remodeling our kitchen and will be buying a stove, fridge, and over the stove microwave. But now we will be purchasing it elsewhere. I have purchased ALOT from HD, but this will be the LAST TIME....very disappointed. HD can contact me at kgivins@twc.com

  67. I went to Home Depot and made a huge purchase which included tiles for my flooring. I told the gentleman at the counter I needed 1100 sq which he told me was approximately 50 boxes of tiles. I paid for everything and had my contractor pick up the tiles since they were very heavy. Tiles were picked up and the tiles where being laid out. Towards the end of the installation, the contractor noticed that the some tiles were bigger than what was already placed. He checked the dye# and the last few boxes were a different number. He took 3 of those boxes back to the HD in Marlboro NJ. They did not have anymore, so they checked the Old Bridge store which supposedly had them and sent him there. NO TILES, they sent him the a Home Depot in Staten Island who again supposedly had them, NO TILES… sent him back to Colonia NJ.. NO TILES. You would think that ONE of the stores could get it right? Could anyone have gone the extra mile and make sure that those tiles were there by actually speaking to someone at the store instead of sending him to the stores….

    I called the manager at Home Depot in Marlboro (Christine) on Tuesday and explained. She said they would call around to see who had the tiles. I exclaimed… they already did that.. and sent my contractor on a wild goose chase. She assured that when the tiles if found, they would be delivered next day sometime (which was yesterday). I thought the matter had been resolved when I rec’d a call around 3:30 yesterday from Christine telling me that they found 3 boxes in Edison. She went on to tell me that a manager would go get them and drive them to me somewhere around 5-5:30. I said “great” and was thrilled; however, No one showed or even called. I called again this morning to see what happened; supposedly all 3 boxes of tiles were damaged. Sounds like too much of a coincidence that ALL 3 BOXES were damaged. A call would have been appropriate. I even reached out to customer care and all she did was connect me to the store manager at Marlboro HD.

    SO here I am on day 3 with my contractor waiting for tiles… I have lost 2 ½ days which I have to pay my contractor for. I have to reimburse him for gas and tolls since they sent him out to SI. My floor can’t be finished and everything is on a stand still. I spoke to “Henry” this morning who is the flooring manager. I explained my situation… He too is calling to see if he can find tiles. I doubt this will help since Christine had already done so.
    My frustration with Home Depot is:
    1. The person pulling the tiles SHOULD have known there were different tiles!
    2. One of the stores SHOULD have helped out and not sent my contractor from NJ, SI and back to NJ
    3. No one is taking responsibility
    4. No one has offered any solutions.

    So who will now pay for my tiles to be ripped up and redone? Why should I pay for tiles that are now garbage since I cannot finish my floor?? I paid close to $900 dollars for these tiles and it was the fault of Home Depot for not making sure the tiles were all the same, from the same dye#. I am completely aggravated, can’t sleep over this and my home is upside down for much longer than it should be… and in the end I STILL have no resolution!!!

  68. Will you please explain this.
    I have several commercial properties and spend a lot of money at HD.

    If this is true I'm closing my account with you.

  69. (Florida Admin)
    Home Depot Rolls out the carpet for Sharia Law.
    "A Home Depot in Dearborn MI was the latest victim succumbing to the demands of an organization that shouldn’t be in existence in the United States of America. An American company the home depot gets over powered by the Muslim Brotherhood terror linked organization CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has cast. The employees will be subjected to cultural awareness training. The CAIR states this will help them accommodate the religious sensitivities of the Muslim employees and customers. Corporate and Managers gain a better understanding of Muslims and are taught Islam."

  70. I just spoke with a representative for Home Depot about the flag of islam flying next to the American Flag! I was appalled to learn it is sensitivity training for their workers in Dearborn MI. CAIR is supporting terrorist in under the radar ways! Time to shut down this store in Dearborn MI by not shopping at any other store. I am beyond upset!

  71. http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/home-depot-just-made-a-decision-that-will-likely-alienate-at-least-half-their-customers

    Shame on you

  72. Your Phillipsburg NJ store and the Manager is terrible. I ordered several plain stock kitchen cabinets on 9/26/14 It is now 2 months latter and the order is till incomplete. The manager Larry told us after 4 attempts to provide a complete set of undamaged cabinets I had to accept it damaged or not. I called customer service Natasha Wright who stated they would have a resolution in three days It took a week and no one called me back I left 6 messages with the correct number and she continued to use another number, the resolution offered was wait 2 more weeks! This is crazy. I used to buy a lot of large purchases but had so many poor experience I went to Loews. My son want ted use HD and boy that was a mistake. The delays have prevented me from completing the kitchen and put the house on the market resulting in interest payments mounting. I want this fix ASAP and want some offer of compensation if you want me to use HD again.
    The store was terrible the manager was worse and customer was a waste of time.

    I would like a response from someone

  73. try Daly City,Calif. these people actually run hen they see you coming and are rude when they do answer a question. I have been a mgr. chief of oper. and I would have fired and have fired people for the way they treat people. this store is a real pos and they need to be run out of business or they need new mgt. this store really sucks and so do the employees.

  74. I wanted to relate how impressed I have been with one of your people...
    I had a defective water heater that was outside the normal return policy for online orders.
    The online people said to talk to the store that I picked the water heater up at, and the store said to talk to the on-line people.
    Somehow (and after many a phone call) I came across your in-store expediter in Warrenton Oregon: who went out of her way to accept the factory warranty return.
    She arranged for an exchange and even timed it to where it was convenient for me. She kept in contact thru e-mail and the phone.
    I have been very impressed with her and she is an asset to your company. I sincerely hope you appreciate having people, who make things happen rather than point elsewhere and say 'not my problem.'

    These are the people that assist in making your company successful. For example: I will continue to shop Home Depot solely because of her.

  75. It has come to my attention that Home Depot is not very concerned or nice to their employees. The employee works and gives 100% shows up every day and is blamed for situations that he/she had nothing to do with (by upper mgmt). There is an issue is (if an employee) refuses to sign and acknowledge something he has done wrong - that upper mgmt signs his signature electronically - isnt this illegal? Again employees work hard and do their part - and get nothing but harassed and threatened with being fired. In MY opinion - Home Depot CORPORATE - needs to do a BIG flush on their Management Team. Some of these people act like they are controlling a country - rather than having hard working people under them. These people ALL need their jobs and endure what management puts out - this is NOT right. No one deserves to go to work and be bullied by upper management. If the company was UNION - this crap would never be going on - but I guess that's why they aren't UNIONized. Again - Home Depot - take a good long look at the people you have in supervisor roles in your stores; there are problems with them that you are NOT aware. Signed: concerned by-stander who IS NOT employed with this company.

  76. I am trying to purchase carpet from store 0406 that began on Jan 2. I went in to get a quote and was told in order to get a quote I had to pay $50 to have measurements done. I already had a flooring contractor withme at the store who was installing my wood flooring and had done all the measurements with me. We calculated 380 square feet of carpet to complete the job. I paid the $50 to have the man measure carpet. days later was told it would be over $900 to install carpet in two very small rooms. i was mortified. When I went back to the store and sat for over 3 hours with a representative to work out all the EXTRA charges they added on. $115 to take out carpet and $169 for extra cuts because they did not utilize the overage pieces correctly. I got the price down to a reasonable amount. I also had to change the type of carpet I wanted because they didn't include free installation. I chose a "72" hour carpet because this is a rental property and need the install as soon as possible. After having to get a Home Depot Credit Card to save 10% to make the cheap carpet match the original quote and paying for the carpet i received a call from the installers (Western States Flooring) a sub contractor, that said they could not install it for 10 days. That is not a 72 hour install and when I called the store back they want now to charge me $150 to install it faster. That is false advertisement in order to get extra money out of you. I am so disgusted with Home Depot. This is not the first time I have had issues ordering from them, but it will be the last. I asked my representative how much it is going to cost me to get a refund so i can go somewhere else. NEVER AGAIN HOME DEPOT.

  77. I am so disappointed in this company and the people that work there. The customer service is the worst I have ever seen. I have never received help at the 9751 Crosshill Blvd, Jacksonville, Fl location. They all stand around and when you do approach them they walk the other way. I even went to check out and the only registers that were open was self check out. If you buy a lot be prepared to load it yourself because nobody is around or they watch from a distance. Laziest people I have ever met. Hope one day I come across these employees that need my assistance or even a job. I will never shop their or any other Home Depot again. This was not the first time I have had problems with them. Don't get installation if your smart. They messed up on my front door and had to send someone else out to re-install another. It still doesn't seal correctly and has a large gap. Never offered discount for their screw up and was never fixed correctly second time around. Place needs to go out of business! Will stick with Lowes from now on!


  79. First off let me say how disappointed I am in the treatment that my husband received today Wednesday January 21, 2015 at your store in Ypsilanti! My husband has shopped at your store extensively over the years. He has received a military discount however today when he came in to the store and had many items to purchase and was in line to cash out he mentioned that he was a veteran, so he could receive the 10% discount. He was asked for his ID and when he presented his driver’s license with the State Seal that also includes the veteran’s information on the Driver’s license, he was declined. He then asked to speak to the manager and when the manager came up she also declined the identification telling my husband “that it was not a valid veterans ID.”

    Shame on your store, my husband served his country proudly, did two tours in Vietnam, is a decorated wounded veteran and this is how you treat your veterans, you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I have enclosed information regarding Veteran ID’s now on Driver’s License, which 44 states utilize including Michigan being one of them. The only way to get this on your license is by your DD214 which is the honorable discharge paperwork. I believe this is knowledge that your employees should have.

    I have also enclosed information regarding Home Depot’s policy on discounts for military veterans.

    I can’t express enough how disappointed I am in your company. I have also sent a copy of this letter to your corporation headquarters, letting them know our dissatisfaction with The Home Depot store in Ypsilanti.

    My husband did end up purchasing the items but went to Lowes to get what he needed. ONCE AGAIN SHAME ON HOME DEPOT.

    A very dissatisfied customer.

  80. Wow. I was going to ask for help with a special order placed at a HD store in Maryland. After reading all of the comments here I can see it would be pointless. What a shame. It seems the only recourse for better customer service is to take my business elsewhere. Lesson learned.

  81. On Tuesday, February 24, 2015 12:21 PM, harold perkins wrote:
    For the past two years my wife has applied for virtually every job available at every home depot in the Sacramento vicinity, with no luck until now. Finally, she's contacted, and considered for a cashiers position, only to have it pulled out from under her like a rug, after filling out "new hire" forms, and submitting a clean drug screening. The reason she is no longer considered for any position at Home Depot, is her background check. She was previously employed at Walmart, where she worked in customer service for eight years, as a valued associate. In a moment of bad judgment, she used a gift card someone sold her, and because her employee ID showed up as her not being the purchaser, she was fired, and charges were filed against her for theft. She was subsequently arrested, and spent thirty days in jail, paid restitution, and was placed on informal probation, which she is almost half done with. Admittedly, this was a grievous mistake, in a time of desperation, and the only infraction committed during a stellar career with Walmart. Now, I'm not asking for special consideration here, but she had every reason to expect a merciful decision. first of all, Home Depot is listed as a "second chance" employer, and according to Amanda, one of your staffing representatives, "as long as the crime wasn't one of violence, you should be fine." This is only one mans' opinion, but, shouldn't you offer this "second chance" after the background check, or is this just a ruse by Home Depot to find cart pushers. I consider this a shameful method, where it gets your paperwork completed, along with a drug screen, and then the background check sinks you, and the term "second chance", is meaningless. I would like an explanation from someone, of how you can consider this form of screening anything remotely resembling a second chance. Apparently, had she been a habitual shoplifter for the whole time she was employed with Walmart, and only had a string of misdemeanors, she'd have been given that "second chance". Shame on you.

    Harold Perkins, ex Home Depot customer

  82. I bought the tiles on 03-27-2015 amount of $826.56.

    I paid the contractor $2500.00 and I was the one who provided the tiles and materials.

    Even though contractor wanted me to buy the tiles from Boston Road. But being a loyal customer of home depot and last year I did renovate my house and did shopping of more than $7000.00 from homedepot Gunhill Road.

    I came back to Home depot on 03-27-2015. I asked the home depot representative to help me to provide me the same tiles. There was two stacking on the pallet. The bottom had Mat finish tiles and the top section had shine one. I choose shine one and asked if they have 9 more cases the same one.
    There was two associate of home depot brought the 9 cases from the back on the fork lifter. I pointed immediately there is difference in tile but he said " No Sir" it has the same SKU and all tiles are same. There is plastic on the tiles that's why look different.

    I handed to contractor to put the tiles which I bought it. They applied the tiles and when the job done and after finish the cleaning, the big difference came out.

    Two different texture and color little difference too. I took pictures but I brought the two left over boxes which. I was lucky both boxes had same sku but differnt texture. I showed to Sandria on duty manager yesterday evening. She pointed theses two boxes has differnt lot number C7 & B6.

    I was shocked but home depot associates on the floor , they did not informed to us. As I mentioned to them but he said " NO Sir" . All tiles are same.

    I am very frustrated to redo the job. The whole kitchen look ugly.

    Now contractor asking more money to reinstall from scratch.

    Please reply me back your feed back.

    I will appreciate it to resolve this issue.


    Raza Ahmer
    Manager New York City
    Off: 1-212-562-6882
    Cell: 1-917-476-3528

  83. I bought a Gazebo at store #1212 PRT CHSTER, along with other items from HOME DEPOT for delivery. SKU# showed two Gazebo's in store on Saturday, April 18, 2015. They never call to let us know they had no deliveries due to rain; only after I called.
    On Tuesday everything was delivered except the Gazebo. When I called the Deliver Manager said the Store Manager has it listed on back order. How can this be? If the Managers were doing their job, the Gazebo would have been removed from floor display to be a delivered item. I saw two there on Saturday on the Store Floor and now it's on back order. The deliveryman/store employee/manager-STOLE the Gazebo.
    Home Depot allows this to happen quite often with little or no results or action taken. I hate to say this about one of my favorite stores but Home Depot has very incompetent, wasteful unproductive Managers. I am sure this is not the first time their Leadership Executives read or hear this often.
    To you, Home Depot, its just another complaint but your customers, one by one is depleting and soon you will have fewer and fewer customers.
    I doubt I will get the Gazebo. I doubt the thief will every be punished or caught or Managers ever be held responsible for not doing their jobs. This cycle keeps going and going with Home Depo

    I am truly disappointed. I can't say like other complaints, NEVER AGAIN HOME DEPOT. I know I will go back to Home Depot again and the same thing will happen.

  84. Your Military Discount is pathetic and a slap in the face to all Veterans that aren’t active duty, reservists, retired or disabled! I am a Vietnam Veteran and fall into that category. Lucky me I can get a discount 4 days a year! You really need to revise your Military Discount policy because some of the Veterans that deserve it the most are being discriminated against by only being given a discount 4 days out of the year!

  85. My name is John Eschler and I work at store 1259 in lathum NY. I have worked there for almost one year, and have completed all of the training required for my job in Garden, however, despite having passed a test with a certified trainer for my Reach License I am being denied the license. I have told management that I am both partially deaf, and have a cataract, but despite this, passed the required test,I feel that I am being discriminated against.

  86. I recently picked out a plant at the local HD store which had a plant label indicating "This plant is protected from problematic Aphids, White Files, Beetles, Mealy Bugs and other unwanted pests by Neonicotinoids". I am an environmentally conscious individual and an avid gardener who, along with other gardeners are trying to help save the pollinators and the insects that the birds feed on so I do not feel I can purchase any plants from HD knowing that you are contributing to the problem we are having with the pollinators. The phenomenon, dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), is thought to be caused by a variety of imbalances in the environment, although agricultural practices such as the use of neonicotinoid pesticides are receiving growing attention as more research comes in. As written in the journal Nature:3 . Shame on you!!!

  87. Store in Portage, MI. I am physically (not mentally) disabled. Flooring Dept Manager sold me Pergo XL laminate flooring for kitchen, dining, living room June 13, 2015. Told me quarter round was "optional" a matter of personal taste. Told me install would be 2-3 weeks from delivery of product. After 48 boxes of flooring were delivered to my living room, because it had to be inside home for 72 hours, only then was able to get an install date...5 weeks later! Had terrible allergic reaction/ER visit from all the dust and crap on plastic wrap on boxes. Had to have HD come back and put it all in garage for 5 weeks and then come back to put back in house 72 hours before install. When installer, United Home Services in Livonia, MI, finally arrived and placed first few pieces of flooring I asked about the gaps along the wall. He told me the quarter round would cover that. After many phone calls and getting very frustrated and upset, quarter round install was scheduled by UNITED HOME SERVICES. The morning of that install I received call from UNITED HOME SERVICES to reschedule because installer was on another job and would not make it. Rescheduled for following week. I called TODAY at noon to ask when installer would be here, was told they needed to reschedule AGAIN for same reason. When installer called his scheduler to say he wouldn't make it, the message never got to me. Seems the person who took his call "no longer work for the company as of today." So I am, once again stuck in the middle!! The customer who pays for the product AND the wages of all these looser employees who don't know what the #### they are doing. NO one will take responsibility for the ineptitude of so many! So, now it is August 4, 2015. New install date August 7. Eight weeks later!! I had intended to place my home on the market after the flooring was installed. Again, I was told 2-3 weeks. I have missed the window to sell my home w/pool this summer. Thanks for nothing HD. NEVER BUY FLOORING FROM HOME DEPOT. NEVER BUY FROM A COMPANY THAT USES UNITED HOME SERVICES!! After being a loyal HD customer for more than 20 years I will NEVER step foot in another HD store. Lowes all the way!! Selling all stock. What a train wreck!!

  88. My order says complete. However one item wasn't there.
    The employee said she couldn't just look at my order # or my name, or email address to see where the item was or see it at all. I was told to drive all the way back home, and print out the confirmation email because what shows up in the store computer is different than what shows up on line. Really? Your brick and mortar store employee can't see the "on-line" store. How is this easier or even cheaper? What I got in FREE pickup is wasted in drive time, in store time, and gas. But I've thought of one way to save money on this order. I'm going to CANCEL the order! And I'm going to tell anyone who will listen about my experience.

  89. Just one example of Home Depot/Citibank credit card. I'm 30days past due on $27.00. Finance charge is $25.00. Buyer beware. This is legalized FRAUD by two company's. This is free financing that Home Depot puts there stamp of approval on.

  90. Today I sent the following email to Altman Plants, distributors of SmartPlanet plants. I am hoping that you will reevaluate your decision to sell plants treated with Neonicotinoids.


    I was disappointed to see that a number of your plants have small, almost unnoticeable markers indicating that your plants are now 'protected from problematic pests be neonicotinoids'. I, as a biochemical engineer firmly believe that these materials are likely to negatively impact. many species in the local ecosystem. I have found this plastic marker on a number --usually buried in the soil or hidden along the container edge. Yes, I too, would be resitant to publicizing that I were using these materials.

    In all cases, about 5 in all, I have returned plants that contained these tags.for refund at Home Depot.

    I would like to know whether these neonicotinoids result from topical sprays, systemic agents, or genetic modification?

    I assume you have some solid reason for doing this, based on research you have conducted yourselves. If so I would like to see all the reports on research performed. If NO research was done; I would like to receive that information in writing.

    In the meantime --until I receive a response from your people-- I will no longer purchase SmartPlanetPlants. The name of which seems HIGHLY IRONIC at this time, as well as spread the word that these plants are believed to be dangerous to the insect, avian and reptile communities.

    I urgently await your reply, within the next ten business days.

    Yours truly,
    David Fundakowski


  91. Esta carta esta en español.
    Me llamo Alberto vivi 14 años en USA .me gustaria hacer contacto con el departamento de compras del Home Depot.Para ofrecerles Macetas Artesanales que hacemos en el centro de Mexico. La zona se llama la Mixteca . Y les ofrecemos Floreros hechos por artesanos deesta Zona con Rocas tipo Marmol que existe en Minas del Area .
    Son muy bonitas,pero no sabemos como poder venderlas a ustedes ,para sus tiendas.
    mi correo es puebla58@yahoo.com y mi celular en Puebla MEXICO es 22 24 87 08 58 no se como se puede llamar desde los Estados Unidos a Mexico.

  92. Is it true?The HomeDopot in WA manager refused to give the Veteran his discount?store #4714 in Spokane ValleyWA 99212.

  93. Oh hahahaha your all a bunch of winey losers Go shop elsewhere

  94. I just saw this on Facebook, is it correct?? If so, I think you just lost more customers and you may as well shutter the store.

    So I am at Home Depot today and the older gentleman in front of me shows his ID for a veterans discount. The clerk tells him he does not qualify for a discount so the gentleman asked to see a manager. They ask me to go to another line because this may take a few minutes. I tell them no thanks I want to hear this.
    So a young cocky full of himself moron comes to talk to the gentleman and says no you do not qualify. The gentleman tells him he has always gotten a discount there. So the moron says well we have told our people to tighten the rules and we only give what corporate requires we give and you do not qualify. The gentleman says he will then take his business elsewhere. The young moron replies that is your choice. The gentleman starts to leave and I step in.
    I tell the moron if one of your idiot friends walked through the door right now you would have the option of giving him a discount and with your attitude you would do it. So step over to the register and give this guy his discount. He says he does not qualify for it.
    So I tell him look here is how this is going to work. Either you give this guy a discount and I call Home Depot corp and tell them how good of a manager you are in spite of the stupid policy.
    Or I go home call Home Depot corp tell them I stupid the policy is and their manager is a moron, then I blast face book and it goes viral and you get to be the moron you are.
    I think you know which one he chose!
    So people please blast Facebook with this story.
    It was store E Spokane #4714
    5617 E Sprague Ave
    Spokane Valley, WA 99212
    What a shmuck, he also told the gentleman that he would have to talk to the CEO of Home Depot to change his mind.
    I hate people who do not respect our military.


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