Advance Auto Parts Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Advance Auto Parts Inc.'s Headquarters and Corporate offices are located in the USA. The address is below:

Advance Auto Parts Corporate Office Headquarters HQ in the USA:
5008 Airport Road
Roanoke, VA 24012
Corporate Phone Number: 1-540-362-4911
Corporate Fax Number: n/a Corporate
Corporate Stock Symbol: AAP

Advance Auto Parts is a famous auto parts retailer. Advance Auto Parts carries popular maintainence items, and after-marked performance automobile parts. Advance is one of the premier auto part retailer in the US. Advance's toll-free customer service number is 1-800-314-4243. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.


  1. I spent one hour and forty five minutes on the phone with a Advance Auto Customer service representative just to be told someone will call you tomorrow between 12:00PM and 5:00PM to resolve my problem. I was told the same thing the day before and early the morning and they have continue to lie and be dishonesty with me. I requested a refund for a set of weaver gold brake pads which has show up in their system as pick up from store 4360 which they wasn't pick up by me and they customer service representative confirm that and said it was a problem their system, yet still I cannot back refund my money back to my visa where I paid online nor can I be granted my Weaver gold brake pads but Advance Auto get to keep money. So I a have contacted the CEO Darren Jackson to see if he can resolve this problem. In the meantime I going to blog about this terrible experience and sent out twitts on twitter and send posting about it on Facebook and tell all my friends and co-worker's about how Advance Auto treated me. Also I have a radio program online and I plan to talk about this whole matter on the air. So stay tune.

    1. good for you...advanced auto sucks....

    2. Yeah I'm getting some real bad service and frankly, some smart ellick remarks from Plank Road, Fredericksburg Va. store, don't they know we can always shop somewhere else? Guess it doesnt matter anymore, they are all RUDE.

    3. if i were you i would quit doing business whith advance and got to another parts store like oriley auto parts. they will treat you right.

    4. Not all team members are created equal.. if you'd been in my store, i'd taken care of you and ate the shrink.. most AAP ppl will take care of you..

    5. Glad to know online purchases are not put into a data base for your warranty history.Contacted District Manager over Charleston,WV stores on a failed part that supposed to have a lifetime warranty.No call back since I left a message.I won't be purchasing any parts from your company,and will contact State Attorney Generals office about you erasing warranty histories.Autozone still show purchases from 10 years ago,and your company goes through and erases warranties every two years,so who wants my business?

    6. Personally, if I were you, I would take an English composition class and learn proper written communication skills. Secondly, I would keep my receipt, much like an intelligent person would do.

  2. Made an order w/ Advanced Auto. Useing code coupon w/ them Dear Customer,

    Thank you for shopping at during our November online promotion.

    You’ve qualified for a $50 coupon towards your next online order of $100 or more!*

    Your coupon code is: D30XXX. It must be redeemed by January 20, 2012.

    Here are a few things you need to know about redeeming the coupon:

    • Coupon is valid online only.

    • Coupon can only be redeemed by the registered customer who made the original, qualifying purchase.

    • Coupon is valid for one use only, cannot be combined with any other offer, and has no cash value.

    • To redeem the $50 coupon, your order total must be $100 or more, before applying the promotional code, and does not include core charges, shipping and handling charges, fees or taxes.

    Well I used the code and my order was over $100. The customer service rep said that since I had motor oil in the order it didnt count. I didn't see that in the coupon that was sent out to me.
    Nothing like False advertisement

  3. advance auto parts is a joke and nothing but excuses and lies. go to a real auto parts store like napa and get the right parts that fit and last the first time

  4. this is a terrible place to get auto parts from.the management team at these stores do not have a clue about auto parts and they are very rude.went to the advanced auto in laplace, louisiana and the manager there who was a woman had no clue about what i top it off she was very rude.her name was kateleen.i will no longer shop at any advanced auto stores.

  5. shop at o'rilleys...autozone....napa....any place other than advanced auto....they have no idea how to sell parts..

  6. Here is my story,and the facts.I needed brake work done on my 1985 300ZX. Pads,rotors on all four wheels, rear caliper's,and brake pads. Order would be well over $100. Found a 25% off promotional code,offered by advanced,decided to order on line since they never offer the same deals,in their stories.How stupid is that.

    Before I placed my order.I made a work sheet up with the individual items and their cost. Then calculated the 25% discount on each item. Came up with the total cost,and what the total discount should be. I placed the call to place my order. I gave the online sales person the promotional code number I had found on their website.Then we proceeded to record my order for the parts. As we did this,I noticed that my calculations were different than the prices he was quoting me. Being an accountant,I am use to calculating discounts all the time. I asked him what the price of one item was in his system,and the discounted price. Did a quick calculation,and checked it three times,to be sure. His system was only giving me a 15% discount on a promotional code number that was stated as 25% on their website. Asked him to check the promo code,and he did,and confirmed it was for 25% off on an order over $100. He had no clue the system was only giving 15%.
    Asked him to correct the % error in his system. Was told,only a supervisor could do that,and they weren't around,at this present time. He told me he would call me back when the problem was fixed with the % correction. He called back,and his pricing and discounts matched my calculations,and I placed the order. I asked him,was their a lot involved in correcting the problem. He stated no. His supervisor made a few clicks on the keyboard,and the problem was solved. They took my money from my account instantly,no delay their on their part. As I sat there after placing the order,I couldn't help wondering how many people got screwed out of the proper discount,because they didn't do the proper calculation,and just trusted the order taker. Who I have stated before,had no clue it was calculating incorrectly. Makes you think,doesn't it.
    Now we come to the core charge fees,I was charged on my credit card. I took the old ones to the store for the refund due me. Was told that a credit would be issued back to my bank account. For fun,I asked will that be credited today? He said no. It will credited in the minimum of three or four days. Then I get a e mail telling me it could take up to ten days. Doesn't it make you wonder they have a system that takes your money INSTANTLY,but that same system could take up to TEN days to refund your money. Of course the fact that the bank float creates interest income for them,as long as they hang on to your money,instead of giving it back,the same way they took it.
    So lets look at the facts: One: I had to point out their system's error on the percentage. Or was it really an error? They seemed to fix it with just a few strokes of a keyboard.
    Secondly: I had to wait for a return phone call for the order. My time is valuable to me too. They created the problem,and I have to wait around for them to fix it ?
    Thirdly: they have a computer system that is programmed to take your money INSTANTLY,but takes the maximum of ten days to refund. Would love to hear the excuse they come up with,to explain that.

  7. How much does one have to take from a manager before something is done? I have been in a Muncie store several times and I have seen and heard on more then one occasion the store manager curse at the employees, for every word that comes out of her mouth you better believe that the next word will be F---. This is also done in front of your customers on a daily basis. It really is a shame that those employees have to deal with this on a daily basis just to keep their job. Muncie In Madison Street Store

  8. I have also been in that store in muncie indiana, I live in anderson indiana and I was in Muncie and I had to stop by that store on madison street. That manager was being really rude to her employees, and rolling her eyes at them. What I really thought was unbareable to see was her flipping her toung ring out of her mouth and bitting on it in front of me.

  9. The store in Corinth MS is that bad also, manager cursing at employees. I want to jerk him over the counter. No one should be publically humilated like that. The Manager's name is Ty something, dont know his last name, but he has made customers uncomfortable on more than one occasion. Short, small in stature, lacking self esteem. Guess this is the only way to make himself look big. Also, I have been told that he has been manager over different departments at several chain stores in Corinth and has been fired from them all.

  10. I am standing in a advance auto parts store right now and have been for an hour trying to get a replacement battery for the one I purchased last summer. They told me that the heat here in Florida is hard on batteries. This is the second time I have had problems with a battery from this place. I spoke to my mechanic and he told me that what they told me was BS. I will NEVER purchase anything from this rediculous excuse for an auto parts dealer again.

  11. I have also been in that store in muncie indiana, I live in anderson indiana and I was in Muncie and I had to stop by that store on madison street. That manager was being really rude to her employees, and rolling her eyes at them. What I really thought was unbareable to see was her flipping her toung ring out of her mouth and bitting on it in front of me.

  12. Can't say that I'm happy with Store 9352 in Merritt Island, Florida. I've got a receipt and a failed part and they won't honor the warranty. "I don't know" and "I can't" are words that would get me fired. Apparently, they are acceptable phrases from corporate robots.

    1. absolutly guess its not just florida i get those same answers in upstate new york at my local advanced auto , exactly the same!!!what a joke

  13. Waterville, Maine store lost my business forever this past weekend. Blatantly lied to me.

    Advanced Auto is a very poorly run business.


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    Sunday, September 2, 2012 5:22 PM

    To whom it may concern

    I am very disappointed with my local advance auto store.

    I pay a premium to shop at advance compared to other local auto stores in my area.

    Today I called for a tool rental(loan) with deposit. Of a rear bearing puller and slid hammer.

    I can understand they not having the bearing puller because it is specific to a job.

    What I can't shake is they do not have a slid hammer which is universal to many jobs.

    I thought I would have to buy a bearing puller but I should not have to buy a slid hammer.

    You advertise TOOL LOANS but you do not have the tools. It feels the same as those stores

    that advertise some Item for a great price to get you into the store but when you get there they only had one of the item.

    Just a come on. You want to buy the parts but offer a fony service.

    Do you realize the revenues this service would bring if it was legitimate.

    I was under the misunderstanding Autozone Stood apart from my other local auto parts stores.

    Because of this sevice for one thing. Yes the counter persons are great to deal with

    They are polite frendly and helpfull.

    So why would you make them look like cheep tricksters by offering a fake sevices????????????

  15. Oklahoma.
    I work at Advanced Auto.
    7 of us there are ASE certified.
    Its sad to hear the horror stories.

  16. I'm very sadden today.I bought a part 7/10 , I wanted it replaced. But sense it was over the 2 year warranty,they would give me 20% off the part replacement.I told the guy give me corporates phone number..Then all of a sudden the manager got on the phone [with a very nasty disposition] and ask what I wanted, what did I think the warranty was. He offer to take 70 dollars off the part,I told him, no...then he proceded to tell me he shouldn't have to lose money on this part.I told him I thought one of the employees and I had it worked out. Then he demanded to know what this employee had agree to.. I told him I would just call corporate...and again he said, why, so you can get your way. I ended up hanging the phone up..I also wanted labor cost..they also inform me that , they only have 90 days..So if you buy a lifetime warranty part,and if it doesn't go out in the first 90 days ,they don't or won't pay for any labor cost..and the only problem is even if I get the part I can't afford the $300.00 to put the part back on the car a second time..I'm very disappointed in Advance.I was a loyal employee and customer ,And I would have never treated anybody like that, as I was today..

  17. orielly auto parts shop there instead they treat you with respect that you deserve.

  18. i got terrible service at their catskill new york store!a girl named heather who i dealt with was very very rude! i asked if the parts i was bying were o.e.m quality not only did she not offer those to me she got very rude and said i have to go to a dealer if i want o.e.m???. the more i inquired the more rude she got with me. i should have went to napa. but they were already people in emergency situations have no choice but to deal with people like that. its almost as if they hire anyone and put them in front of a computer clueless she got totally rude with me.i will never go to advanced stores again. other smaller autoparts stores may not be a chain business such as advanced but at least they treat you like a real person going in there and spending money.i work for a car dealership and our parts dept doesnt use advanced because of "lack of knowledge and profesionalism" is what i heard from our general motors parts dept. advanced is a joke in general from management down to the trash at the counter.never again

  19. advanced in general is a joke . good luck finding any counter person that knows anything about parts. numerous times i was told they had somthing i needed in stock after giving year, make, model,8th digit of vin only to drive down to my local store and find out they looked up the wrong part or said it was in stock and it wasnt.absolute joke.go to napa they get it rite the first time.if they say its in stock its in stock.advanced auto in greene county new york totally stinks dont waste your time ging there napas a mile down from there i recomend going there or auto zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. After reading the comments above, I know why Advance Auto keeps the sorry Tom Bewley as District Manager over the Florence, Muscle Shoals Alabama stores. Tom Bewley has been arrested for DUI in Sheffield AL and has been arrested for domestic harassment against his wife in Sheffield AL. He has threatened to kill himself and his wife on several occasions (Sunday before Christmas and Christmas Eve). The Sheffield police department are frequent visitors to his house.He has girlfriends on ever block. And blames his wife for all his problems.
    But I see from what I have read it does not matter to Advance Auto how their District Managers, Managers, supervisors or employees act. Advance Auto breeds bad people. I agree that Advance Auto is a joke!!

  21. Advance Auto Parts needs to read the first page in the company handbook.

    Advance Auto Parts is committed to upholding the highest degree of honesty, integrity and ethical standards in our business practices and relationships with customers, vendors and Team Members. This commitment includes the assurance of a safe workplace where all Team Members and business partners treat one another with fairness, dignity and respect.

    Inspire and build the self-confidence and success of every Team Member.
    Serve our customers better than anyone else – help them succeed.
    Grow the business and profitability with integrity.

    Advance Auto Parts doesn't know how to treat their employees or their customers, I am a former employee and customer.

  22. Hey, I live in Killeen Texas and I am handicapped. I went on several occasions in the last two or three months to our local advance store on Stan Schluter Loop,,where I did business with a guy named Jon..This guy is polite an friendly,and always makes me smile...not to mention he's quick and knowledgeable..Well my wife and I bought a boat about 9 1/2 weeks ago....a pontoon boat ...just what a handicapped person needs LOL...and after getting the boat out of the repair shop(9 1/2 REPAIR!!!) we found out i would'nt start the batterys were to the auto parts store..There we inquired about marine batterys,,,they only had one...I needed two,and I needed them now not next week or two days from now. Well the girl at the desk found another the back more expensive but ok,,,,two marine batterys...we paid for them nd my wife explained that I was handicapped and needed assistance with the batterys,,,not only getting them to the boat,but hooking them up as well. She informed my wife they do not do we would be on our own,,then she asked Jon who had been helping another customer..He turned around and saw me and said sure be right there I am almost done..Then he brought out both batterys and changed them out for me saving me great pain and unsurmountable difficulty..This young man is to be commended for his service with a heat over 102 in central Texas heat, bending over backwards in customer service....he could teach alot of other stores the meaning of service ...I found out later his name is JON WHITROCK killeen stan schluter store. BETTER KEEP THIS ONE.

  23. I went to the Advance Auto store in Ashland, Virgina concerning my faulty alternator. I explainedd to the clerk that I needed assistance with getting a replacement since I purchased the orginal alternator from them on April 17, 2009. I was told I needed the receipt to honor getting the replacement part because no information was in the computer because they purged the system about evey two years. Since I didnt have the receipt, I was out of luck. First of all, I think it would be helpful if they let their customers know that when we purchased a part with lifetime warrenty we need to hold on to the receipt for a lifetime. I then called another store and explained my situation. The gentleman named David told me to remove the defective part and bring it to him the next business day and he would try to assist me. The next day, I drove 25 miles to the Richmond store. I was assisted by a clerk named Samuel Knight Jr. He scanned the defective part and of course it was a Advance auto part with the same skew number. I was given the replacement alternator at no charge due to the warrenty. Kudos again to the Richmond Store and Mr. Knight for excellent customer service. The Ashland store gets a "F" on customer service and when I need a part while in Ashland,Va (my hometown) ..I will go to Auto Zone located across the street from Advance auto....and so will all of my friends.

  24. This is in regard to a policy that needs changed.I resent the fact that I am in the store with merchandise and money in hand, and ready to check out. If the phone rings,I have to stand there and wait while they take any and all calls from people who are NOT in the store and are merely calling every parts store in town to compare prices .Why cant the store employees ask them to hold for a minute if they are with a customer.

  25. GM at store 2960 in virginia is extremely rude! He told me I was cheap for not spending an extra $3 on brake pads and then proceeded to deny me of my military discount! I'm outraged that such a company like Advance would employ and tolerate this kind of attitude from a store manager! While he is still employed there, you can expect to lose clients and unfortunately your sales will decrease immensely.

  26. advanced auto on linden ave. in Zanesville sucks no good lazy getting payed for noyhing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! auto zone is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Is Kevin the manager? He is the reason I don't work for them after 6 years. That guy is a arrogant ass hole! The company would not even let me tell my story. I was the asst. Manager and I walked out on him but called home office right away but human resources Beth and Dist Chris let me down. Did not want to hear me. Kevin is on Chris's nuts real bad!

  27. advance in gloucester sucks !!!!!!!!!!!! so i tried order on line ,worst,got one part in a week ,another maybe next week and do know when the other , has to come from the factory.i need the parts!!! they do not care!!! never deal with these poeple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. yester I called advanced in watertown sd asked how much a standard lawn mower battery is and was quoted 60.00-100.00 dollars because they wanted to leave early 4/14/2014 even called today spoke to manager gena she that that's correct just a rough estiment. so I called this morning 21.95 guess they don't like to make sales.


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